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Ready for some tea on your favorite handsome hunk? Today, we’re discussing Jordan Masterson. He played the role of a five years old kid in 1993 series Star called Zeb and ever since then, he is one of the favorites. But the boy who once played young Zeb is not so much of a baby anymore.

Sure, he is as cute as one, but Jordan has now grown into this handsome man who, quite frankly, has made dozens of girls go crazy over him. Yeah, he is that handsome. Now, a lot of girls swoon over him, but what about himself? Does he have someone he rests his heart upon or still single and searching?

Let’s find out all the details on Jordan Masterson, his personal life, and more.

Jordan Masterson

Jordan Masterson Personal Life

With an extensive career in the film industry, Jordan is famous in the whole full world, and millions of people love seeing him on both big and small screens. While his professional life is upfront and pretty easily accessible, his personal life seems to be in the shadows.

Do you know if your Man Crush Monday or Everyday (don’t lie) is dating or single? While good looking men like him are pretty hard to come by, every single one of them is taken because if you could date someone like Jordan, would you let him go? Exactly. But it seems like cards are not in favor of Jordan here.

At the moment, Jordan Masterson is single and not sure if he ready to mingle or not. He did, however, previously had a serious relationship that he committed to for a long time.


Jordan was previously dating Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson. The couple started dating in the early 2010s and remained a very tightly knit couple for a fair part of their relationship. Dakota once in an interview, claimed that Masterson gifted her double skins for Christmas and said that it was a kind of gift that would make any relationship perfect.

Well, we all know by the looks of it, Jordan makes a pretty perfect boyfriend. Not only he has the looks to make other couples jealous, but he is also very considerate and makes an effort in a relationship.

However, the perfect relationship did not last very long. Something happened between the couple between 2013 and 2014, and their love started to grow sour. Once an inseparable couple, Dakota and Jordan barely had any conversation and even started seeing less of each other.

All of this eventually led to a breakup. During July of 2014, Dakota started making public appearances with her new boyfriend Matthew Hitt as the couple strolled down New York, holding hands.

Jordan and Dakota did not make any public statement about their split and let it just slide. People only knew the couple broke up when Dakota started appearing with Matthew Hitt.

Dating Now?

After his split with Dakota, Jordan has not made any public appearances with any new girl whatsoever. While he can get any girl, he wants to date whether it is an actress, model or just an average person.

Regardless of that fact, Jordan decides to keep his personal life a sworn private ever since. He went public with Dakota, and his split went that way as well after Dakota appeared with her new boyfriend.

The fact if Masterson is currently dating anyone or not is a mystery right now. There is a high chance that he is trying to hide his current relationship as much as possible and is dating secretly. Until Jordan decides to reveal, he remains single for the public eye.

But that does not mean he did not have any affair before meeting Dakota. You didn’t know? Let’s find out then.

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Previous Affair

Before Jordan met Dakota, which was in the early 2010s, he was dating Angie Simms. Angie, who before starting her acting career, worked as a waitress met Jordan in mid-2000. The couple conversed and after a few dates, realized that they both liked each other and that the feeling was mutual.

From 2006, they started dating each other officially. But despite both being actors, their relationship always had a low profile and did not grab as much media attention as his relationship with Dakota did.

Angie is famous for appearing in movies like The Jokesters, Skin Traffik, and I Hate The Man In My Basement, All Wrong, and South. Despite having a happy relationship, the split after about four years of dating. Both Jordan and Angie decided to keep the reason a mystery.

However, the most probable reason is that both needed to focus on their career and tight work schedule made it hard for the couple to spend time together, which is the base of any healthy relationship.

Jordan Masterson

Masterson’s Family

Jordan Masterson comes from a family who is a member of Church of Scientology. Jordan was born to father Joe Reaiche and mother, Carol Masterson. He has a sister named Alanna Masterson and two half brothers Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson.

His father Joe Reaiche is a former National Rugby League player also known as NRL and mother has a career as a business manager.

The whole family is a member of the Church of Scientology. Scientology is a new religion that L. Ron Hubbard reportedly found in the 1950s. Jordan’s father later decided that he would no longer follow the Church of Scientology. This was not a piece of good news for the family because as per the rules of the church if their father cut ties with the church, the family cut ties with him.

As loyal followers of the church, they cut ties with Joe. Famous actor Tom Cruise is also a follower of Church of Scientology which from time to time has caused many controversies for the star.

Jordan Masterson Career

Jordan Masterson’s career in the film industry started at a young age of eight years old. His first role was as Zeb in the TV movie adaption of Star in 1993. This role makes in the part of one of his most famous ones so far.

He later appeared on Marilyn & Bobby: Her Final Affair as Joseph the same year in 1993. His half brother Danny bagged the lead role in the famous sitcom That 70s Show in which Jordan also made a guest appearance. Since then, he has appeared in Mrs. Finnerty, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter, Do Over, Malcolm The Middle, George Lopez, and Las Vegas.

In 2005, Jordan bagged the lead role in a romantic comedy The 40-year-old Virgin which later went on to be very successful. Since the second breakthrough credit, his career took another jump. Since 2005, he has appeared on 7th Heaven, Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, Dumptruck, and many more. Apart from all these projects, his lengthiest appearance in on 2012 TV series Last Man Standing as Ryan Vogelsong. The show just renewed for 2019.

Jordan Masterson Bio

Actor Jordan Masterson born on April 9, 1986, in Dunedin, Florida, United States of America is currently 33 years old. He is the son of former National Rugby Player (NRL) Joe Reaichi and Carol Masterson who acts as Jordan’s manager.

His educational degree at the moment remains hidden. Standing at a tall height of 6 ft and 1 inch, Jordan has two half-brothers Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson and has a sister Alanna Masterson.

He appears on Last Man Standing at the moment and does not have any other projects.

Net Worth

Masterson, the actor who most famously appeared on The 40-Year Old Virgin, has a very prolific career, and we clearly see how he enjoys doing what he does. This is one of the key factors which determines the success of a person.

However, there is also one another factor that determines the success of on, and it is his fortune. Now, for Masterson, this is not something that bothers him. As of now, Masterson has a massive net worth of over $1 million and enjoys it very much.

With an extensive career in acting, which started from early childhood, Masterson has nothing to worry about when it comes to net worth. He likes to spend his riches by going on vacations, going out to nice places, and hanging out with friends.


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