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We all know Josh Elliott as he is only one of the most famous journalist who currently appears on our television screens. He appeared on Good Morning America for a very long time and has achieved the next level of achievements. With immense experience in journalism and vast knowledge, John is most likely to become a veteran in this industry.

Because there are plenty of things we already know about Josh Elliott professional life, we will not be talking about right away. However, there are still people who do not know anything about this talented journalist who is very much unfair. But that is going to change from today.

Josh Elliott

Have you ever noticed what the person who delivers you news on a daily or weekly basis actually behind the camera and their daily job life? If you do not have any idea, then it is high time that you do because everybody these days have a tab on their favorite personality. Of course, they keep tabs in a good way.

Today, we learn more about Josh Elliott, the man who makes journalism look so easy peasy that anyone can do it. But we all know how tough the work is and we appreciate that very much. But fans also wonder how Josh manages to maintain his personal life despite having such a demanding job.

To know this secret we have t look deep inside his life and dissect the information ourselves. Learn all the facts there is about Josh Elliott. All information right in one place.

Early Life

American television journalist Josh Elliott was born July 6, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. He is currently 47 years old and aging like a fine wine. Josh was born as Josh Michael Elliott but does not uses his middle name professionally because it is too long for everyone to learn.

Elliott was adopted as a baby, and his biological parent’s name is missing except for his mother whose name is Susan. She gave him up for adoption because Susan could not afford to raise a baby herself. A couple named Charles Elliot and Toni Jordan adopted Elliott, and they began looking after him since and also gave him their last name.

For some undisclosed reason, Charles and Toni, the couple chose the option of adoption and went for it. While growing up, Josh’s father came out as gay. He was only 13 years old but old enough to know what it was all about. This happened when his parents were divorcing from each other, another incident that Josh could understand.

Sadly, Josh suffered the loss of a father when Charles Elliott died about two years later of coming out publically. But despite the loss, Josh never strayed from his path of becoming a wise man.

Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott Education

With a very strong determination to prove himself, Josh studied very hard in high school. He attended the Loyola High School of Los Angeles and there he managed to reportedly establish himself as a teacher’s favorite. He was smart and obedient but still playful at times with friends.

After graduating from high school, Josh decided that they wanted to go to college and further continue with his studies. After Loyola High School of Los Angeles, Josh enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara. But along with studies, Josh had other intentions for choosing Santa Barbara.

In Santa Barbara, Josh intended to join the Barbara Gauchos Men’s water polo team and play with them. Even though he wanted sports, Josh eventually started working on University Papers. At that time, Santa Barbara had a University paper called The Daily Nexus.

After studying very hard and also working very hard at the University paper, Josh graduated with a degree in English Literature from Santa Barbara in 1993. Having a bachelor’s degree did not satisfy Josh, and he wanted more for his career, and only an additional degree could get him that.

After UCSB, Elliott started working as a Stringer for the Santa Barbra New-Press and then enrolled for a graduate program at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. In 1999, Elliott graduated with a Master of Science degree, and this gave him an edge over everyone in the industry who were starting.

Name Josh Elliott
Date of birth July 6, 1971
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession TV Personality
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $5 million


Personal Life, Married

Josh Elliott was married twice until now. While his father was a gay man, his sexuality is straight, and he has a wife. Josh is a very avid supporter of gay rights and advocates for the LGBT community often. Josh married Priya Narang, a Westport native and the president of Citigroup.

Together, they welcomed a daughter named Sarina Elliott. While the date of the couple’s marriage remains very hidden, they shared a very happy life. But, as time went by, their love grew sour, and they eventually divorced from each other. As per tabloids, Josh reportedly cheated on Priya and claimed that Elliott maintained outside sex relationship as well.

As per court decision, Priya received full custody of their daughter. After some time, Elliott met another woman named Liz Cho. They started dating swiftly and got engaged in 2014. Liz Cho is also a news anchor, and the couple got engaged in August of 2014. After about a year, Elliott and Cho married each other on July 11, 2015.

At the moment, Elliott and Cho do not have any children. Cho maintains a  very good relationship with Sarina as a step-mother.

Josh Elliott


Josh started his career in journalism when he started working at Santa Barbara’s University paper. Elliott started working as a stringer for the Santa Barbara News-Pres. After working some time as a stringer, Elliott began working as a producer for Galaxy Productions.

After gathering experience of working in TV, Elliott moved to 20th Century Fox and started a job in the comedy development sector. From there, he moved to work in a physical production department. All this happened while Elliott was pursuing his Master’s degree in Graduate School of Journalism.

After graduating, Elliott began his career formally when he started working for Sports Illustrated. He spends six years there and covered major sports events. After six years, Elliott moved to ESPN in 2004 as a panelist appearing in Around the Horn, Jim Rome is Burning and as a co-host for Cold Pizza.

During his time there, Elliott also anchored alongside Hannah Storm for SportsCenter. After nearly a decade, Josh switched network and joined the ABC network in 2011. When Juju Chang departed from ABC’s Good Morning America, Elliott replaced her as producers felt he was the right man for the job.

Recent Career

In 2014, Elliott again switched his career and started appearing in NBC network. He signed a $4 million worth contract, and the network also retained him solely for NBC only. NBC hired Elliott because they thought that he could later on down the road host the Today show. But just a year later, Elliott quit the network.

Josh then went on to join the CBS network on March 1, 2016, as the lead anchor for CBSN, the network’s digital news service. But this time again, Elliott did not stay for long, and he announced his leave from CBSN on February 10, 2017. The conflicting part is that he did not inform anyone before the announcement, which forced the network to fire him.

Josh Elliott

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Net Worth

As already seen, Elliott has a rather unstable but a very successful career in journalism which helped him receive a lot of love as well as criticism. Major TV networks demand Elliott, and they want to pay him large amounts as well. As mentioned earlier, NBC offered him $4 million a year. But he left shortly after a year.

That gives an idea about how rich is Josh Elliott. At the moment, Josh enjoys a massive net worth of $5 million. He also earns an estimated salary of $2 million annually, which makes him one of the richest in the field. Apart from that, his other earnings remain hidden. Josh likes to travel a lot with his wife and likes to wear nice suits.

Social Reach

Twitter: @JoshElliott32

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Josh Elliott


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