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Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if people knew you for the events that you participate in or other activities that you do? Well, that is the dream people, that is the dream. However, the person we are talking about today has a bit more than that at her disposal. Not only is she famous for her activities, her fame also gets a boost from her personal life endeavor. Today, in this post, we aim to talk about Kelley Phleger, the most famous socialite and also, apparently, a school teacher.

However, Phleger is not only famous as a socialite and a school teacher because as we mentioned earlier, but another factor also fuels her fame. Because tell us how many school teachers are as famous as Kelley? Not so many. Well, Phleger here, is also famous as the wife of legendary Hollywood actor Don Johnson. The very same Don Johnson who has those sharp jawlines, misty looks and a body that could make any woman tremble down to her knee.

But don’t mind us when we say that Kelley is equally if not more beauty packed. At one glance, people usually get mesmerized by her gaze. Those piercing looks can go right through any man’s heart and all that happens, of course, unintentionally. When it comes to looking, Kelley has managed to stay forever young. However, this aspect has also led to some rumors that we shall discuss later on in this post as well.

Kelley Phleger

Now, keeping everything aside for a moment, let’s focus more on Kelley’s personal life. Her marriage with Don Johnson, the handsome man who once titled as one of the most desired men. What keeps Phleger’s marriage alive with Don and are there any anomalies going on in their love affair. Find out everything.

Kelley Phleger Bio: Early Life, Age

Kelley Phleger, the famous socialite and school teacher, as well as the wife of a famous actor was born in 1969, in the United States of America. At the moment, Kelley keeps her exact birth date and the place of her birth hidden from the media because of some undisclosed reason.

As of now, Kelley is 50 years old, and even at this age, the charm that Kelley radiates is just like someone who is in their 30s. Now, we mentioned earlier that this had created some rough rumors as well. Because in this age, people who never seem to get old usually take the aid of plastic surgery and other means of beauty modification.

Kelley was born to her parents in the United States, which makes her nationality American. Moreover, since there are no other traits visible, we strongly claim that Kelley belongs to white ethnicity. This uncertainty holds because Kelley does not like to divulge her personal information much to the media.

Moreover, Kelley also keeps other information regarding her family a sworn secret. As on now, the identity of her parents also remains hidden, and Kelly does a very nice job of hiding other relating information as well. As of now, it remains unclear if Kelley has any siblings of her own.

Until the time Kelley says. Otherwise, we believe that she is the only child of her parents and has no siblings.

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Kelley Phleger Education

Phleger grew up in a modest and fairly normal family environment as she does not have any particular past history that goes against her good records. That said, her parents always made sure that she gets to go to a nice school and get a proper education because it largely determines people’s future.

As a young child, Kelley’s parents enrolled her at the Urban High School located in San Francisco. The school possesses a very nice record even till this date, and her parents were impressed with the school’s performance as well. As a result, Kelley also began to show enthusiasm at the school.

Soon after joining the school and going up in grades, Kelley began to show very active performance in her studies and also became a favorite student of a lot of teacher at the school. Since Phleger always scored remarkable marks, she also graduated from high school with fair marks as well.

After graduating from high school, Kelley began to contemplate when it came to choosing a university to choose because her career largely depended on it. After much thought, Kelley chooses the University of California and easily enrolled at the university as well. Her high school marks did not create any problems at all.

While at the university, Kelley did not rest for she had a future to make out of her hard work and persistence. This motivation always enabled Kelley to perform great at the University of California. While studying, Kelley also began thinking about a possible career as a teacher and began analyzing its feasibility.

This marked the beginning of her career. After about four years of hard work, Kelley graduated from the University of California with a bachelors degree and a whole lot of opportunities.

Personal Life

As repeatedly mentioned, Kelley Phleger is the wife of famous Hollywood actor Don Johnson and reigns as his wife. Kelley and Don first met in the 90s, and after some time, both realized there was a kind of attraction between the two. After dating for quite a while, both again realized it was time to elevate their relationship.

On April 29, 1999, Kelley and Don married each other in a very lavish wedding held a the Pacific Heights Mansion. After getting married, Kelly and Don welcomed three children in their lives. Their first child was born on December 28, 1999, and they decided to name her Atherton Grace Johnson.

On June 6, Kelley and Don again welcomed another child and this time a boy named Jasper Breckinridge Johnson. On April 29, 2006, Kelley and Don welcomed their third child, a son and named him Deacon Johnson. The whole family lives a very comfortable life and remain as a happy family.

We do not find any rumors about Kelley and Don having any kind of problem in their relationship whatsoever. At the moment, both indulge in a very prosperous love affair and a healthy marriage.

Kelley Phleger Career

Kelley had all the needed educational degree and met all the criteria to start a career anywhere that she liked. For the love of education and also for the love of children and the interesting concept of teaching, Kelley began her career as a teacher. While she could easily apply to teach at colleges, Kelley settled to become a school teacher.

However, because of privacy matters, Kelley does not talk about the school that she teaches in. If she were to discuss the school name and other aspects openly, there are always the risk of stalkers and possible followers to interrupt in her professional career as well as her personal life. For that matter, Kelley keeps her information a secret.

Also, another tag that acts as an introductory title for Kelley is Socialite. She often attends events and other parties, and this is the reason people call her a socialite as well.

Husband Don Johnson?

Don Johnson, Kelley’s husband, is a famous Hollywood actor. Don Johnson, famous actor, was born on December 15, 1949, in Flat Creek, Missouri, United States of America. At the moment, Don is 69 years old and still looks as handsome as ever. Don, as mentioned, is one of the most famous actors of all time and that is for all the good reason.

If you are an avid and regular movie watcher, chances are, you are already familiar with Don Johnson. He starred in famous TV series, Miami Vice as one of the lead character named James “Sonny” Crockett. Apart from that appearance, Don also appeared in another famous TV show called Nash Bridges.

With all the contribution that Don has made over the years to the Hollywood industry, it has earned him a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Despite slowly hitting old age, Don still manages to surprise his fans in movies. Most recently, Don appeared in a movie called Vault as Gery and also in another 2019 movie titled Knives Out.

Net Worth

We already discussed Kelley’s career, and for the most part, it looks very promising and giving as well. After studying for many years, Kelley began to grow an interest in teaching, and when she began doing so, her career line in teaching became a permanent one. And that career also paid off in most ways.

During her career as a teacher, Kelley earned a lot and saved up massive sum as well. As of now, Kelley’s net worth is somewhere in the line of five figures. However, with a very successful and extremely rich husband, what has Kelley to worry about. She lives a very comfortable life with her husband and family.

While Kelley does not talk about her earnings in an open manner, her husband keeps everything on the table. As of now, Don Johnson has a massive net worth of $40 million, and it still increases.

Name Kelley Phleger
Date of birth 1969
Birthplace United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession School Teacher
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @kelley.johnson

Facebook: Kelley Johnson


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