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How many times have you seen someone who shook an entire industry with just a few work credits? If you haven’t seen anybody, here is Jessica Lowe, the beautiful actress who rose to fame with only a few movies and TV shows. Now, you must wonder that is practically impossible because to most, few movies and TV show appearances only serve as a warm-up for their career lift-off rather than a booster.

However, Jessia isn’t some random actress, is she? Have you seen enough of her? Well, we know one thing for certain that there exists no such thing as too much of Jessica Lowe. You’ll have a good idea of what we are talking about here after you come back from looking at her extensively. Swear to anything, this is not an exaggeration but merely an attempt to describe Lowe.

Jessica Lowe

She has the looks to make any man go weak on their knees and most even do not dare to approach her as they think Lowe is out of their league (We don’t deny). With a short credit list and exposure to the entertainment industry fans and followers, Lowe has managed to dig her claws deep into people’s hearts and keeps them wanting for more and more.

But this post is not entirely about Lowe’s professional journey because we believe many are already familiar with all her work. Nevertheless, we will talk about her professional career as well. But what we are really here for is to look inside her personal life. That is right, a personal life that most people are unfamiliar with. Here is a question. Do you know if Lowe is dating someone at the moment? No? Well, that changes today. Here is everything about Lowe you ought to know.

Jessica Lowe Early Life

American actress and TV personality Jessica Lowe was born in February 2st, in Samoa, California, the United States of America and most possibly, Jessica is in her 30s at the moment. Since Lowe does not talk about her exact birth date, we and fans do not have any idea on Lowe’s exact age.

However, the fact that she still manages to make men skip their heartbeat suggests that Lowe is in her 30s and judging by her measurements, Lowe is also very much into fitness. A body like Lowe’s only comes with a healthy lifestyle and an amazing set of workout routines.

Jessica was born to her parents in Samoa, and according to her birthday details, her astronomical zodiac sign is Pisces. According to beliefs, Pisces people are very selfless and tend to help other people without any expectations of return favors. We do know about you, but that sounds so much like Jessica to us.

Unfortunately for everyone, Jessica decides to close her life book just about right here. She does not talk about her parents that often on interviews, nor does she talk about her childhood and growing up experiences. Furthermore, Lowe also keeps all the details about her having any sibling.

Because of this, her fans always remain in question regarding Lowe’s childhood. Until the day Lowe says anything about having siblings, she is the only child of her parents and Lowe does not have any siblings whatsoever.

Name Jessica Lowe
Date of birth February 21
Birthplace Samoa, California, the United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1 million


Jessica Lowe Education

Growing up, Jessica Lowe’s parent, like any other parents, wanted her to get to school, get a good education and got to college. As billions agree, education is the staircase to success, and people who are successful at the moment are very successful as they keep on learning more and more.

As s young child, Jessica went to a local high school. Although not extraordinary in performance, Lowe never disappointed her teachers in any way. Lowe’s behaviors always remained calm and obedient towards her teachers. But Lowe also liked some mischief here and there.

During her high school days, Lowe participated in the Speech and Debate honor society and also the National League as well which needless to say, made her parents very proud of her. With such activities during her high school and performing very well in exams, Lowe passed high school with very good results.

After high school graduation, Lowe attended the Northwestern University where she studies arts and indulges in different shows. One of the most important ones is her appearance in Mee-Ow show. Lowe self-directed and performed the show and received very high critics for her effort.

She later graduated from Northwestern University with good grades and ready to start her career in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

There are plenty of men who want someone like Jessica in their life, if not Jessica herself. But do dreams so big come true? If Jessica is single, there is a chance that you may get to date her because there are many celebrities who married people on the other side of all the glamour.

As luck would have it for you, Jessica is not in a relationship at the moment. At least that is what it looks like. There lie no reports of Lowe dating anyone or even getting married to a husband. Till now, to the peak of our knowledge, Jessica is very much single. But is she looking for a relationship?

This is a question that you should probably ask her on your own. We, however, do not guarantee a response as Lowe tends to work very hard on her profession. As of now, until Lowe says otherwise, she is single and working on building a career of her own.

Jessica Lowe Career

For most of her initial career, Jessica appeared in different shows and plays. She traveled and moved to Amsterdam so that she could write and perform for Boom Chicago, a very famous comedy club and improve the club. Her 2009 transition gave her fruitful results and new experiences.

However, while pursuing her career as a writer and a performer, Lowe grabbed the opportunity of appearing in a movie alongside Andrew Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The famous actors were starring in a movie called Blended in which Lowe portrayed the character of Ginger. The 2014 appearance in Blended attracted a lot of good critics from many people.

With the exposure to movies, Lowe started to get a lot of offers for other movies while she was still pursuing her career as a writer and a performer. Initially, before Lowe went to audition for Blended, she did not believe that she could ever make it past the audition and get the role.

Now look at her, Lowe is a renowned actress. After appearing in Blended, Lowe made an appearance in other movies projects like Backseat Bitches, CollegeHumor Originals, Random Tropical Paradise and many others as well. Her next breakthrough career path came when Lowe appeared in Wrecked.

In 2016, Lowe got through the auditions of Wrecked and managed to bag the role. Lowe portrayed the character of Florence in the series and appeared for 30 episodes, from 2016 to 2018.

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Social Reach

Twitter: @MegaLoweManiac

Instagram: @jessmarlo

Facebook: Jessica Lowe


Net Worth

Even though Lowe has short career credentials, there is no such thing as limits that she cannot break. Lowe left everyone astonished when she excelled in the industry with so few projects at her disposal. While she worked on her career, the exposure to the film industry added as a bonus experience for her.

As of now, Lowe has a net worth of approximately $1 million. However, she does not likes to show off her earnings and keeps a very low profile.


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