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Today, we talk about the one and only Jessica Rogan. You might have heard that name and might not have as well because it depends how much you know about the people involved in her life. But, for those of you who do not know, here’s a perfect opportunity that you should not miss. This post right here is a detailed road map to Jessica Rogan’s personal life; a personal experience that many people would do anything to get their hands on and read.

Who is Jessica’s husband and her family? Know it All

Jessica Rogan

Jessica Rogan Husband

Jessica Rogan is someone who should have all the fame by herself, if she wanted to. But her humble personality refuses any of that. Instead, she let the whole world know her for something else. However, the internet is a nasty place and you should not believe every single things that it has to offer.

Some time ago, a rumor made quite the swirl on the internet when a particular tabloid failed to distinguish Jessica accurately and confused her with someone else of the same name. The Jessica Rogan we are here to talk about and learn more about is married. Whereas the one with whom she was confused with is not married at all. You may be all confused by now yourself. Let’s clear things up.

The Jessica Rogan we are talking here about is the wife of famous podcaster Joe Rogan. Did you saw that coming, didn’t you? When you saw the last name “Rogan.” Yes, Joe Rogan is nothing but awesome and famous, and millions of people know him. Along with him, Jessica is also quite famous but do people know all the details about her married life with husband Joe?

We don’t think so. For that, we are here to tell you everything about Jessica Rogan, husband Joe Rogan and all about their personal life. Consider this an act of social awareness because every fan deserves to know about the celebrity they follow so religiously.


Jessica Rogan is married and her husband is Joe Rogan. The couple married back in 2009  in a wedding ceremony where the couple’s close family and friends were present. The details about what kind of wedding the couple had is still missing. But how the couple married is another interesting story. Joe is someone who previously in his stand-up comedy acts despised the idea of marriage and always ranted on the uselessness of marriage in general.

Jessica Rogan

How Did Marriage Happen

At that time, he was living with Jessica for years. The couple fell in love after meeting each other and lived together as partners for quite the while.

In 2008, while living together as partner, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter without any thought of getting married. Unfortunately, Joe and Jessica keep the name of their child.

Following the arrival of their daughter, Joe’s perspective towards marriage slightly shifted. He realized that by giving birth to their baby, Jessica made a commitment and getting married is the only logical thing to do. He signed legal papers and voila, Joe and Jessica are legally married couple.

Like said, earlier, Joe thought getting married is something that he could do from his side despite not liking the idea of it for years.

Husband Serious About Family

Since the arrival of his daughter, Joe also became visibly invested in his family and started giving them more time. As known, a stand-up comedian’s career requires them to always be on the road, travel restlessly, go on tours to different locations for weeks on end.

While always being packed with shows, Joe found himself managing time for his then-infant daughter as well.

Since the arrival of a daughter, Joe also left acting to make some room for wife and daughter and take on the responsibility of a father. Joe Rogan, above all, made the right choice.

Jessica Rogan Family With Husband

Jessica Rogan and husband Joe welcomed their first child before marriage and thank god they did. Otherwise, who know if they would have married later in life? The baby was first for Joe and second for Jessica as she already had another daughter from her past relationship. But for her husband, it was a new experience. The concept of babies fascinated him ever since he became a father. He considers them as little aliens who know nothing about planet earth and need teaching and guidance to act and become a person. Moreover, the fact that they could not talk or communicate made things wee bit weirder.

Their smile meant everything and the cries did not. He said that when babies cried, people have no idea why they are screaming for.

But above all, he says that being a father is the most rewarding thing and is astonished that how he could do just about anything for the little person, he just met.

While Joe was relishing the astonishment of babies, the couple welcomed another baby in 2010, and this time again, it was a daughter. This time again, the couple did not reveal the name of their daughter. However, we know the name of the third one, the eldest of daughter among the three.

Another Daughter

As mentioned earlier, Jessica has a daughter from her previous relationship and the name of her daughter is Kayja Rose. Kayja Rose in the late 90s and is now in her early 20s. Jessica’s husband Joe has not legally adopted Kayja, but he thinks very highly of her. He says that Kayja while he considers her as a daughter, he also think of her as a friend and has worked hard on their relationship to be open about everything and talk about anything in general.

The family currently lives in Bell Canyon, California.

Jessica And Joe Divorce?

With a previous failed relationship lingering in the past, is Jessica all sure about her marriage with Joe? Jessica was previously in a relationship with Dino Conner, a musical artist. The couple welcomed daughter Kayja however, split reportedly while she was very young.

Later, Dino started dating and got engaged to Teshya Rae Weisent. Sadly Dino and Teshya Died in a car accident. To add to this tragedy, Teshya was pregnant at the moment. The police reported that the late couple was returning from a recording studio and Teshya was driving before the collision.

With that out of the way, are Jessica and Joe happy in their relationship? Well, happy would be an understatement for the couple’s marriage. Despite hesitating at the idea of marriage before, Joe makes a great husband and love Jessica very much. Although Jessica is not quite vocal about her personal affairs, we are sure that the feelings are mutual.

As of now, the couple is living very happily with their daughters.

Jessica Rogan Real Name, Age, Bio

Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Rogan was born on June 28, 1978, in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America and is currently 40 years old. She was born as Jessica Schimmel to father Robert Schimmel, a veteran x-rated comedian. Jessica joined the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Her professional career however, is not as elaborate and known as her husband Joe’s. She was at one time, a cocktail waitress. Rumor has it that it is how Jessica met Joe in the first place. But since Jessica has not confirmed anything herself and neither has Joe, it remains a mystery on how they met.

She was once confused with model Jessica Rogan Campbell. Tabloids wrote articles with Campbell’s picture however, Campbell blasted the news and said that people should not believe anything they read on the internet. That shed light to the fact that Jessica Rogan does not uses social media platform and even if she does, keeps it a secret.

Net Worth

At the moment, according to tabloid sources, is a product analyst for Volvo Motor Sports. With a pretty nice job of a cocktail waitress in the past and product analyst in the present, Jessica Rogan currently has a net worth of $1 million. However, the numbers are not verified.


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