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It takes hard work, and a set of ideas to become a well-known personality in this world, and Jeff Jampol has all of it, and it never exhausts out of resources. He is the man behind the success of major artists in the history of the entertainment business, but Jeff never takes a credit up front. He stays behind and admires what his involvement results and beams over its outcomes.

As far as the profession goes, Jeff is the man behind major music artists who have made it huge in the industry and thanks to his dedication; they are one of the greatest ever. We are talking about the likes of King of Pop Michael Jackson or Three Doors. The artists are one the many that Jeff managed during their peak success, but he never boasted about his work.

Jeff Jampol

As a matter of fact, Jeff remains quite humble about his achievements and does not like to showcase it for public attention. He does all his works while staying under the radar and lets the artists shine. But that is not the case here because we are solely here to talk about Jeff Jampol’s life and not anyone else. No matter who he made famous, it his him we are talking about today.

So, how much do you know about Jeff Jampol, the artist management guru despite the fact he managed the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. We wouldn’t be surprised if you say not much because Jeff keeps it lowkey. But in this post, you ought to know whatever there is about Jeff and rightly so. All Jeff Jampol details right here.

Early Life

The American personality and artist management guru Jeff Jampol was born on September 16, 1959, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Jeff grew up in a tightly knit family where it was all about love, care, and respect. Growing in such environment, kindness imprinted on Jeff at a very young age.

Jeff was born to parents, father Richard Jampol and his wife who remains hidden from the media. His parents are American from the start and share white ethnicity. Since ethnicity usually inherits from parents, Jeff also shares white ethnicity, and since he was born in the states, Jampol also shares American ethnicity.

Jampol’s zodiac sign is Virgo. As a young boy, Jampol’s parents raised him as a very obedient and good Christian boy who always put his faith in God and believed kindness reigns over the heart. He went to church with his parents and prayed for his and his family’s well being even as a child.

Unfortunately, Jeff keeps information about his parents and early life to the minimum and does not reveal it to the general public because of private reason. He believes in keeping his private and early matters as a secret so that others do not dwell over it unnecessarily.

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Jeff Jampol Education

Because of a very kind and different kind of upbringing, Jeff always perceived education as something important and as a tool that if used wisely, could change a person and the world for good. With the understanding of education from a very young age, Jeff became determined to do well in school.

Jampol enrolled at The School of Hard Knocks where he studied very hard and smartly to attain good marks in most of the tests and gather as much as knowledge as possible. After years of hard work and determination to become the best in the fame, Jeff graduated from high school with fair marks which would allow him inside prestigious colleges.

After graduating, Jampol went to study at the Sonoma State University located in Rohnert Park and studied Media Studies there. His aim always was to get inside the entertainment field and make the best out of his abilities of a creative mind and using it in the right way for productivity.

In about four years, Jeff graduated from Sonoma State University and started looking out for a career. Jeff knew he would have to get inside the entertainment industry anyhow.

Name Jeff Jampol
Date of birth September 16, 1959
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height  N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Artist Manager
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Personal Life

Jeff Jampol is a simple man and likes to keep things as simple as possible. Also, unfortunately, he falls under the list of people who keep their personal life under the radar and does not reveal it to the public eye. That is right; just like he keeps his professional achievements to himself, Jeff also likes to keep his personal matter to himself.

But don’t you worry because we have snippets of details about Jampol’s personal life here for you. No matter how hard Jampol tries to keep his personal life private, we have dug up some information for his followers right here. As it happens, Jeff is secretly a married man with a beautiful wife and family.

Because of his privacy concern behavior, the name of his wife remains unknown at the moment. However, Jeff and his mystery wife are parents to two beautiful children. Sadly, any further information regarding his children also remains out of bounds. He does not talk about them anywhere.

Jeff keeps a tight lip about his personal life during any of his interviews. He also never talks about any personal life relating questions whatsoever. At the moment, the family of four lives a very quiet and happy life in their Los Angeles home. There are also no reports of Jeff and his mystery wife divorcing.


After working an array of jobs, Jeff managed to gather a lot of experience and create a portfolio through which he could do exactly whatever he wanted to do. After years of working in organizations, Jeff finally decided to start his own firm called Jampol Artist Management.

Jampol started working very hard on building his business and making it recognized among the public. He opened the business under his name, and the aim of his business was to manage artists effectively. Jeff named his business, Jampol Artist Management. He promised many things to artists and stayed true to his word all the time.

After managing small and upcoming artists, Jeff started to get offers to manage high profile celebrities who were very good news for Jeff’s portfolio. After some time, Jampol was starting to manage high profile music artists. He managed artists such as Jim Morrison, The Doors, Janis Joplin and other. All of these big actors meant really good news for Jampol and his career.

During his career, Jampol also received a Grammy Award for his outstanding involvement in the 2009 documentary titled The Doors: When You’re Strange. Apart from that, his work has received so many good critics that it sets his service apart. Along with a Grammy, Jeff is two times Emmy nominated and 2 time Grammy nomination.

His career skyrocketed when he started managing the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson and things started to look very nice for him when people started appreciating his work with Michael Jackson. This collaboration helped him and his business to become one of the most sought after entity.

Net Worth

As you can clearly see, Jeff experienced one of the most behind the scene career of all time, and that says a lot about his hard work and passion. He was able to do it by managing to turn his passion into his profession. From young days, Jeff was determined to make a difference in the world, and with his artist managing company, he did it.

As we all know, with immense success comes even greater fortune as well and Jeff has a whole bunch of it but does not talk about it much. With a business that held and managed multiple greatest artist of all times, he is bound to be a millionaire. And that is right. Jeff Jampol is a millionaire with plenty in his bank account.

Jeff is also a proud Los Angeles homeowner, and as everyone knows, houses in Los Angeles do not come cheap at all, and it requires serious money to buy one there.

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