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Joan Lin is a popular Taiwanese actress. She was born in 30th of June 1953 in Taipei, a place of Taiwan. This lady is the wife of Jackie Chan, who is a well-known actor Jackie Chan. Her most popular movies are Two Lins and Two Chins. Joan Lin Feng-Jiao is her real name.

Joan Lin

Ethnicity and Nationality

Joan Lin is supposed to be an Asian. She holds the citizenship of Taiwan and has the Taiwanese nationality. Her ethnicity is Asian. She feels it better to not reveal her religion to the public and has kept it confidential. Hence, her belief is not known yet.

Joan Lin; Family

She has a tough time since her childhood days. Her family was sick, and they strived to fulfill their basic needs too. They had no proper access to food, and it was a difficult task for her parents to give their children adequate food. Poverty was deep-rooted in her family and left a dark stain. She had four other siblings, and she was the second child of her parents. It was difficult for her parents to raise five kids.


Despite the bad condition of her family, her parents made a lot of effort to sent her to private school. Her school was in her hometown, and her parents struggled a lot to send her to the private school to study as they were not in the condition to afford quality education to her.

Although she went to the private school, she had to quit because the state of her family had worsened. The financial crisis of her family led her to leave school. It was already big trouble for her parents to feed her five children. She thought that she would be a burden to her parents, and poverty would hit them more if she continued school. So, she quitted it at the age of twelve. Her childhood had been very harsh to her because of the poor economic condition of her family. She had to remain a dropout at a small age.

Body Measurements

John lin is stunning Taiwanese actress. She is beautiful and stands 5 feet, and 5 inches fall, which is a great height for a Mongolian woman. Her black and shiny hair gives her fair face a beautiful look. Also, her gorgeous brown eyes are her high quality.

Joan Lin; Rumors and Scandals

She loves her family very much, and she has never been into any scandals or rumors. Until the time, she has been excellent and polite to everyone around her, and everyone praises her. She feels it right not to reveal her personal life to the media. So, she is out of all the controversies.

Unlike her, her husband and her son face a lot of rumors and controversies. She had been down many times because of her son, her husband. Once in 1990, she found about her husband’s relation with actress Elaine Ng. By the news, Jackie Chan had an affair with Elaine, and she was pregnant with his child. People thought of after the news, she would divorce her husband. But this devoted lady tried a lot and saved her marriage. She forgave him.

Similarly, in 2014, her son, Jaycee, was arrested by the police in Beijing is accused of the drug. Joan Lin was frustrated after this incident, and it shook her. But, her son made efforts and wrote a three-page long apology letter to Joan Lin. And, because of the constant apology, she forgave her son.

John Lin is a decent and devoted woman, but she has been facing problems since her childhood. She smiles at everything and lets it go. Her main motto is to solve the problem, not elongate it.

Early Life

Lin Feng-Jiao, commonly known as Joan Lin, had a troublesome childhood and nasty early days. Although she went to a private school, she had to quit it to sustain her family. Because of the economic condition of her family, she had faced a lot of troubles. She left her school at the age of 12 and then started to work. For her parents to feed her and her siblings, it was a tough task. So, she began contributing to her family.

After she left school, she worked on a farm. In her work, everyone mistreated her. Even under such conditions, she worked for her family. This young kid of only 12 years of age had a hard life. Despite her low economic background, she was lovely and elegant. Her personality was very unusual, and she decided to find the work of an actress. With fortune, she was able to find a role. She made a valuable mark, and then she won a prestigious award. Then, she was offered acting by other companies too. Joan Lin was highly motivated and had a pretty face with a confident attitude. This charm of her made her progress very soon.

Nonetheless, she was consistent and hardworking too. With the strong determination she moved her life, she was offered many roles in other films and series. Then, her career started proceeding.

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Joan Lin; Career

At the young age of 19, she started her career in acting. Firstly, she took the initiative in the acting career by acting in a debut film. As she was amazingly beautiful, she was able to win the hearts of many, and her acting career began to take to the new turn.

In her late teens, she made the gun-fu movie “The Hero of Chiu Chow,” which was a grand success. This movie made her entry to the world of acting easier, and then she began to gain popularity and fame. After the film came to the public in 1972, she had many opportunities in the 1970s. She did not leave behind any, nor did she left any with disappointment. All of her movies were a grand success. In 1979, in the film “The story of Small Town,” she played the role of a young woman who was dumb. And then it added more to her fame. The general people then believed that she could act any task assigned to her. For that movie, she won the 16th Golden Horse Awards.

In the same year, “Wang Yang Zhong De Yi Tiao Chaun” was another hit release of her. By the time 1970 ended, she was already a well-established actor and got more opportunities. This movie made a valuable difference in her later career.

Relationship and Marriage

She had become the face that was liked by many. In the meantime, she met the actor Jackie Chan, who is now her husband. After she met him in 1981, they both fell in love with each other and continued their relationship. This lovely couple married in 1982. In a short time, she conceived a baby son named Jaycee. They have been a very admired and active couple because their marital status went through all sort of thicks and thin, but they are still surviving. She is a devoted and confident lady so that she can keep her after marriage life good.

Joan Lin; Social Media

She is very concerned about her family and does not reveal about her family and personal life. So, she is completely out of social media too. She believes herself to be an introvert. Hence, she does not like enjoying the company of social media. Her social media profile is very inactive, and she is completely out of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Joan Lin; Net Worth

This popular actress left a remarkable stamp in the Taiwanese film industry. She was the highest paid actress of 1970s as she was elegant, beautiful and useful in acting too. By the time she was working, she had already collected more than 1 million dollars, and now she is living on that.


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