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Just imagine yourself as one of the most sought after actor in existence at the moment with a lot of talents just crammed and packed inside. How do you feel? Well, that is exactly the way this particular man feels as in reality, he has such a persona. Ladies and gentlemen, here we are talking here about John Stamos, the actor who we love and adore so much for he has given a new face to the acting and entertainment industry in general.

For all we know, John is and forever will be one of our very best actors because of the talent he possesses. Moreover, what we also strongly believe is that when sheer talent meets absolute beauty and masculinity, the result is someone like John. Looking at him, there are hardly any men who don’t get jealous of him. Those twinkling eyes are enough to pierce through anyone’s heart, and we know that because of experience.

John Stamos

You have seen John in many of the most famous TV shows till now such as General Hospital, Fuller House and other very popular projects and whichever project he sets his effort upon, that show bumps up its success rate tremendously. After starting his career back in 1982, John is going hard over it like a racing horse with only one destination – the finish line. However, there are about his professional life.

About John’s professional life, many people are already aware of it and have a better idea than most as well. Now, we won’t just abandon the details regarding his professional life since they also hold much importance. In this post, we will talk about John’s childhood, his personal life details, relationship status, and other interesting details. Hop back, relax, and get ready for facts.

John Stamos Early Life, Age

Famous TV show actor and well-renowned charming personality John Stamos was born on August 19, 1963, in Cypress, California, United States of America. As of now, John is 55 years old. However, Stamos barely represents someone who is in their mid-50s as he looks very young and has a very radiant face till now.

As a result, many find it difficult to munch on the fact that John is actually in his mid-50s and not in his mid-30s. According to his birth detail, John was born on August 19, which means his astronomical zodiac sign is Leo. Popular beliefs say that people who belong to Leo majority are very determined towards their goal.

Now, some call this myth but looking at John; this is absolutely true. Stamos was born to father William “Bill” Stamos who professionally was a restaurateur and ran a restaurant business. Stamos’ mother Loretta is reportedly a housewife and spent majority of her time looking after young Stamos and his siblings.

John’s parents welcomed three children together; one of them is John and two daughters who they named Alaina and Janeen. Both of John’s parents share a different background as father Stamos has Greek descent whereas his mother has English, Irish and German ancestry.

John’s early life is filled with love and support from his family members, and because of this support that he received from a very young age, John grew up to become a very prominent figure. If only John’s childhood were a little different, the world would not have got such a great actor.

John Stamos Education

As a child, John always became fond of the concept of learning new things and began experimenting with different things from a very young age. Given the fact that all his aspirations were limited to that of a young child but still, they were all very promising. The western education culture, fortunately, supports all kind of talents.

This is the reason for going to school for John Stamos turned out to be fruitful. As a child, John went to the John F. Kennedy High school, and there she started learning many things, especially the school curriculum. While studying, John also shows a very deep interest in making it to the school’s marching band. This was his first step towards the entertainment industry.

While during his school years, John participated in a lot of activities and went to different events as well. As John started growing up, he began to enjoy groups, communities, and whatnot. He attended the Beach Boys while studying and began touring with them as well. Eventually, while having fun and studying equally hard, John managed to graduate from high school.

John, after graduating from John F. Kennedy High School with fair marks, John aspired to apply and enroll at the Cypress College, a college very near to the place he lived. However, the urge to establish himself as an actor took over John, and he did not go to college at all.

As an adult, John made his decision not to spend his time and energy to work on his acting career. His parents and family members were more than supportive, and with this began his career.

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Personal Life

John is undoubtedly a very charming man, and there is no doubt that a lot of ladies have an eye for him and would like to get him dating them. However, how much that is going to come true remains a question. As you know, good men are very hard to come by, and when they do, ladies snatch them right away.

Now, Stamos is just not only good looking but also extremely talented and successful. This turns into something of an extra reason for girls to fight over him. But are any of the ladies lucy for that? It turns out no. There are only a few ladies ho have been lucky enough to call Stamos their husband.

The first is Rebecca Romijn, Victoria’s Secret model by profession who Stamos met while he was at a 1994 show. The couple got engaged after two years of dating and ended up getting married on September 19 of 1998. The couple did not welcome any children because of fear of dismantling their career.

However, after about half a decade later after getting married, Stamos and Rebecca divorced and separated officially in 2005. After the divorce, Stamos met Caitlin McHugh and got engaged to her after a year-long dating rowl. A year later, after dating in 2017, Stamos and McHugh welcomed their first child together.

However, before welcoming their son, the couple married in February of 2018. As of now, Stamos and McHugh live very happily as a family of three.

John Stamos Career

As mentioned earlier, John initially contemplated going to Cypress College and further continue his studies. However, he instead started working on his acting career. John’s father always supported his determination to become an actor who started developing since he was a child.

After high school graduation and John grabbed his part in one of the longest-running and fan loved TV shows of all time called General Hospital. In the year 1982, John started appearing in General Hospital as Blackie Parrish. People loved his character so much that John found him nominated for Daytime Emmy Award two years later.

The 80s turned out to deliver the only charm for this young man as his career started shooting upwards only. Before 1986, John also appeared in CBS sitcom called Dreams, and another sitcom called You Again? His success rose immensely when John started appearing in ABC’s Full house in 1987.

In that show, John portrayed the character of Jesse, a protagonist by importance. John appeared in the show for nearly 200 episodes, and his fame skyrocketed. Before 2000, John appeared in more than a dozen shows including some of the most famous ones like Tales From the Crypt and Tracey Takes On.

Later in his career, John appeared in other famous TV shows such as ER, Jake in Progress, Law & Order, Two and a Half Men Grandfather and others as well. As of now, John appears in another TV series called You.

Net Worth

As you can clearly see, John has a very prolific career at his disposal, and by the looks of it, his career is a long way from coming to a hat any time soon. Not that we want anything to happen to his career, of course. Now, as we all know, when a person is awfully famous, there also comes a lot of other benefits as well.

As of now, John enjoys a very luxurious lifestyle, and that is all possible because of his very high paying career. As of now, John has a massive net worth of over $20 million. This massive earning helps John allows him to live a very elegant lifestyle. Stamos enjoys a frequent vacation to exotic places and going out to eat in nice places.

John’s earnings allow his extravagant from getting fulfilled.


Name John Stamos
Date of birth August 19, 1963
Birthplace Cypress, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @JohnStamos

Instagram: @johnstamos

Facebook: John Stamos


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