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Like it or not, but there are people in the world who have possessions that always seem like they are out of this world. Now, possessions do not always mean that they are related to money, power, and correlating things. But sometimes, it can be the virtues or qualities that a person possesses. Here today, we have someone who is very much gifted with talent and appearance, both and her name is Julia Roberts. Does this name ring a bell?

Of course, it does. If you call yourself a movie person or agree that you spend a considerable number of time watching movies, you most certainly know this name. Julia is an actress who took the world by storm, and the storm has never stopped since. Naturally, we do not want that storm to sway away as well. But, not everyone is all-knowing, and some may even remain oblivious to important things. If you do not already know about Julia, let us do the honors.

Julia Roberts

Julia is an actress, as we mentioned earlier. However, she is not someone who we take lightly as Julia is one of the very few actresses who have managed, in their professional career, to attain such a massive fanbase that it seems pretty amazing even to fathom the number. Julia is the actress who appeared in the movie called Pretty Woman, and since then, her fame just kept on rising. With this much said, let’s move towards more important things.

While you know and have already seen Julia in multiple movies, how much do you know about her personal life? Do you know who Julia is dating or married to? If you don’t already have certain ideas about it, this post serves you right. Learn everything about actress Julia.

Julia Roberts Early Life

The amazing actress and one of the most desired women ever, Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia, United States of America. At the moment, Julia is already 51 years old age; however, because of some secrets and some help of the elixir of life, Julia has managed to preserve her beauty.

Now, did you believe when we talked about elixir of life and some secrets that helped Julia hold her beauty together? Of course, you did not, and one should never, as well. Such things are false and baseless. The reason how Julia has managed to preserve her beauty so elegantly is by maintaining what she consumes and the help of exercise as well.

Julia Roberts was born to father Walter Grady Roberts and mother Betty Lou Bredemus. Robert’s father, Walter Grady, worked as a very reputed man and had a very fruitful career when he lived and worked. Walter was a Baptist, and he married Betty, who shared Roman Catholic beliefs.

Despite the conflicting religious beliefs, Roberts’ parents always loved each other very deeply. Julia has two older siblings and one younger half-sibling. Her younger half-sister came from one of her parent’s second marriage. Despite all the turmoil and tragedy of losing her father at a very young age, Roberts still grew to become very aspiring and very positive as well.

For the most part of Robert’s childhood, she lived and grew up in Smyrna and had a very pleasant growing up experience if it weren’t for her father’s death. Her mother remarried a man named Michael Montes, who was a very violent man. But despite that, Roberts never let her hopes down for a better life.

Julia Roberts Education

While most parents want their children to gather as much of a positive lifestyle and also pursue a positive attitude, they often rely on the help of schools in this matter. As there’s a popular belief, children are wet clay and can mold into anything. School is the molding place, and it did so.

From a very young age, Robert’s parents always made sure that Julia gets everything that she wants and on top of that list, lay education. Young Roberts went to Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School as a child, and there she got her first and most important exposure to education and the institution itself.

After graduating from Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School, Julia Roberts enrolled at Campbell High School, and there she began learning many new things and so enjoyed the whole educational journey as well. While in school, Roberts also joined many other school programs, which helped her shape confidence.

While at high school, Roberts participated in multiple drama programs and managed to get the most out of it. One of the most memorable times in Roberts’ extra activities in school is when she portrayed the character of Clarinet in the school band. Robert’s attending activities, as such, ultimately made her capable of the future that awaited her.

Julia graduated from high school, and after much contemplation, she decided to continue her studies further and enrolled at Georgia State University. While there, Julia also began thinking about pursuing her career full time and thus discontinued her studies at Georgia State University.

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Personal Life

Unlike other celebrities in her field of work, Julia stands very open when it comes to her personal life, and everyone can have a glimpse here and there as well. One of the most prominent ways through which Julia gives off her personal life is by giving away details on whom she has dated and whom she has not.

For example, Julia Roberts is pretty open about once dating her co-actor Liam Nesson. Other than Liam, Julia has also dated fellow actors like Dylan McDermott, Daniel Day-Lewis, Benjamin Bratt, and others as well. The list goes on, and Julia has no shame in hiding that away as she knows her fans want all the details.

Apart from all the dating talks and getting back to her more intimate romantic affairs. While fans may think that Roberts got married to one of her lovers, they are right. Julia is married, and that has not changed for years. Back in 1990, Julia got married to Keiger Sutherland. However, her engagement with Keifer came to an end.

Had Julia and Keifer married each other, it would be the second marriage for Roberts as she was previously married to Lyle Lovett. Talking about now, Julia is married to a man named Daniel Moder, whom she married in the year 2002. As of now, the couple lives happily with two children who are twins.

Julia Roberts Career

As mentioned, while studying at Georgia State University, Julia began thinking about pursuing her career full time and decided to do so by quitting her studies. Julia did not graduate from college, and instead of doing so, she moved to New York, where she knew massive opportunities awaited her.

After moving to New York City, Julia began doing modeling shoots, and she soon signed with Click Modeling Agency, which also helped her get proper acting classes as well.

After signing a contract with Click Modeling Agency and getting started with her acting classes as well, Julia got her first job. Roberts started working on her first professional job in 1988 in a movie called Satisfaction. As a first appearance, Robert’s appearance in Satisfaction was a massive one as she appeared alongside Liam Nesson, one of the most popular actors of all time.

After her breakthrough performance in Mystic Pizza, Robert’s career started to skyrocket without any hint of stopping. Another major success came Julia’s way when she appeared in Pretty Woman back in 1990. Over the years, Julia has appeared in many hits, which gave her massive popularity as well.

During her career, some of the most famous appearances are Closer, Ocean’s Twelve, Charlie Wilson’s War, Fireflies in the Garden, Mirror Mirror, Secret in Their Eyes, and others as well. At the moment, one of Julia finds herself entangled herself in yet another fan favorite TV show called Homecoming.

Most recently, Julia remains focuses on a new project called Little Bee. Because the project is in Pre-Production at the moment, no other details about her role and character are available to the media.

Net Worth

Most of the people around the world want to become successful because they all want one thing from life, and that is stability. As a matter of fact, everyone wants some stability and thought of relief as well. For Julia, who lost her father at a very tender age, stability seemed like the most important thing.

Now, as we’ve become familiar with all the things about Julia’s career, we claim that successful seems like an understatement when talking about her. However, nevertheless, there are other factors that help judge a person’s success. As you guessed it, it is their net worth.

After working hard her whole life, Julia has managed to amass a massive net worth for her self as her current account clocks at a massive $200 million. Now that is some serious numbers and very-deserved for Julia as well.



Name Julia Roberts
Date of birth October 28, 1967
Birthplace Smyrna, Georgia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $200 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @JuliaRoberts

Instagram: @juliaroberts

Facebook: Julia Roberts


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