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The richest man in the whole world is a very lucrative title someone can ever have or possess. For that to happen, it takes a lot of years worth hard work and also an idea that helps changes the whole world one day. Some of the richest men in the world have become that rich because they tend to come up with ideas that in one way or the other changes which the world function. Such kind of man is the one we are talking about here today. His name is Jeff Bezos, and he is the world’s richest man.

Now, you have probably heard this name more than once, and potentially, he has also changed your life for good. As of now, Amazon, the company that Jeff founded, is one of the most successful business ever and has changed people’s lives. Given this fact, Amazon, as a business, in general, is also one of the things that have made Jeff so popular. Started more than two decades ago, Amazon is the largest and most rapidly growing business in the whole world.

Jeff Bezos

Now, Jeff is famous as the founder of Amazon, a company that looks after product selling and delivering it to people. In a transaction with some money, Amazon delivers the product to people’s doorstep, providing everyone with the utmost convenience. As of now, Amazon and other businesses combined have made Jeff the richest man in the whole world. His net worth requires a topic of its own, so we’ll discuss that in a bit.

What we aspire from this post is to learn more about Jeff’s life and how he runs on his daily work. What does Jeff’s personal life look life as well? Most recently, it took a hit, as well. Learn about it all.

Jeff Bezos Early Life

Businessman and visionary leader Jeff Bezos, currently the world’s richest man, was born on January 12, 1964. Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America, and at the moment, his age is 55 years old. Despite already in his mid-50s, Jeff remains very active.

While most 50-year-old people are looking towards retirement because they do not seem to have simply the traits and energy to function like before, Jeff is all in. According to media outlets saying, Jeff has a very healthy lifestyle where he manages to get essentials like family time, exercise, and healthy eating together.

Born as Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen to father Ted Jorgensen and mother Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen, Jeff’s parents conceived him when they were both in high school. Jeff’s mother, Jacklyn Gise, was 17 years old teenager while his father was a little older and owned a bike shop as well.

His parents divorced when Jeff was very young, and as his mother Jacklyn was also very young during that time, she remarried. A man named Miguel Bezos came in Jacklyn’s life, and the couple married. Miguel later adopted Jeff and changed his last name from Jorgensen to Bezos.

During his early childhood, Jeff was a very tech-savvy kid who always liked to fumble around and create things. As his ambitions grew larger, so did his ideas as well. Moving from Albuquerque to Houston after his mother married Miguel, Jeff began adapting to a different environment as he grew.

Later, Jeff and his whole family moved to Miami, Florida, and there, Jeff became friends with new people. One other thing from Jeff’s childhood is that he always seemed very ready to dismantle things and bring them back together.

Jeff Bezos Education

As a young child in the United States of America, Jeff’s parents always focused on his education from a very young age. When it comes to education, American parents are not much behind the Asians as both have the reputation to focus on their children’s education maximumly.

As a young child, Jeff went to a very reputed elementary school. As after marrying Miguel, Jacklyn moved to Houston, Texas with Jeff along with her, Jeff began attending elementary school in that locality. The elementary school that Jeff attended is River Oaks Elementary School.

Later, the whole Bezos family moved to Miami, Florida, and there Jeff continued his educational life. As a young kid, Jeff went to Miami Palmetto High school, where he began studying very hard. While his family provided Jeff with much of the required things, he still wanted to earn for himself.

After finishing off with high school, Jeff enrolled at the University of Florida, where he signed in for the Student Science Training Program. On the day of his graduation, when students have to speak in front of a crowd, Jeff told everyone that he dreams of people in the future making a colony in other planets.

Getting through with education at the University of Florida, Bezos went on and enrolled at Princeton University. At Princeton University, Jeff focused on Science and Electrical engineering. After about four years, in the year 1986, Bezos graduated with a Science degree in electrical engineering.

Jeff Bezos

Personal Life

When Bezos was working as a job holder at the D.E. Shaw, he met a beautiful young woman named MacKenzie Tuttle. Tuttle worked as a research associate at D.E. Shaw, and later after a couple of talks and conversations later, Bezos and MacKenzie realized that they loved each other.

In 1993, Jeff and MacKenzie married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony that took place in Seattle, Washington. Together, Bezos and MacKenzie welcomed three beautiful children. All of them were sons, and because of the couple’s desire to have a daughter, they adopted another baby.

After staying married for over 25 years, in 2019, news came ahead of that the power couple was looking for separation with divorce on their mind. While this came as a shock to everyone, the talk about property soon entered. After a mutual understanding, Bezos and MacKenzie came to an agreement that Bezos would keep 75% of the whole property, and MacKenzie gets 25%, which equates to $35.6 billion.

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Jeff Bezos Career

Jeff’s career, the professional one, started a little late, but he was working from a very young age. While in high school, Jeff began working at the McDonald’s, a franchise fast-food restaurant. Bezos worked there as an order line cook, and he did so while he was in his breakfast shift.

After graduating from Princeton with 4.2 average grade, several established companies offered him a job. Some of the most prominent companies that offered him jobs were Intel, Bell Labs, and more. However, loving over all those offers, Jeff started working in a company called Fintech.

After fintech, Jeff joined a hedge fund and started working there as a mathematical modeling personnel. However, in 1993, Bezos became obsessed with online store idea. While on a drive from New York to Seattle, Bezos made a business plan for Amazon and in 1993, started the company in his garage.

However, Amazon is a renamed version because Bezos previously planned to call his business Cadabra. With initial funding of $300,000 from his parents, Bezos began Amazon, and in just three years, made the company public by offering IPO. A lot of planning later, Bezos expanded Amazon’s services from Book retail to consumer products and music and video as well.

In 2002, Amazon nearly went bankrupt as it experienced a cash dip of more than $350 million. However, another year came strong for amazon as it made $400 million in revenue and started a fresh start as well. In 2007, with the vision of making people engaged in books with the help of technology, Bezos introduced Kindle and later also started Web services.

In 2013, CIA and Amazon signed a $600 million worth contract in web services, and three years later, Bezos sold his one million shareholdings for $671 million. Some months later, Bezos sold another million of his holdings for $756.7 million. In 2018, Bezos expanded Amazon’s territory to India, and there Amazon thrived.

Jeff Bezos

Net Worth

Many of the people believe that Jeff made up his fortune only by Amazon and solely from Amazon only. However, as a businessman, Bezos has his hands dipped in a lot of things than only one. Back in 2000, Bezos founded a company named Blue Origin, a company that deals with human spaceflights in general.

In 2013, Bezos bought the whole Washington Post for $250 million and that too in cash. After buying the Washington Post, Bezos added it to his income stream as well. Bezos also invested in Google during its inception, and there he invested $250,00 in 1998. Later on, that share grew to become worth $3.1 billion.

While in 1999, Bezos had around $10 billion. As the years went by, there was a time in 2002 when his net worth dipped to only $1.5 billion. However, after 2015, Bezos saw rapid growth in his earning, and in 2017, his net worth reached a maximum of 72. Next year in 2018, it nearly doubled, and now Bezos has a net worth of $112 billion. This makes Bezos the richest man alive.


Name Jeff Bezos
Date of birth January 12, 1964
Birthplace Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Businessman
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $109 billion


Social Reach

Twitter: @JeffBezos

Instagram: @jeffbezos

Facebook: Jeff Bezos


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