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People often say that if a person can make you laugh, they most certainly, can also make you fall in love. If this particular saying has any truth to it then most likely Jillian Bell has a lot of lovers out there that she does not have any idea about. Yes, we are talking about the very Jillian Bell who introduces herself as a comedian, actress, and an overall entertainment package.

Now, Jillian is absolutely funny, and there is no denying in that. But the thing that we cannot help but notice is how pretty and beautiful Bell is. We mean, just look at her. Isn’t she a work of art or otherwise, where else could you find such a perfect balance between charm and beauty? Very rare if you ask us.

Jillian Bell

Bell is also one of the most talented people who served as a voice actor in the most famous The Angry Birds Movie, which is a kid’s dream. Apart from that, Bell also most famously appeared in Brittany Runs a Marathon, but you already know all about it. We reckon you are here something more, interesting and plainly different than anything out there.

Well, are you looking for some inside details on Jillian Bell? Well, if you are, then this is most certainly the right place for you. You see, there are a lot of men who wish to date this beauty once in their lifetime or forever, they do not mind. However, it is necessary to know first if Bell is available or not. Also, there are a bunch of things that you should probably know about.

Here, every Jillian Bell fact is available. All you do is read, and Bells will ring everywhere. Keep reading for all details. First, we will start with her history.

Jillian Bell

Jillian Bell Early Life

American actress, comedian, actress, and screenwriter Jillian Bell was born on April 25, 1984, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. She grew up with her parents, who never left her feel short of love. Her childhood remained very content and happy for the major part with tears here and there, but that is always the part of growing up.

Jillian Bell was born to her parents, father Ron Bell and her mother Tanzy Bell and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent a very great childhood. Her family always loved her very much, and she also acknowledged all the care she received as a child from a very young age.

However, further information regarding her family remains under the wraps because Jillian is very secretive towards her personal life and likes to keep it as much private as possible. Jillian does not often talk about her parents on interviews and keeps a very low profile about her early family, which bums out a lot of fans.

Also, Jillian does not talk about having any siblings, which further creates confusion about her family, and her leaves fans speculating. At the moment, tabloids do not know if Jillian has any brothers or sisters of her own. This leads to speculations that Jillian is the only child of her parents.


As a child Jillian grew up in a very family based environment, her family always taught her the basic necessities in people’s lives and education was always in the topmost section. Her seriousness in education increased as her parents told her about its importance more and more. This compelled her to commit to studying hard voluntarily.

As a young girl, Jillian joined the Bishop Gorman High School in 2002, and her educational journey started from there, and it carried on very well for years. Jillian became one of the best in her class, and all the teachers started to admire her more and more. Her grades were always steady, and Jillian proved rather good at studying.

However, as a young high school child as well, Jillian always fancied acting and the concept of portraying a fictional character always fascinated her to the core. Because of this, she started to study improve or also known as Improvisational acting skill which is related to theatre and often comedy that are often unplanned or in this case, unscripted.

When her high school education finished, Jillian became a very talented Improv actor and decided that she would pursue a career in it. After graduation, Jillian took some time off and started to make a plan on how to improve her career in Improv. Then Bell realized that the only way she could do it was by moving to Los Angeles.

When Jill moved to Los Angeles, all new opportunities flourished on her slowly and steadily. There is when Jill started her career.

Jillian Bell

Name Jillian Bell
Date of birth April 25, 1984
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Taurus
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $750 thousand


Personal Life, Dating

So, who is this beautiful woman dating right now? Well, people often say that the more beautiful a girl, the more the chances that she is not single because what happens most of the time is that good looking and successful men out there are also looking for an ambitious and equally stunning woman. When they find one, that game over.

However, should people still carry some hope with Jillian Bell? Well, the answer is astoundingly both a yes and a no. Jillian Bell at the moment remains unmarried and does not have a husband; however; there is a high chance that she is dating someone. But this also remains as speculation because there are no solid proof about her dating status at the moment.

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Is Jillian Bell lesbian? People often ask if Jillian is lesbian or not, but as far as we know, Jillian has never talked about dating a woman in the past or sharing the LGBT community as a gay or lesbian person. She does support the community, but that is all there is about her. Jillian Bell at the moment is not lesbian.

As it so happens, we also believe that Jillian does not have a boyfriend at the moment because she is already quite busy with her career. In order to steadily continue her career, Jillian seems to opt for a no-dating policy which clears out all distraction and give her a clear head about things in her professional life.

Jillian Bell

Jillian Bell Career

In order to start a career, Jill had to get a job first, but she could only eye the entertainment industry and nothing else. As a tryout, Jill applied and auditioned for Saturday Night Live, but sadly she did not make it. But the audition did not go as a complete failure as Bell started working as a writer for the show.

While slowly delivering content for Saturday Night Live, Jill started to work on other projects as well, and in that process, she appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm as an assistant who deliberately wore revealing clothes at work. Starting her career from Crossbows & Mustaches, Jill worked on other major shows such as Franklin & Bash, Workaholics, Friends with Benefits and many other.

Jill also appeared in movies like The Master, 22 Jump Street, Goosebumps, The Angry Birds Movie, Office Christmas Party, Rough Night, Game Over Man!, Charming, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Sword of Trust and E! Tonto. Viewers always love her work, and they want to see more of her.

Most recently, Jillian appeared in Eastbound & Down as Dixie, High School USA! As Miriam, Gravity Falls, Lucas Bros Moving Co, SuperMansion, Portlandia, Dogs in a Park, Drunk History. Currently, Bell appeared in Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, Neurotica and Bless the Harts.

Jillian Bell

Net Worth

As you already witnessed, Jillian Bell has a very prolific career, and because of that, she has also successfully won a lot of hearts around the world. With witty and clever humor and well-timed expressions, Jillian makes her work looks very effortless an that is saying something.

But the thing that people mostly ask is the net worth and that too in English speech. While we all want to know the exact figure remains missing. At the moment, Jillian does not talks about her wealth very much and all the information regarding her financial status.

Jillian Bell Social Reach

Twitter: @AleishaLaNae

Instagram: @aleishalanae

Facebook: Aleisha Allen


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