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It is time for some details on Jeff Dunham, the man who performs ventriloquism, complex art that makes an illusion of a talking puppet. Jeff Dunham decided to become the best in the whole wide world at a young age, and as far as it goes, he has achieved his dream. But, today, it’s not about his acts and performance but about him instead.

Who is Jeff Dunham behind all the stage performances? His fans want to know if he is married or not. Well, their wishes are about to be fulfilled. Keep reading for all Jeff Dunham details.

Jeff Dunham

Personal Life

They say women love a man who can make them laugh. If that is the case then Jeff Dunham is probably getting swarmed up by women all over him because tell the truth, have you ever known a man funnier than Jeff Dunham. Of course, there are legendary comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean but leaving the legends aside, have you actually seen someone else as funny as Jeff Dunham?

The answer most probably is big now. But if you know someone like that, be sure to leave the name down below. A person like that should be famous, very famous. Jeff is known as one of the most accomplished ventriloquists and comedian to ever climb on the stage. With sheer witty humor and a voice to go with it, he makes the job look so effortless. All in all, he actually is performing something that is very close to magic.

He creates an illusion in thinking that the puppet is having a two-way conversation with Jeff when all the while he is the one making all the sounds and insulting himself; all just for the sake of his fans out there who like to have a good laugh at times. While that is what is professional work is all about, but what about his personal life as well? Does he have all the women behind chasing him or has one special lady love?


Well, sorry to break it to you ladies but Jeff Dunham is committed and by taken we mean he is married. Yes, the funnyman is off the market, and it seems that it is going to stay like that – forever. At least that is the signs till now about his personal life. Jeff Dunham is married, and his wife is none other than Audrey Murdick who happens to be an actress. However, that is not the only title his wife boasts.


Audrey Murdick, apart from being an actress, she is most famously known for being a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and competition bodybuilder. Look out ladies; you don’t want to mess with Jeff’s wife. She could easily lift you and well, do whatever she feels like. Just a word of caution, nothing serious.

The couple met back in 2009 and started dating. After nearly three years of dating, Jeff and Audrey took the next best step. Jeff got down to one knee and proposed to Audrey. Naturally, she said yes, and the couple got engaged on December 25, 2011. En route to get married, the girlfriend and boyfriend turned fiancé and fiancée took their time before getting married.

Almost a year later, on October 12, 2012, the couple tied the knot. Wedding details, however, remain missing but the couple got married in front of friends and family. Jeff took the news to Twitter and tweeted his excitement by announcing that he and Audrey are married and the couple is ready for the honeymoon. He also mashed their names together and called the ceremony Jedrey wedding, 2012.

However, this is not the first marriage for Jeff Dunham as he has a past affair that did not end nicely. It was not trash or anything, but it also did not have what we call a “happily ever after” type of ending.


Past Married Life

As mentioned, before Audrey Murdick, he had someone else in his life. The 2012 wedding ceremony marked a second marriage for Jeff. He was previously married to Paige   Dunham, a film producer in the profession. To talk about the couple’s history, they first met each other at a Comedy Corner in West Palm Beach, Florida back in the early 90s. The couple started seeing more of each other gradually and started dating since 1992.

The couple married in 1994 after two years of dating. Paige had a daughter from her past relationship which Jeff happily adopted. The couple also has children of their own. They first welcomed daughter Ashlyn in 1995. The couple was over the moon at the arrival of their first child together. But brighter things awaited the couple.

In 1997, the couple welcomed their second child together and this time again, a daughter. They named her Kenna. Things went quite well for many years until rifts started cracking open. Jeff had a pretty demanding job which required him to travel often and for an extended period. He could not be with his family and hardly got to spend quality time with his wife which deteriorated the situation further.

Eventually, the extended time apart drove the couple to separation which then led to divorce. In 2008, Jeff filed for divorce citing irreconcilable difference. The following year, he met Audrey Murdick and you know the story from there.

Jeff Dunham’s Family With Wife Audrey Murdick

Jeff Dunham is one lucky man, and we all just have to admit that. He married not one but two beautiful women. Not that the fact he got divorced the first time is by any means a good thing but still for the record, he did get lucky both times. While he has altogether three children from his previous marriage with Paige Dunham who still carries his last name, he has another family with Audrey as well.

After getting married in 2012, the couple lived together as husband and wife peacefully. However, in a couple of years, they were to get hit by a massive bundle of joy. On May 14, 2015, the couple became pregnant with not one but two babies. Jeff took the news to Facebook and announced that he and Audrey were expecting twins later that year.

In October, the couple welcomed their twin sons, James Jeffrey, and Jack Steven. The baby boys were born safe and sound without any complications, and the parents could not be any happier.

With other professional tags like a ventriloquist, comedian and so on, he also mentions himself as a happy husband and proud father. In summary, Jeff has five children in total from his two marriages.

Contemplating Divorce?

There are often questions about a happy couple. Are they going to get a divorce? Jeff and Audrey’s case is no different. As Jeff was previously married and his relationship ended with divorce, what are the chances of that happening now?

Well, truth be told, the chances of Jeff and Audrey getting a divorce in very slim. The couple has stayed married for about seven years now and have two children together. There have not been any reports on their love life deteriorating. Any rumors circulating about the couple’s divorce is just a hoax.

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham Bio, Age

The world-renowned comedian Jeff Dunham was born on April 18, 1962, in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. He is currently 56 years old. Jeff is an adopted child who was taken in by Howard Dunham and his wife Joyce when he was just a baby of three months old. He was the only child to Howard and Joyce.

For people who wonder how Jeff got so good at ventriloquism, he started with this art form at a very young age of eight. After getting dummy as a toy for Christmas, he made use of the library on learning how to do ventriloquist acts. He made the sheer commitment of becoming the best ventriloquist ever while in grade four and already knew his career line.

Dunham started off with performing for young kids in schools and churches. He used to do about 100 shows a year after graduating from University. During his junior high years back in 1983, he was making about $70,000 per year. He grew famous in Texas during the mid-80s. However, he was smart enough to realize that he needed a bigger audience quickly. Where could he get a bigger audience than Texas? Los Angeles.

The same year he moved to Los Angeles, he got into The Tonight Show. However, because of some inconveniences, he moved back to comedy clubs and corners and was doing at least 200 shows a year. Through sheer hard work, in 1998, he became the Funniest Male Standup at the American Comedy Awards.

Jeff Dunham

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Net Worth

He has since then appeared on Comedy Central shows, released his own comedy DVD, sold two million copies worldwide and has a multi-platform deal with Comedy Central. He also managed to get his own show, self-titled, The Jeff Dunham Show which aired in 2009. However, it canceled after one season because of production cost and other issues including inconsistent ratings.

Apart from being a comedian and ventriloquist, he is also an author. His book includes an autobiography titled All By My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed and Me and another book called Dear Walter which he co-wrote with Walter Cummings. He has a net worth of $140 million. With shows almost all year round, the figure is sure to increase.


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