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Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of You probably one of the most heard song in history and won a lot of hearts. But do you know who else won several hearts? Jennie Pegouskie, the lady who appeared on the music video. She looked slim, had a pretty facial structure and above all, a charming smile.

This combination is quite lethal, and people fell for it. It was like an epidemic caused by love at first sight. She appeared with the singer himself and somehow managed to steal most of the highlight with her punches and jabs at the punching bag and somewhere, it hit your heart as well.

Jennie Pegouskie

But, is she really a boxer? By the looks of her in that video, she definitely is because of her maintained body. Only a person who takes great care of their body can have such a body and Pegouskie definitely is one of that person.

Now, for all of you wondering who Jennie Pegouskie is in real life, we have got you covered. If you keep reading, you may just find everything about this pretty woman who starred beside Ed Sheeran on Shape of You. What does her personal life look life, who is her boyfriend? All of that, right here right now.

Jennie Pegouskie: Who Is She?

You have to stop being mesmerized because we need you to focus here. Otherwise, how do you expect to absorb all the information that we are about to give out here? We suspected Jennie to be a real-life boxer given her picture-perfect appearance on the music video.

However, it turns out that she is not a boxer but a model, dancer, and a performer. Jennie Pegouskie started dancing early, and as per reports, this has always been her passion. She developed into this passion she had and voila, she is a widely renowned today.

However, Ed Sheeran is not the only person Jennie Pegouski has worked with as Macklemore employs her. Yes, the same Macklemore who won a Grammy and shook the music industry with his song Thrift Shop.

Born and grown up in Seattle Jennie is one of the only few creative artists who has performed in over 30 countries. That is some real achievement under her belt. We wonder who she is dating. Because for someone to date her, he has to be equally talented and successful, regardless in whatever field.

For anyone who ever thought of dating her after watching her on the Ed Sheeran music video, this may come as a shock to you all. Jennie is not dating anyone right now. Hold your horses, listen completely. She is not dating anyone but is already married. Yeah.

Jennie Pegouskie Married

Yes, you heard it right, Jennie Pegouskie is married, and she seems quite happy with her man. But who is her man? His name is Kamal Bentot, and he is a Seattle based director. The couple met a few years back and have been inseparable.

However, the strange part is either Jennie or Kamal does not exactly confirm this piece of information. The couple has also not posted any wedding pictures so far, and they seem to just indulge in casual romance. According to the tabloid, the couple are married; however, there is also no wedding date so far.

Is this just a hoax or are the couple really married? The answer lies with them for the moment. As of now, Jennie and Kamal are married and keeping the details private and speaking of Kamal, who is he actually. We know a little more about Jennie by now but not him.

Jennie Pegouskie

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Boyfriend cum Husband: Kamal Bentot

Now, let’s talk more about Kamal Bentot here. As mentioned, he is a director who makes cinematic movies. Bentot grew up in a small town called Eragny Sur Oise, that is in France. He has two older sisters and one younger brother.

He did his schooling in France but always had a problem with the conventional school formalities that bothered him as an actor. As a young boy, Bentot was always down to create something, especially the things that school did not teach him.

At the age of 17, Bentot joined the International Dance School in Paris with an aspiration to become a professional dancer. He learned Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, as well as acting and singing, which gave him more room to pursue different things. After learning different forms of dancing, acting and singing, he found his own style and started touring professionally all over Europe.

Bentot says that his biggest influencer is Michael Jackson and that he took him as his biggest inspiration. The fact that Jackson was a multitalented personality and did many things without seeking perfection in everything inspired him to pursue different forms of dancing.

However, he also has an interest in photography and how movies worked. It all started when a friend of him asked him to direct a video, and he accepted. He got compliments for it and slowly, turned himself into a full-time director.

Jennie Pegouskie

Jennie’s Career

Bentot’s story is very special, and not it is time for us to focus on the lady love. She started her career as a dancer pretty young, and she also had the determination to become a professional dancer from a very young age.

However, before pursuing her dancer career fulltime, Jeannie was in marketing. She has worked for Blanton Turner in their marketing department. After spending two years with the company, she moved to work with Foster at Avenue Properties. She is currently the director of marketing there.

While also continuing dancing, one of her performance grabbed Macklemore’s attention, and he reached out and asked her to his company, Macklemore LLC. Naturally, she accepted the offer and joined the popular Macklemore and Ryan Lewis duo in their touring sessions.

Jennie who always dreamed of pursuing a career in dancing now looks after all the dancing and creative activities in Macklemore LLC. She also appeared in a famous song by Macklemore called Downtown. While her career is only thriving at the moment, her appearance with Ed Sheeran gave her a major career boost.

Jennie Pegouskie

Jennie Pegouskie Bio, Age

American professional dancer Jennie Pegouskie was born on August 14, 1988, in the United States of America. Jennie is currently 30 years old. Her family is from Seattle, Washington, and she grew up there with her parents. Although anything about her parents remain a mystery, tabloids believe she shares Asian roots as her mother is from Thailand.

She has one brother named Gattie Pegouskie and a sister a sister named Ann Pegouskie.

Jennie went to study at the University of Washington in Communication and graduated with good grades. Pegouskie, who shares a mixed ethnicity, is working two professional jobs at the moment. She currently works for famous American rapper Macklemore and also works as a marketing manager for Avenue Properties.

Net Worth

With the dual profession, Jennie also earns twice as much. Jennie currently has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


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