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Fame is a fickle friend, and people don’t usually have any idea when it approaches people in general. While the majority of the population strives to become famous once in their lives, there are people who add to their popularity. However, this usually happens when one popular person get connected to another. Confused? Well, we have a prime example for you here. His name is Justin Hakuta, and he is one of the most prime examples of what we are talking about at the moment.

Well, many of you might not have heard about Justin here, but there are also those who know this personality like he’s their idol. Also as a person who many people look up to. Justin here is an entrepreneur, and as entrepreneurs go, they are famous for building and creating whatever that people need or want. However, this is not exactly why most people know him. Of course, people in his circle know him as an entrepreneur, but others know him as a husband to a very famous actress.

Justin Hakuta

Justin here is the husband of Ali Wong, one of the most famous American actress and stand-up comedian as well. Ali Wong is particularly famous for her banters and her on-screen roles as a comic woman. Now you understand how some people add more fame to their already existing personality. But, it is not about Ali that we are here to talk about entirely. While we have a separate segment for Ali here, it Justin we focus on.

Now, you know Justin is an entrepreneur, but what else do you know about him? Not much, we presume. But that changes here. In this post, you find everything there is about Justin. From the very scratch, his early life details, relationship. All you do is read.

Justin Hakuta Early Life, Age

The entrepreneur and husband of famous actress Ali Wong, Justin Hakuta was born on October 18, 1982, in Los Angeles, United States of America. At the moment, Justin is 36 years old and carries himself very well. People always compliment Ali on how handsome Justin is, and the couple looks very dashing.

Justin has very distinct Asian features like a very clear complexion, slightly chinky eyes and that classic hairstyle that most Asian guys carry on. However, as born in the United States of America, Justin is every bit American, but that does not mean that he has forgotten his Asian heritage as well.

Hakuta was born to father Ken Hakuta and mother, Marilou Cantiller. Both of his parents are very educated people, and they raised Justin to become a very independent person as well. The proper upbringing clearly reflects in Justin’s conducts and his career choices as well.

Hakuta has two siblings in total. He has one brother whose name is Kenzo Hakuta and one sister whose name is Aki Hakuta. Justin is very close to his siblings, and all of them grew together in a very tightly knit family in their Los Angeles home. From a very young age, Justin’s parents made sure that their children get everything they needed to become happy.

Justin’s father is also an entrepreneur who invented things. On top of that, his father also introduces himself as a TV personality who went by the name Mr. Fad. Watching his dad, Justin, gathered a lot of idea growing up. Like mentioned earlier, his family environment made sure Justin grows up independently.

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Justin Hakuta Education

Justin’s parents educated people, so naturally, their inclination towards getting their children proper education is fairly obvious. Moreover, we all know that Asian parents are very strict when it comes to education, as they all want their children to excel in their lives. But then again, who wouldn’t want that for their children?

Justin always was a very bright child from a very young age. His parents did not experience any struggle putting Justin through school, which is every parent’s dream. Initially, Justin went to Sidwell Friends School, which is located in Washington, D.C. As a student, Justin always posed a very subtle deposition.

Hakuta’s teachers also liked him very much because of his way of giving priority to studies and performing well in exams as well. After graduating from high school, Justin went on and joined the Carnegie Mellon University, where he started studying very hard and smartly as well.

At the Carnegie Mellon University, Justin began to focus on Arts primarily, and after about four years of studying, Justin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts with very good marks as well. After contemplating for some time, Justin decided to go on and continue his higher education further.

For getting his Master’s degree, Justin applied at the Harvard Business School, and with very acceptable marks, Harvard accepted his application. After about two years of rigorous studying, Justin earned his Master’s degree.

Personal Life

Like we said earlier, Hakuta is an entrepreneur, but most importantly, his fame comes from his wife. As you already know, Hakuta is more famous as the husband of famous American actress and comedian Ali Wong. Justin and Ali met for the first time in a wedding ceremony of a mutual friend they shared.

Then and there, both felt the spark of attraction and exchanged numbers. That is how the love story between Hakuta and Wong commenced. As both are Asian born in the United States of America, both have a lot in common and a lot to talk about as well. After dating extensively, Hakuta and Wong decided to take the next big step.

On November 27, 2014, Wong and Hakuta married each other in a very beautiful wedding ceremony. All of Hakuta and Wong’s closest friends and family members attended the wedding and made it a very special occasion. After getting married, both of them got to become blessed parents.

A year after getting married, Hakuta and Wong welcomed their first child together and named her Mari Hakuta. In 2018, Hakuta and Wong welcomed their second child together. As of now, the whole family lives in their Los Angeles home very happily. Wong and Hakuta are still on cloud nine on the arrival of their child.

The Hakuta couple also likes to lay off the work pressure steam by going on vacations every now and then. They also share a very close bond like to eat at home instead of going out as well. There are no rumors about any possible split between Hakuta and Wong.

Justin Hakuta Career

It takes a lot of courage to become an entrepreneur because it means leaving that nine to five job that you usually dread so much and begin a new journey. For most people, it is often a little scary, and they tend just to ignore it. However, the way that Justin grew up, he never knew that kind of thing. Thanks to his father.

However, everyone needs a base, and Justin also had one. Back in 2004, Justin began working as a Sales & Marketing Associate at Honest Tea and worked there for about four months. From there, Justin co-founded a company called All Day Buffet in 2004 and worked with that company for two years.

During that time, Justin also worked as a Research Analyst, and after leaving both jobs, he began working as a Fulbright Scholar at the Institute of International Education. After working there for about two years, Justin joined the Seventh Generation company as a Marketing and Operation Intern.

In 2010, Hakuta went on to co-found Avacara and also worked there as a Product Lead. Hakuta worked in that company for more than four years in total and worked in other companies as well. From there, Hakuta went on and worked as a Product Strategist at Direct TV and then worked at Cargomatic, Inc as a Senior Product Manager.

In June of 2014, Hakuta started working as a Vice President – Young Alumni at the Harvard Business School Association of Southern California for about three years. In 2016, Hakuta took on the responsibility of Senior Product Manager at GoodRx and now, after promotion, works as the Vice President of Products.

Net Worth

As we clearly see, Hakuta has a very extensive career in business firms and also has quite the experience in establishing businesses in partnership. From a very young age, Hakuta started working in this corporate field, and now, his work has paid off. Justin has amassed so much skill that wherever he goes, opportunities await him.

Unfortunately, Hakuta remains very quiet regarding his earnings and does not really talk about it very often. As of now, his net worth also remains a subject of mystery because of his confidentiality. But, regarding his very extensive career, we presume that his net worth is very massive. According to sources, he currently holds a net worth of $1.5 million in total.


Name Justin Hakuta
Date of birth October 18, 1981
Birthplace Los Angeles, United States of America
Ethnicity Asian
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Entrepreneur
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1.5 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @jhakuta

Instagram: @jhakuta

Facebook: Justin Hakuta


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