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Instagram is a pretty unpredictable place as it sometimes outshines Hollywood. That is right. People grow so large on this platform that they sometimes surpass fame and fortune to that of Hollywood star; even the prominent and veteran ones. In one simple word, Instagram is just magical. But it does take hard work.

Ask Jen_ny69 if you do not believe us because she is among the ones who build her massive and luxurious life while thriving on this platform. She is beautiful, charming, funny, and smoking hot when she wants to be, which is honestly all the time. We just cannot get enough of Jen_ny69, and since you are here, neither are you.


She redefines how people referred to as beauty with the brain because the internet can seem pretty daunting and confusing at times, but if you develop a knack for it, nothing is impossible. Jen_ny69 built her online empire and looked at her reigning over millions of hearts like a queen; a queen that is just a tad bit sassy.

But there is more to Jen_ny69 than just look or appearance. Real fans know better, But that does not mean we inflict that you are not a real fan. We are very determined that everyone should know the real Jen_ny69. Who is she behind Instagram and YouTube posts? Is she dating someone? All these things available if you just keep reading through.

Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend

It is true that Jen looks stunning. While people say that she is only beautiful because of makeup; she always starts makeup tutorial without any makes up on her face. None and she still slays the whole thing. So, what is going on in this stunning diva’s personal life? Who is she dating?

But before that, here is a big surprise for you. Jen is a mother. Don’t pass out just yet because we have more info. In 2015, news started circulating that Jen, the social media influencer got pregnant. This unexpected news astonished everyone and people started making every type of bizarre speculation.


Jen_ny69 Bio, Age

American internet sensation Jen_ny69 was born as Jennifer Ruiz on March 11, 1994, in the United States of America. She is currently 25 years old. Jen grew up in a typical Mexican family with very strict parents who made sure that she followed each and every family rules and walked along with their family’s norms and values.

She comes from a mixed ethnicity family and shares American nationality.

She always had an interest in doing makeup, and the concept of how some accessories could make a woman increase their beauty significantly always fascinated her to the very core. However, Jen’s family did not allow her to use makeup or any other related accessories until the age of 15 because her family beliefs forbid it.

In her family, there is a term called Quinceanera, which essentially means celebrating a young girl when she comes of age. Naturally, the little Jen did not get to touch or put makeup on her face until she came of age, which is 15 years old. As soon as she reached Quinceanera, Jen began experimenting and unleashing years of curiosity.

Her family did not have any objection towards he using makeup after the age of 15, which gave her the freedom to do whatever want with makeup. Jen started exploring more and more, and during that time, Jen explored the internet and found new possibilities. This exposed her to different aspects of self-love.

Soon, Jen started blogging and building her own little world on the internet. Her interest in makeup started to turn into a passion, and later, she decided that she wanted to do what she did full time. Currently, Jen has over 1.7 million followers who follow her religiously and always wait for new content to learn more.



Jen_ny69 started her internet sensation career when she approached her 20s. For someone just stepping off of their teen days, Jen_ny69 already had a clear picture of what she wanted to do. As for a started, Jen started blogging about beauty and makeup on her blog, and people started noticing because she put a lot of quality content there.

This also made Jen one of the first Latin-American influencer on social media. She started getting attention in thousands now and decided that she also step up her play on the internet. Jen then started making YouTube videos where she did makeup tutorials and experimented with her look in general for her viewers.

Jen also became more active on other social media platforms as she started to rise to fame quickly. Along with that, Jen also preaches about confidence, pride and dignity to her fellow women out there in the world and suggests that all of the hem keep their head up high start loving yourself as Jen did.

Her inspirational messages always get well received, and people are constantly hungry for more wisdom for her. As a massive Instagram personality, Jen currently has over 1.9 million followers on her Instagram account and nearly 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.


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Net Worth

With fame comes fortune, and for Jen, it no different. Jen has millions and millions of followers on her social media account, and all of them are always hungry for more of her feed. Jen makes very engaging content on her YouTube channel, which every time earns a recurring viewer.

All of this means that she has a monetized youtube account. According to multiple sources, Jen currently makes above of $40,000 annually just from her YouTube account. Apart from that, she has a business on her Instagram and other social media accounts.

Jen also does sponsor videos, which add up to her net worth at the end of the day. Not only on YouTube, but Jen also does sponsorship posts on her Instagram as she promotes a particular brand that can be anything from a fitness course to a makeup brand. It is fairly safe to assume that Jen_ny69 has a net worth in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.



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