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Juli Annee wears costumes that her super sexy figures and takes photos but it is not just some do it for the gram kind of thing. She enjoys doing, and it is her job, and she earns a living from it. What is so bad if your beauty becomes your greatest weapon that can be used to achieve almost anything that you can desire?

Learn something from internet sensation Juli Annee. Today we are about to find out anything that is available about her. Who is her boyfriend? Is she already married? If so then with whom? All this will get their answer right now.

Juli Annee


Juli Annee Personal Life

As mentioned, Juli Annee has a knack for wearing different kind of costumes. From a cute princess to a sexy version of Santa. We would all like her to be a Santa, wouldn’t we? There is something about Juli Annee that has everyone magnetized; otherwise, how do you explain her Instagram followers of almost 5 million?

We’re waiting for an answer here. However these days, she is more into bikini-clad photo shoots with most of them being topless. But we’re gathered here today to learn about more than what kind of posts she has been uploading on Instagram.

We’re here to find out more about her and have a glance inside her life. Is that too much to do? No, it is not. With some digging and searching in the right places, all the missing pieces about her personal life will just fall right into their respective places.

Now, you might be thinking who might be dating this extremely hot Instagram model? If you are, then you’re not the only one with that question.


As it so happens, Juli Annee is not currently dating anyone. Can you believe that? She is not dating anyone right now. Now, don’t just ride the bandwagon and barge into her place to ask her out because the answer will be a plain no. Why is that? Because, for one thing, she does not entertain strangers just randomly asking her out and second thing, she has a bad experience with love and relationship.

Oh and wait. There is a third reason as well. She has a daughter, a daughter who is exactly like her. Does that mean Juli Annee is married? The answer is no. Juli Annee is not married and has never married at all. It was her past relationship that left a dent in her life.

Juli Anne Past relationship

Juli Annee was previously in a relationship back in the late 2000s. The couple met each other and started finding things in common. Soon, they began dating, and in no time, the couple was living as partners.

Both of them were so much in love with each other that they became inseparable. However, between 2010 and 2011, Juli became pregnant which the couple might not have anticipated, and since then, the relationship grew sour. It is just a speculation, but her boyfriend was not ready for such responsibility and left Juli alone to look after her daughter. She gave birth to her daughter at just the age of 19 and named her Kylianna.

She took the responsibility and committed to taking care of her daughter all by herself, so there was no option for abortion. And by the looks of it, conceiving her daughter seems to be the best decision of her life so far.

Juli’s Daughter

Juli welcomed her daughter into this word just at the age of 19 and has raised her ever since. She has always been looking after her daughter who resembles her mother at an extraordinary level. The duo has not spent much time apart ever as Juli like to keep her daughter close.

But, the internet is a very nasty place, and people have a lot to talk about, and in Juli’s case, they talk about who the baby daddy? To answer all these questions, Juli uploaded a picture on Instagram in 2016 with her daughter and clarified everything in the caption. She revealed that her previous partner and the father of her daughter has been an absent father and never looked after them.

Absent Father

She said that she is the one who has been looking after daughter Kylianna since she was born. Furthermore, she also talked about how her former partner left them and moved to Palm Springs over two years ago and how he had moved out of the states.

She further said that while her daughter was very young, she did not have any social life did not go out like all the time Julie had, she gave it to her daughter and that she is her number 1 priority in life.

But she was looking after her daughter stripped her off of many things in life like going out with friends to clubs and all.

Loves Daughter The Most

But now that her daughter is older, she expects to step out every once in a while but that too if she finds a reliable baby sitter. She also clarified that the clothes she wore or her partying does not define her motherhood and that she would always have her daughter.

As far as her daughter is concerned, she is almost seven years old and that is old enough to realize her mother’s love. Any other information about her daughter is hidden. It remains unknown which school she goes or how are her grades.

Julie keeps her out of social media and for all the good reasons. Children also get a share of their parent’s backlash, and there are plenty of people out there who judge Julie. But she stays strong and does her thing with much perfection.

Juli Annee Lesbian

People have asked this question a lot of times, and now it shall be answered once and for all. Julie along with solo photo shoots does duets as well with a female. They sometimes stand beside each other and sometimes have their hands wrapped around each other.

However, that does not necessarily mean that she is a lesbian. There is a slim chance that she might have thought of dating a woman after what her former partner and baby daddy did, but she has not explicitly revealed anything so far. As of now, she has not spoken on her sexuality which forces everyone to deem her as s straight woman who just has not found the right man.

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Juli Annee Bio, Age

Juli Anne was born on October 9, 1992, in Stockton, California, United States of America and is currently 26 years old. She went to study at the Palmer College and after graduating started working as a manager in a frozen yogurt shop.

Annee, later on, started her modeling career, and because she did not have any formal background for the field, she used what was accessible to her, Instagram. She now has 4.9 million subscribers following her on the platform. Apart from that she is also active on Snapchat and has a large number of following there as well. She proudly stands at the height of 5 ft. 5 inches and her weight measures at around 50-55 kg.

Net Worth

Juli Annee’s net worth is unfortunately unavailable, but according to multiple tabloids, she charges $5-$10 thousand per promotional ads.


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