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Katelyn Nicole Davis was born on 20th of February in Georgia, the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She was a famous blogger who was highly known by the name “ITZ Dolly.” Her frustrations in her life led her to suicide at an early age of 12. When she died, it was big news for the blogging world.

Katelyn Nicole Davis

Nationality and Ethnicity

She was born in the United States of America. Her nationality was American. Moving towards her ethnicity, her ethnicity was white-American.

Family Life

Katelyn Nicole Davis was a good girl, but she did not have a pleasant family environment. She got abandoned by her father at an early age. Her mother name is Tammy Michelle Rogers. In her interviews, she said that she did not have her dad. But, she had a stepdad whose name was Anthony Lee Rogers Sr. Her blood father refused to look after her. So, she had to grow up without her daddy. After her mother married her stepdad, she got two siblings as her steps. The name of her step-siblings is; A.J Lee Rogers and Abigail Lee Rogers. She loved her siblings very much. Often in her videos, she mentioned her siblings and the life with them. Her videos were enough to portray her love towards her siblings.

Early Life

Katelyn Nicole Davis did not have a good early life. She had to suffer a lot, as she was not given much importance to her mother.

Katelyn Nicole Davis; Blogs

Katelyn Nicole Davis was very active in blogging. She had many different accounts on her social media sites. Before she ended her life, she had posted dozens of videos. The videos that she posted showed the details of her experiences. People believe that her videos were the primary reason for her death. In her videos, she used to sing and shared their spiritual philosophy. Also, she took care of her younger siblings in the video. This adolescent was a bully in school. So, she portrayed the bully she had faced in her videos. Also, she was the victim of catfishing by someone who pretended be other opposite sex.

Moreover, in her other videos, she used to argue with her mother and most. She often showed emotional breakdowns with her mother and also some alleges criminal activity. This young girl claimed that she got neglected by her mother. Also, her mother gave her physical and mental pressure, which led her to end her life. Because of this incident, the Polk Country Police was forced to open an investigation.

Additionally, she also suffered from depression. Because she considered herself to be an emo, she struggled a lot with depression. She was involved in suicide attempts from an early age as she used to medicate herself with overdose. This beautiful young lady got hospitalized too. Before she committed suicide, she harmed herself by cutting her wrists and thighs. Just a few days earlier than her death, she even sought help. She asked people to help her to overcome problems with the depression she faced and self-harm. But, there was no one to help her, so she ended up with suicide.

Katelyn Nicole Davis; Education History

This popular blogger attended Cedartown Middle School in terms of her education history. She graduated from middle school. But, she did not appear for her higher education. She could not look at her high school as her mother had no money to pay in her school.


Katelyn Nicole Davis was a famous blogger. She was also a singer, and she made her appearances through different blogs. When Katelyn used to make videos too, her videos consisted of the experiences of her life. Later it led to death. While she made her videos, she used to make with her siblings. She and her siblings shared much affection. They took care of her younger siblings. She did not have any other profession. There are no rumors regarding her professional career.

Net Worth

When it comes to the career of this girl who died at a young age, she committed suicide at a young age. She had no time to pursue her career as she died at a very young age. Since she was not able to shine her career-wise, she has no earnings. Hence, her net worth has not got revealed as she did not have any earnings.

Body Measurements

Katelyn Nicole Davis was a child. She was very young when she committed suicide. This young lady was cute, adorable, and gorgeous. Because she had big blue eyes, she looked wonderful. As she was in her early teens, there was no proper development of her height and weight. So, the statistics of her height and weight is not there. At the age, she died, she was only 12, and she committed suicide at a very young age. She was abused physically and sexually too. Also, she had a charming smile on her face that could steal the heart of many. Thus, her natural features were too good.

Hence, even if she was cute and adorable, she had to face depression and anxiety at an early age.

Katelyn Nicole Davis; Rumors and Controversies

Katelyn Nicole Davis was young when she died. She was not engaged in any profession. But, she used to sing and sometimes upload her blog. She was a famous blogger at that time. So, there are no rumors and controversies regarding her personal and private life. But, there are rumors and discussions when it comes to her suicide.

Awards and Achievements

She died at a minimum age. Because she died at her little age, she could not achieve so much in her life. When it comes to her significant achievements, she has nothing so special. Hence, there are no awards and achievements that she has gained in her life.

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 Relationship Status

She was only 12 years old when she committed suicide. As she was a young girl, she was not involved in any relationship. She was not into any contact with any guy. Hence, her relationship history is unknown.

Social Media Reach

Katelyn Nicole Davis was very active on her social media profiles. She was a famous blogger. Highly engaged in her profession, she had a lot of stuff to do in her social media. She was an active blogger, too, who made videos in her social media. Before her death, she was engaged a lot in social media and passed her days being active on it. She was active on all her social media profiles like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After her death, there was no one to use her account, and it is not active.


Katelyn Nicole Davis hanged herself on the 30th of December 2016. She committed live suicide on her live stream Live.me. On her live video, she said that she was abused sexually and physically by her family member. The family member who abused her sexually and physically was Anthony Lee Rogers Sr. Also, this young girl had a bad relationship with her mom. Her mom, Tammy Michelle Rogers did not have a good relationship with her mom. The blog she released three days before her death described her fights with her mom. Hence, she already mentioned that she would end her life through depressing blogs.

Moreover, her post also contained some sexual abuse topics. Her blog about sexual abuse that got posted on 27th of December 2016 caused Polk Country Police to launch an investigation. Also, that investigation led to allegations of inquiry. One of the police chiefs, Kenny Dodd, said that there were no charges that got filled. This statement by the police got released on 11th of January 2017. The GBI did not complete her exact cause of death. Also, there are rumors that a man named AB Tarik who lived in Morocco was bullying her in the live stream. Hence, her suicide was a hot topic all over the Internet. Also, it was a hot topic in the blogging sector too.


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