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It is astonishing how some people possess absolute and unquestionable beauty, just like that. They look perfect and perform their particular job with such quality that it makes us question if they are even from this world. Such a person is Katrina Law, the actress who has successfully captured the hearts of millions around the world and possibly yours as well.

This is no exaggeration because Katrina is a dream come true. If beauty with a brain had a physical form, we are utterly sure that it would look like Katrina. Don’t believe that, see for yourself but most probably you have. You are just trying to look like a bold person who doesn’t want to praise your hats off to this beautiful actress.

Katrina Law

She appeared in TV series like Spartacus and other famous movies like The Oath, Training Day, The Resistance and many others like that. If we were to talk about her professional life, it would probably take a few days to just scratch the surface. But, we are here on another mission because there are things that you do not know about Katrina so well.

Tell us how much do you know about this young and beautiful actress’ personal life. We are talking about details like her marital status or relationship status. As loyal fans, people ought to know more about this type of information. But we understand the situation here. You probably went to find out more about Katrina but didn’t have any luck. Until now.

In this post, we talk about all the Katrina Law details that you never knew about.

Katrina Law Early Life

American actress Katrina Law was born on September 30, 1985, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of American and she is at the moment, 33 years old. But, Katrina deceives her age because she still has the looks of someone in their mid-20. The secret to this beauty is her healthy lifestyle, which helps her maintain such attributes with healthy food and exercises.

Despite born in Philadelphia, Katrina and her family moved to Deptford Township, which is in New Jersey. Law was born to her parents, who both share difference ancestry. While her father is German and Italian by heritage, Law’s mother is Taiwanese. Bot, her parents, love each other very much, and that is why their hybrid marriage never fell apart.

Since both her parents share different heritage, Katrina shares a mixed ethnicity, which means she enjoys the best of both worlds. While she mainly belongs to her father’s German and Italian side, Law also enjoys her mother’s Taiwanese festivals and other functions that happen throughout the year.

Besides her parents’ ethnicity, there is no further information regarding her early life with her family. Law keeps the details regarding her family life a secret and does not lets anyone else near the details of her family. Law also does not reveal the names of her parents, and that creates a big confusion in her family details.

Furthermore, Law failed to reveal if her parents have any other children other than herself, and that leads fans and followers to believe that she is the only child of her parents. As of now, until the day Law reveals anything further relating to her family life, we believe she does not have any siblings, and she grew up as the only child to her parents.

Katrina Law


Katrina joined the local high school in her town where exams results were very good comparatively. Because of that, Katrina received a very good education. However, the name of the high school remains under the wraps, and she does not talk about which particular high school she went to.

Furthermore, there is also a lot of question regarding her college. Because of her secrecy towards her educational degree, we do not know for sure if Katrina went to college at all. However, since many actors and actresses started their career from college plays or have some kind of formal education in theatre, we suspect she did go to college.

Name Katrina Law
Date of birth September 30, 1985
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of American
Ethnicity Mixed
Height  5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2 million


Personal Life

Believe it or not, a lot of people always wish to have someone like Katrina in their life as their girlfriend, spouse, or even wife. But dreams rarely come true and for anyone out there wishing Katrina as their partner, sorry to say, but that probably will never happen. Why so certain you say?

Well, that is because Katrina is already married has a beautiful family with her husband. Her husband is Keith Andreen, a fellow actor whom Katrina met while both were on the job. On the first meet, Law and Andreen attracted each other, and that is where everything romantic started for the couple.

After multiple meets and endless conversation, both Katrina and Keith accepted the fact that they liked each other. After dating for about three years, Katrina and Keith Andreen married each other in a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony that took place in front of friends and families.

A couple of years after, Law and Andreen welcomed their first child together, and they currently live together in the United States. As far as Katrina and Keith’s marriage goes, there lies no rumors of a divorce or split anywhere. Katrina and her husband Keith live together very happily along with their son.

Law and Andreen also have two cats that they adopted and look after together.

Katrina Law

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When it comes to career, Katrina started pretty early and began her acting career. As starting early in acting has a lot of perks, Katrina possessed an edge over other aspiring actors in her days. And when someone has the beauty that goes so well with the talent, everything seems buttery smooth.

Katrina made her first appearance in 2000 with a movie called Lucky Numbers in which she portrayed the character of a mere teen girl. While this particular role did not contribute massively towards her career, it did kick start it. In 2001, Law appeared in two other projects, one movie and on TV Series.

She appeared in Third Watch, a 2001 TV series in which she portrayed the character of Ani Bailey. Law also appeared in another movie named Bottomfeeders in which she portrayed the character of Ursula. From 2002 to 2006, Law appeared in movies and TV series like Reba, Emmett’s Mark, 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out, Choker, All In and If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now.

In 2007, a minor breakthrough in her career happened when she appeared in The Rookie: CTU, a TV series in which she appeared as Kate Wyman for a total of 6 episodes. Law’s appearance in this TV series gathered her a massive number of positive critics which helped her career further down the road to success.

In 2010, Law appeared in Legend of the Seeker, followed by The Resistance. Since her career started to roll and speed towards success, Law appeared in CSI: Miami, Spartacus, Staged, Snow Bride, 12 Gifts of Christmas. Most recently, Katrina appeared in TV shows like Sacred Lies, The Oath, Arrow, Zeroes, and Alive.

Katrina Law

Net Worth

As one of the most sought after actress currently working in Hollywood, Katrina has a massive fan following. Law’s work in movies and TV shows over the years created a ripple effect in enhancing her career as an actress and make further progress. At the moment, she has two projects at hand and has other offers pending as well.

Naturally, with success also comes a big fortune, and Katrina has plenty of it. As an established actress, Law currently has a massive net worth of $2 million, and the number keeps growing. With numerous projects still pending approval from her, Law surely has a lot of room to increase her fortune further.

Katrina Law Social Reach

Twitter: @katrinalaw

Instagram: @katrinalaw

Facebook: Katrina Law


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