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She appears on your television screen in movies like Shanghai Noon and TV Show like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and most probably you know her. We’re talking about Kate Luyben, the Canadian-American actress who has managed to steal a lot of hearts.

Truth be told, so many people are jealous of her, especially women because how can someone be so perfect looking and also have such acting skills. She makes it all look so natural and easy all the while we know acting is a very tough job. Actors and actresses have to create an animated scenario in their heads and act on it.

Kate Luyben

While many like to watch Kate on their television screen whether it is as a nurse or an action lady, but only a few know her behind all the camera work and stardom. We’re talking about her personal life and who she is behind the camera.

Even the most celebrities in the whole world have a personal life that is very different than the version people see on television screens and it is a fact. Sometimes, people play roles of a happily married couple when in reality, they might be suffering the loss of a relationship or worse, divorce.

What is the case with Kate Luyben? Is she dating someone or is Luyben already married to someone? Keep reading, and all answers will fall right in front of you.

Kate Luyben Personal Life

Kate Luyben is just about 36 years old right now, and she has still a long way to go before getting married. Most people these days get married when they are nearing their 40s because, before that, everybody is busy creating a name for themselves and relationship act as a catalyst that slows down the process. Not significantly but it does slow down the process.

However, Kate thinks otherwise. Given her extensive personal life affairs, she is most probably searching for a right partner just to settle down. Because age is just a number, Kate may be ready to get married right away.

A lot of internet celebrities get married quite early. For example, there is Justin Bieber who is 25 years old and is already married to longtime girlfriend, Hailey Rhode Bieber. The couple married last year.

Likewise, Kate who appeared on Billy Tupper’s Knockout Bout has past dating affairs that hints she is ready to settle down and have committed relationship if not getting married right away. Or is she already in one? Find out right now.

Kate Luyben, Dating?

Luyben, as discussed, has past affairs that hint that she is ready to settle down. In 2010, she was dating Canadian actor Nathan Fillion. The couple started dating before 2010 and got into a relationship after both of them found a lot in common than usual.

In a November 2010 Red Carpet event, Kate and Nathan made an appearance together which was enough to officiate their relationship. The couple looked very closely knit and held hands while walking the red carpet.

However, their love did not have a happy ending as in early 2011, Kate and Fillion parted ways and split. Both of them did not reveal the reason for a sudden split. The secret remains with them.

Shortly after splitting with Nathan, File X – The Creepy Cases of the FBI actress started dating Jim Jeffries. After meeting through work for the first time, both of them attracted each other. After a few conversations and dates, Kate and Jim both realized that they liked each other and that the feeling was mutual.

That was enough for the couple to be in an open relationship and go public. While dating, the couple started living together, and their love grew stronger. But who is Jim Jeffries?

Kate, Boyfriend Jim Jeffries

Jim Jeffries is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and political commentator who was born in Sydney, Australia, on February 14, 1977. His real name is Geoff James Nugent. He enrolled at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts located in Perth.

He graduated from Western Australian Academy with a degree in Musical theatre and Classical Music. After graduating, Jim who liked humor from an early age started his career as a stand-up comedian.

After years and years of grinding and hard work, he managed to get a show entirely for himself on Comedy Central as it titled The Jim Jefferies Show in 2017. He also starred in 2013 FX Sitcom Legit.

Kate And Jim: Relationship

Kate and Jim started living together after one year of dating their love only got stronger with time. In 2012, the couple’s relationship received a major bliss bump in 2012 when they welcomed their first child.

On November 7, 2012, Kate and Jim welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. They decided to name him Hank Jefferies. Both new parents were over the moon on the arrival of their baby as any new parents would. Following the birth of the baby, Kate and Jim who share the same line of work also worked together.

Both of them appeared on the FX Sitcom Legit between in 2013 and 2014.

Break Up?

The love between Kate and Jim grew more since they welcomed a baby together. The once boyfriend and girlfriend were partners and parents now, and they also had a family. Until late 2017, the couple reportedly were together and lived together in Los Angeles.

However, as of late 2018, there are multiple rumors that Kate and Jim have split and parted ways for good. Is it true? Fans expected the couple to get married as it only is the next logical step for the couple to take but did they take an entirely different route?

Till this date, there are no official reports that claim that the couple has split and are not together. Kate has not posted any picture with Jim or with their baby boy Hank. Till any official statement arrive, it is safe to presume that the couple is still together.

While the split rumors are not confirmed, fans badly want to see the couple get married now they are older and wiser. Unfortunately, both of them take privacy very seriously and have not revealed anything yet.

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Kate Luyben Professional Life

Kate Luyben is a veteran when it comes to acting. The Moment of Truth: Into the Arms of Danger actress started her career from a 1996 TV Series called The Sentinel. After that, she slowly started working on other projects, and in 1997, she appeared on Police Academy: The Series.

In 1998, she appeared as Nancy Nurse on The X-Files, a 1998 TV Series. She also appeared as Fifi on famous 2000 movie Shanghai Noon starred by Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.

Her other famous appearances include in Criminal Minds, True Blood, Franklin & Bash, Eagleheart.

She currently has two projects at hand in post-production, Young Lion of the West and The Harbinger.

Kate Luyben Bio

File X actress Kate Luyben was born on June 30, 1972, in Canada. She raised in Canada alongside her siblings. Luyben holds dual citizenship for both Canada and America. Kate is currently 36 years old.

She reportedly completed her education in Canada and moved to the United States of America to pursue her career in acting.

Net Worth

Kate Luyben has a very impressive career, to begin with. With more than 20 credits so far, she has gathered immense fame and with that comes fortune as well. After working for years on movies and TV shows, Luyben has successfully gathered a net worth of $3 million.

Her salary, however, remains a secret. But as we all know, pay rate of actors and actresses differs with projects they get and the kind of role they feature.


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