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Royal features in someone is a very rare thing to have, and only a few people have that ability to flaunt their features so delicately like a royalty that it mesmerizes people. As of now, there is no shred of doubt that the person we are here to talk about is someone you already know because of how she makes herself present to people. While we talked about how some people flaunt their royal features, this person here is the royalty herself. Here and today, we talk about Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, as it goes, there is rarely anyone who already does not knows about this beautiful royalty who literally reigns over millions of hearts over the globe. While Kate may only have the tag as the Duchess of Cambridge, her reign spreads across other foreign lands as well. Now, for anyone who knows a little less about Kate, let us, your faithful informers, tip you much about her here and out because you have every right to know about her all.

Kate is a royalty but not by birth and not by winning over a city by war. Middleton actually became a duchess by marrying Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. So, you know how this line of duke made Kate a duchess. But we all agree with this fact that Kate is every bit suitable for the title because she is very much deserving of all manners. Now that we have talked about her and what made her famous in the first place, let’s talk about something else here.

What about her personal life? How much do you know about this duchess’ personal life? Not much? Well, that is about to change from here and out. Learn more about Kate.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Early Life

The famous Duchess of Cambridge and one of the prettiest royal family member Kate Middleton came to this earth and was born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, Royal Berkshire Hospital. Now, it may be a coincidence or may not be, but the name of the hospital itself has Royal in it.

Kate was born as Catherine Elizabeth Middleton to her father, Michael Middleton, and mother, Carole Middleton. Her father, Michael Middleton, is reportedly affiliated with what people call British aristocracy and sources some income from trust funds as well. Kate’s mother Carole worked as a flight dispatcher and flight attendant before opening a company that that did party supplies.

Kate has three siblings in total, and the whole family always experienced a very smooth life. Kate and her siblings always got what they wanted and needed while growing up, which kept their little minds satisfied as kids. The Middleton family lived in Amman Jordan in the mid-80s, where Middleton spent most of her childhood.

Middleton’s mother founded a business that grew exponentially over the years. After founding her company Party Pieces, which deals with supplies regarding parties and decorations, Middleton and her family got involved in the business, and the company is now over $30 million worth.

After living for a couple of years living in Amman, Joran, Kate, and her family moved back to Berkshire in 1986 and settled there. With her parents very steady in their work-life, Kate experienced a very wonderful childhood.

Kate Middleton Education

Middleton, as a girl, growing up in a very nice environment that always made sure that Kate gets everything that she needs and wants, Kate has a very nice educational journey as well. Her well-groomed childhood also took care of her educational journey, and that is for sure.

Kate went to nursery school, an English language school when she first started with school, and her parents made sure that this school was top of the line. After getting through her nursery school, Michael and Carole decided to enroll Kate in St. Andrew’s School, one of the most sophisticated and highly reputed private schools.

Later, Kate went on to join the Downe House School, where she further continued her schooling before moving on for great things. While in school, Kate always established herself as a very disciplined student who always performed well in each and every test and school exam as well.

After graduating from high school, Kate went on to join the Marlborough College located in Wiltshire, and there she began her further studies. From Marlborough College, Kate moved to the University of St Andrews located in Scotland, and there she started focusing on History of Arts primarily.

While on the journey to get proper education and gather knowledge, Kate also traveled to Italy, where she studies at the British Institute of Florence in Italy. Kate has such an extensive portfolio in terms of education that she could easily become a professor.

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Personal Life

Kate’s and Prince William’s relationship started back in 2001 when the couple first met in college where both of the studied. After initial talks and exchanging conversations, Kate and Prince William started dating each other by 2003. It took Kate and William a good length of 8 years to tie even get engaged.

During those eight years of time, Kate and William split from each other for a while because of an unspecified reason. However, their love never gave up, and the romance between the couple also resumed as well. In November of 2010, Kate and William got engaged in getting married.

The engagement took place while Kate and William were on a trip, more like a vacation to Kenya. There William gave Kate the engagement ring which belonged to her mother, Diana, Princess of Whales. The next year, William and Kate married each other in a very lavish wedding ceremony.

The wedding took place at Westminister Abbey in London, and the audience reached over millions. In 2013, Kate and William welcomed their first child together, a son, and named him George Alexander Loius. Two years later, in 2015, the couple, Kate and William, welcomed Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, a baby girl.


Do you remember when we talked about how Kate’s parents have a multi-million dollar company thriving and taking the lead in their respective industry? Well, that same company is what employed her, but before that, Kate has other experiences as well.

Even though her parents have a very successful empire running, Kate diverted a little.

Back in the mid-2000s, Kate began working in an accessory and clothing chain as an accessory buyer for the firm. Although Kate indulged herself in part-time in the job, she did her work with such enthusiasm that it made all the difference in the world to the company. Jigsaw appreciated and acknowledged Kate’s work very much.

Surely, Jigsaw never thought that the future Duchess of Cambridge was working for them. After working with Jigsaw for about a year, Kate went on to join the family business because why not. Her parents run a very successful party supply company called Party Supply and have a massive turnover every year.

In the company, Kate began working in the catalog design and production department, touching marketing here and there and finally in photography as well. Among all others, Photography is one of her favorites because Kate enjoys taking pictures, and one also aspired to become a photographer.

Kate’s love for photography is one of the most profound qualities that she has and kept her busy most of the time, as well. However, after becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, things for Kate changed drastically.

Net Worth

All this time that you have read this amazing statement of an article, you already know that before becoming a duchess and having a royal life, Kate already was well-taken care of a woman who always had all her affairs in order and lived a pretty comfortable life as well.

Her parents are the founder of a multi-million dollar company called party supplies, which is an online venture that deals with party supplies and decorations. Over the years, the Party company has grown exponentially and now remains at a massive worth of over $30 million and continuously growing.

Kate sourced her income from the company, working in the catalog design and production department initially and later also handling the marketing side of the business. Kate also took care of photography for the company. As of now, Middleton’s speculated net worth is $7 million.


Name Kate Middleton
Date of birth January 9, 1982
Birthplace Reading, England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Duchess
Married Yes
Nationality British
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $7 million


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