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Jonathan Ke Quan is a well-known actor in Vietnam. He is also a stunt choreographer. This famous person is well known for acting in an adventure comedy movie named ‘the Goonies’ in which Qu played the role of Richard Wang. In another popular flick called ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,’ he worked as Short Round. In his career as a stunt choreographer, he has choreographed different famous action movies. One of his accessible choreography is in the superhero movie called ‘X-Men.’ Also, his roles in various Television programs are admirable. He has appeared as Sam in a popular TV series named ‘Together We Stand’ is inspirational.

Jonathan Ke Quan

Jonathan was born on the 20th of August, 1971, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Famous as an actor and a stunt choreographer, he has been working in the field from the year 1984 and is still working at the same pace. Right now, he is 48 years and currently resides in Alhambra, California, the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Leo. Quan is well known for his contributions to the famous Hollywood, South Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese movies. Also, he has earned enormous fame as an international superstar. This well-educated man graduated from the University of Manchester and the University of Southern California.

Family Life of Jonathan Ke Quan

The name of the parents of Jonathan has not got revealed to the public. Talking about his family life, he had a stressful childhood. QHe was forced to leave his own country. The Army of the Republic of Vietnam got defeated during the Fall of Saigon, and he got pushed to leave his country. So, his parents got selected for political asylum. They moved to the United States of America as emigrants. At that time, Jonathan was only 12 years old and. He as an elder brother as a sibling.

Childhood and Early Days

Talking about his childhood, he wanted to be an actor from an early age. While he was only 12years old and his parents were living in the United States as emigrants, his urge for acting raised. Then, he started his career as a child actor. His fame was incredible, and people loved him very much. So, he got the inspiration to be an actor from his childhood.

Professional Career

In the beginning, Jonathan began his acting career when he appeared in an action-adventure movie called ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ in the year 1984. After that, he also played the role of an inventor who was named Richard Data Wang in another adventure comedy movie called ‘The Goonies.’ His acting in both the film was excellent. So, the popularity of Jonathan raised as a child actor. Also, he got cast in a Television series named ‘Together We Stand’ in the year 1986. In the same year, Quan also played in a Taiwanese movie called ‘It Takes a Thief; as a pickpocket orphan. Then, he started playing in a Japanese movie. He got the role in a Japanese movie named ‘Passengers’ in which he acted with Honda Minako, a Japenese singer.

Moreover, he also played in another Japanese movie called ‘Cousin Dave Stole the Cookie’ in the year 1989. After two years of his successful career in the Japanese film, he started playing in an Amerian sitcom named ‘Head of the Class’ as the role of Jasper Kwong. Also, he got featured in a movie titled ‘Breathing Fire.’ He played different minor characters too. Jonathan has played a small role in a film called ‘Encino Man’ of the year 1992. He also appeared in a Television show called ‘The Big Eunuch and the Little Carpenter’ for about 40 episodes.

Furthermore, he also played a role in a popular movie called ‘Red Pirate’ in the year 1996. Then, he appeared on-screen on a famous Hong Kong Flick named ‘Second Time Around’ in the year 2002. He has served as a stunt choreographer in X-Men too. Also, he served in a sci-fi movie named ‘The One’ as the assistant of a well-known choreographer, Corey Yuen.

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Education and Academic Qualification of Jonathan Ke Quan

When it comes to the teaching of this famous personality, he is a well-educated man. He went to the Mount Fleason Jr. The high school is in Tujunga, California, the United States of America. Also, he went to Alhambra High School in Alhambra too. After that, he wanted to study Cinematic Arts, so he went to the University of Southern California Scool of Cinematic Arts. He graduated with a degree. Also, he went to the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and got another degree. Hence, his education history is excellent. He has a very fluent accent in Mandarin, English, Vietnamese and Cantonese language.

Nationality and Ethnicity

He belongs to the Vietnamese ethnicity, whereas his citizenship is American.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

Talking about his awards and achievements, Q has got different awards. He also has two credits for being a stuntman, one credit as a producer and one credit as a cinematographer. Also, he had got nominated for the Young Artist Award of the Year 1987 for his famous movie ‘Together We Stand.’ He successfully won the award in the category of Exceptional Performance by Young Actor. Also, he got the nomination for Saturn Award.

Relationship Status of Jonathan Ke Quan

When it comes to the relationship of this popular personality, Jonathan Ke Quan, he is a married man. He got married to Corinna Ke Quan. Before this couple got married, Corinna was his girlfriend. After some years of their beautiful relationship, they decided to get married.

Net Worth

As an Immigrant from Vietnam, the family of Jonathan faced quite a lot of difficulties at the beginning. But, with time, they started to cope with it, and their financial crisis ended. He has not said anything about his alary, but he has the right amount of net worth. His net worth is trending in around a million. But, the exact amount did not get revealed yet.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Jonathan Ke Quan does not enjoy the life of social media. He is very secretive and does not like getting involved in any gossips. His relationship life is away from social media. But, he sometimes uses the social media platform. He has accounts of social media sites but is not so active over it. His performance in particular social media sites as being noticeable. In his Twitter account, Jonathan has about 700 followers, and on his Facebook page, he has about 640 followers. This range of followers is low compared to other celebrities. 

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals of Jonathan Ke Quan

As Jonathan Ke Quan is a very successful and well-known actor, he has managed to keep himself free of the eyes of hazards. He has been involved in his life and career pleasantly and is not disturbing anyone. Also, he tries to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. He appears in the spotlight only for the matters that are related to his professional life. As he has hidden his own life from the media, he has not got involved in any debatable rumors and controversies about his career and his personal life. He lives a very decent living.

Body Measurement and Appearance

When it comes to the body appearance of the stunt master, Jonathan Ke Quan, he has a Mongolian face. His eyes are deep-seated and small. He has beautiful skin. Talking about his height, Jonathan has a height of about 5 feet and 4 inches, which is comparatively low compared to other male actors of the Hollywood industry. But, his height is preferable in Korean and Japanese movie industry. He has excellent eyes which are in black. Also, he has black hair. There is no information about the other body measurements of this popular actor, Jonathan Ke Quan.


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