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Arts has the power of making people fall in love and even change people’s lives. Because of this particular factor, people seem to get really attached to some kind of art in their life. But what about the ones who practice art themselves? Well, naturally, you think of art that is done by painting, but we say different. We believe that art is anything that a person is very good at and manages to do so in a regular manner. Now, today we are talking about a man who performs his unconventional art and manages to excel in it as well. The name of that man is John Calvin.

There is no shame if you already do not know who this man is because John left centuries ago. However, his work still remains relevant to this date and manages to inspire a lot of people. Most of John’s work remains as a matter of history, and people follow it religiously. However, many of you out there are certainly scratching my head, thinking that what is it that Calvin did back in the days that made him famous.

John Calvin

Well, for anyone who already does not know, John is one of the most famous early journalists and theologians as well. Apart from knowing himself as a journalist and also as a theologian, Calvin established himself as a reformer and also as a pastor as well. Living in the 15th century, with the help of the means available then, John made several positive impacts in the society he lived in. One of his most notable work includes protestant reformation.

In this post, learn more about John and all the things that he remains famous for. Also, along with learning more about Calvin’s personal life.

John Calvin Early Life

One of the greatest reformer in the history book and also one of the most skilled theologians, John Calvin, was born on July 19, 1509. Calvin was born in Noyon, Picardy, France, and at the time Calvin took his last breath, he was only at the age of 54 years old. Calvin died prematurely.

Regardless of the fact that back in the days, life expectancy rate was quite low when compared to right now, dying at the age of 54 is still very young. Because of this fact, we say that Calvin died prematurely. Had he lived a long life, he surely would have brought new reformations and positive changes.

Talking more about one of the most famous men in French history, Calvin was born on July 19. According to this detail, Calvin shares the zodiac sign of cancer. Zodiac signs usually have a very high impact on how astronomers perceive people around the world. It says a lot about a particular person’s personality.

According to several beliefs, those people who share the zodiac sign of cancer are very ambitious, straight headache, and very motivated. Most of the things or traits that appear to remain present in the zodiac sign of cancer also relate to Calvin himself. He was a really highly motivated man.

Now that we have learned about his early life, let’s learn more about his family. In that way, we will learn more about Calvin and how he grew up.

John Calvin Family, Parents, Father, Mother

Calvin, whom historians consider one of the most influential reformers of all time, was born to a mother, Jeanne le Franc, and father, Gérard Cauvin. For anyone who already does not know this, John Calvin is not his real name as his real name is something else in the French language.

The reality, Calvin’s real name is Jehan Cauvin. However, since his work began spreading all across the world and people started following his work as well, they started calling him Calvin. Despite having a different name in the native French language, Calvin established himself in the American language.

Talking more about his parents, Calvin’s father, Gérard Cauvin, worked in the cathedral notary department and also served as the registrar. Cauvin served as a registrar to the ecclesiastical court and in a decent amount of money that supported the whole family. On the other hand, his mother Jeanne le Franc, who is the daughter of a pretty wealthy innkeeper.

Calvin was the oldest of four sons that the couple welcomed in their life. Both of his parents loved each other very much and welcome several children. However, because of the infant mortality rate back in the days, only four of their children survived. Gérard and Jeanne had four sons who survived infancy.

His father always had plans for the whole lot. Gérard wanted his sons to pursue priesthood; however, that did not become successful. In the family, there is one tragedy. After giving birth to all four children, Calvin’s mother died. However, the reason for the mice remains a mystery. On the other hand, Calvin’s father died of testicular cancer.

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John Calvin Education

During the 15th century or somewhere in that era, education was something that people did not really have proper access to. Because of the lack of institutions that are particularly focused on providing education to people, citizens did not get a proper education. However, Calvin’s case is a little bit different.

From a very young age, Calvin began involving in church and began following a religious path. He showed his utmost loyalty to the church by cutting his hair to the church’s desire. Calvin’s loyalty towards the church presented him with the opportunity of going to the education institution.

Have a very young age, Calvin began going to Collège de la Marche, which was located in Paris. Born in Picardy, Calvin moved to Paris to join the college. At the college, Calvin learned Latin from what historians believe as one of the greatest teachers called Mathurin Cordier.

However, in the year 1525, Calvin’s father managed to get his son out of Paris and have them attend the University of Orleans. At the University of Orleans, Calvin studied law. After finishing with the University of Oregon, Calvin later and want to join the University of Bourges.

Personal Life, Married, Wife

For the most part of his life, Calvin did not want to get married. Calvin fiercely believed in celibacy and did not want to get married until and unless the Lord freed him to do so. Around 1540, Kevin began getting a lot of peer pressure for getting married, but he did not listen to any of them.

After much reluctance, Calvin agreed to marry a woman from a very high and noble family. But because of the fact that Calvin was always reluctant for that or towards the decision, he never married.

Instead of marrying the woman from the noble family, Calvin decided that he would marry a widow with two children. And Calvin’s point of you, this was one of the most normal things that he could do, support or widow and her children. As of now, the reminder no fact that suggests Calvin welcome any children with the woman he married.

At the moment, I would believe that until his death, Calvin remained with the woman he married. Calvin, the famous theologian died on May 27, 1564, at the age of 54. What is suffering from a burst a blood vessel in his long followed by declining health, Calvin died from that cause.

John Calvin

John Calvin Career, Reform Work

In 1532, Calvin received his degree in law and started publishing books. However, there came a time when Calvin had to flee from Paris in order to save his life. Because of the time during the affair of the placards, Calvin had to flee from the country and save his life.

However, in 1536, John published one of his most famous additions call institutes of the Christian religion originally called Institutio Christian Religion. Later, Calvin manages to update his work and publish new additions for the remainder of his life. But still, because of the affair going on, Calvin could not stay in France.

The man who everyone question and did not think was fit to stay in the country later began rising as one of the most formidable leaders. In 1541, Calvin began rising two prominent positions in the Geneva religious community. Sometimes later, Calvin awesome game the minister for Geneva.

As per the story ends, there were many things that Calvin did during his ministry in Geneva. One of the most prominent things that remain prevalent in history books is how many people execute it an exam. During his ministry, Calvin also did not allow any other forms of art other than music.

In short, during the ministry of Calvin, Geneva became a Protestantism center.

John Calvin

Net Worth

Because of a lack of information, we exactly do not know how or what kind of family did Calvin grew up in. However, the fact that Calvin’s father worked in a very decent paying job makes us believe that he actually earned a lot of money. In summary, we believe that Calvin grew up in a very wealthy family.

In the context of that, even though Calvin faced some difficulties back in the days, he later became a very prominent figure in Christianity. During his time as minister, Calvin earned a massive amount. The covalent to today’s economy, Calvin had a massive net worth of $76 million.

 Name John Calvin
Date of birth July 19, 1509
Birthplace Noyon, Picardy, France
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Reformer, Theologian
Married Yes
Nationality French
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $76 million


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