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Johnny Appleseed: Bio, Age, Married, Personal Life, Disney, Net Worth


Throughout history, there are a lot of people who have managed to set themselves as an example of a very large mass of people. However, there are also those who got renamed because of what they did for their entire life. Just look at one of the most prominent figures, whose name is Michael Jackson. Because of his moves, people started calling him the king of pop and for every good reason. But Michael Jackson is of this generation. In this post, we talk about a legendary man who lived centuries ago and still did great work. His name is Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed

Appleseed is one of those men in the world who did one of the most incredible things ever. Simply saying, Appleseed is the reason why today we eat or get to eat apples as well. No, Appleseed did not make the Apples that we eat today, but he played a major role in the distribution of Apples in different parts of the world. This is the reason why people still remember this absolutely amazing man who evolved the field of the nursery. The knowledge people have today about the nursery and growing plants came from people like Johnny, and we cannot be more thankful.

But isn’t it a tad bit odd for the man who helped distribute Apple plantation to so many places as Appleseed as well? Well, that is the case of interest here. It is the fact that Johnny helped spread the plantation of Apple to so many places got him the name, Appleseed. You see the irony here, don’t you? As a result of all the work Appleseed did, Johnny now remains in history as Appleseed, and that is very interesting.

Learn more about this amazing personality from the 17th century.

Johnny Appleseed Early Life

The man who shaped the nursery field that we know of today and also helped conserve plantation, Johnny Appleseed, was born on September 26, 1774. Appleseed was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, and at the time of his death, Appleseed was 70 years old. Living life of a conservationist, Johnny did what he loved all the time.

Talking more about Johnny, he was a very tall figure who always wore attire that suited the likes of people involved in agriculture. Because of his tall stature, it helped Johnny in his works as a nurseryman and also gave him other opportunities as well. His attire also remained the same for the most part.

Because of the fact that back in the days, there were no technologies such as cameras, people only drew images. However, even a solid and accurate image of Johnny remains missing as his portraits are solely from imaginations. However, as per historians, Johnny usually had very long hair that trailed down his shoulder.

Further information about Johnny remains as total speculation because he was not much of a famous personality back in the days. His work later gave him the recognition that he always deserved. What we do know about Johnny is that he was a very kind natured man, and that remains predictable from his zodiac sign as well.

According to his birth details, Johnny was born on September 26, which means that he shares the zodiac sign of Libra. According to popular beliefs, people who share the zodiac sign of Libra are very passionate and very kind nature as well.

Johnny Appleseed Family, Parents, Father, Mother

Born on September 26, 1775, Johnny was born to father Nathaniel Chapman and mother, Elizabeth Chapman. However, Before marrying Nathaniel, Elizabeth carried the last name called Simonds. After meeting initially, Nathaniel and Elizabeth married in February of 1770.

Now, we already hinted that Appleseed is not exactly the real name of Johnny. The name Appleseed only came because of his contribution to distributing Apple plants to major places. For anyone who already does not know, Johnny’s real name is John Chapman.

Talking more about his parents, Johnny’s father worked in the military and served his country for the most of his life. On the other hand, any details about his mother remain missing. After giving birth to two children, Appleseed’s mother, Elizabeth, died. After giving birth to the second son named Nathaniel Jr. Elizabeth Chapman died.

After the death of his wife, Nathaniel remarried and tied marital relationship with a woman named Lucy Cooley. AS mentioned, Johnny has a brother named Nathaniel Jr, and both brothers grew up in a very tightly knit family environment. Often times, two brothers would endeavor places.

Johnny Appleseed Education

For the most part, up to what we know, this generation of western society people believe that education is a vital part of anyone’s life. This is one of the most important mentality of all because education is something that helps shape a person’s talent and thought. Therefore, it helps shape everything as well.

However, back in the days, there were no such things as educational institutions. If there were any, they were also reserved for the children of people who came from a high background or a lot of influence. But education from books isn’t the only form of education and Johnny proves it.

As a young boy, Appleseed began an apprenticeship with a man named Mr. Crawford. According to historians, Mr. Crawford was a man with a lot of talent when it came to the subject of Orchardist. As a result, Johnny started learning about a lot of things as a young man.

His educational background did not take the conventional route, but he still managed to gather knowledge about Orchardist, and that changed everything. Because of the education that Johnny received from Mr. Crawford, Johnny managed to introduce the Apple plantation to so many places.

Johnny Appleseed

Personal Life, Wife, Married

Even though one of the greatest figures in American history, this did not manage to extract all the information available about Appleseed. While we know most of the things about his professional life and the legacy he created over the years, we remain oblivious to others.

For example, several things about Appleseed’s personal life remains a mystery. As of now, there remains no shred of evidence that claims that Appleseed ever married anyone. To everyone’s dismay as well, there remains no information about Appleseed involving in any kind of love affair as well.

On the other hand, talking about his father’s personal life, there remains an array of information available. For example, after the death of his mother, Elizabeth, Johnny’s father, Nathaniel, married another woman named Lucy. Nathaniel and Lucy welcomed a massive number of 10 children altogether.

As per other sources, Johnny always indulged himself heavily into farming and did not care much about anything else. This trait itself explains the absence of personal life from Johnny’s life. However, as history tend to unfold, we wait for the day when historians come with new details. Till then, we assume that Johnny Appleseed always remained single.

Johnny Appleseed Career, Plantation

Before starting anything with plantation and nursery, Johnny, along with his brother, went to different places. In 1792, Johnny and his brother Nathaniel Jr went on a journey that made both brothers live life very uniquely. However, after a long time, the two brothers parted their ways.

After that, Johnny began his apprenticeship to become an orchardist, and the teacher was a man named Mr. Crawford. Under his teaching, Johnny learned a lot of things and especially about apple trees because Mr. Crawford had apple orchards. This gave start to a lifelong journey for Appleseed.

In the late 17th century, Appleseed began practicing nursery in Pennsylvania and later in Pittsburgh. During his time with Mr. Crawford, Johnny became interested in spreading seeds to different places. He would go around, randomly spreading seeds and then built fences to protect it as well.

After many years, Johnny finally managed to establish his first nursery in a place called Brokenstraw Creek, Pennsylvania. Appleseed later established nurseries in a different place, and although he favored conservation of all plants, he put more emphasis on Apples. This caused a popularity surge.

During his career, Johnny managed to introduce Apples and Appleseed to a variety of places. Some of the places are Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Indiana, and West Virginia. His work gathers popularity and soon, people started calling Appleseed a legend as well.

Johnny Appleseed

Net Worth

Appleseed came from a family where the father worked in the military and did not make that much. As a young child, Johnny grew up in a family that possessed average financial strength. While growing up, Appleseed’s main motive became something else and not about making lots of money.

Also, because he lived centuries ago, Appleseed’s net worth at the moment remains mysterious. However, since we know what Appleseed did for most of his life, we also have the ability to assume that he was comfortable with what he was doing. Otherwise, Appleseed wouldn’t be able to sustain his work.

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Name Johnny Appleseed
Date of birth September 26, 1774
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Birth sign Libra
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