Jean Currivan Trebek: Relationship, Net Worth, Career, Age, Height


As the American business industry is growing, we can see many businesspersons getting active in America. The business of real estate is satisfying in America. Hence, many people are busy in the market. One of the leading companies face in America is Jean Currivan Trebek, who is well known for being a real estate manager. Apart from being a businesswoman, she is also a member of the ‘North Hollywood Church of Religious Science.’ Also, Getting linked with certain people have helped people to be well known by the media. Jean Trebek became famous after she got married to a popular American-Canadian TV host named Alex Trebek. Her husband is renowned for hosting the Television show called ‘Jeopardy.’

She was born on the 3rd of September 1963 in New York City, New York, the United States of America. Her zodiac is Virgo. Famous as the wife of Alex Trebek, she is ruling the American business industry. Although Alex is 26 years younger than Jean Trebek, they have a good married life. Their marriage was a big one as they celebrated their marriage ceremony on the iconic ‘Regency Club’ situated in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. Currently, they live together in Los Angeles. 

Jean Currivan Trebek

Family Life of Jean Currivan Trebek

The popular businesswoman, Jean Currivan Trebek has not revealed her private information. She has not exposed the details of her siblings and her parents. Jean enjoys a private life with no interference from the media and the public. Also, the information about Jean’s early days and her childhood has not come to the disclosure. Hence, she has not disclosed anything that exposes the privacy of her family. But, there is specific information that she got brought up in Huntington, Long Island, New York, the United States of America. 

Nationality and Ethnicity 

Jean Trebek belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Trebek is a citizen of the United States. 

Educational Life and Qualification 

During her early days, Jean Trebek lived in Huntington, Long Island, New York. She went to the Harborfields High School located in Greenlawn, New York, the United States of America. After Jean graduated from high school, her interest in business developed. So, she started to work in the industry of real estate. 


Professional Career of Jean Currivan Trebek

Jean Currivan Trebek is a well-known lady in the business world of America. She is very popular in the real estate business. Being a real estate supervisor, she has made her career amazing. She puts all her dedication and passion in her work, which leads her to be one of the most popular real estate managers. Hence, her contribution to her career is undeniable. 

Moreover, she never takes her career as a burden and enjoys it. All her time, she has contributed herself into getting to the business of the real estate. So, she is one of the most committed property sellers in the United States. Her ideas, negotiating capabilities, and the economic agency plans have helped her a lot to success in her career and people to get real advice on property selling. 

Apart from the career of real estate, Jean is also an active member of the ‘North Hollywood Church of Religious Science.’ She also got listed as a practitioner on the official website of the North Hollywood Church. Also, she has started her service named ‘singing bowl meditation.’ Hence, Jean is a successful lady.            

Relationship Status

The relationship between Alex and Jean is pretty good. Jean and Alex first met at a party in the year 1988. After they met at a party, Alex fell for her. But, it was not easy at the beginning. Alex Trebek was also a socially popular figure, which made it difficult for Jean. Jean was afraid to have a conversation with this celebrity. However, Alex was good at making the conversation go in a swift flow, and Jean described his nature as ‘down to earth’ because of this. 

After some time of Jean and Alex having a conversation daily, Alex decided to propose her. So, he proposed to her on her 26th birthday. The proposal was a grand one, and the engagement ring was a matter of concern in popular media. In one of the interviews, Jean described that she got a 16-carat sapphire as her engagement ring, which was surrounded by diamonds that were worth six carats. Jean was already in love with him, and she liked Alex Trebek in all ways that she should. Hence, she decided to be with him. 

However, the fact that Jean was twenty-six years younger to Alex Trebek did not cause a misunderstanding in her relationship. After they dated for some time, they decided to marry on the 30th of April, 1990. Alex Trebek did not ignore her happiness from the start, so he bought a big land worth 1.5 million to build a home in Hollywood Hills. Their wedding was also a big concern on media as it took place in the ‘Regency Club’ in Los Angeles. At their wedding ceremony, this couple invited more than 150 guests. They have a son named Matthew Trebek and a daughter named Emily, who was born in 1990 and 1993, respectively. 

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Rumors and Controversies

As already mentioned, Jean Trebek is a very private person. Her popularity rose after she got married to Alex. But, she has been maintaining a great private life despite being the wife of a celebrity. She does not like to be in touch with social media. So, she tries to keep her matter away from it. Because her life is solely private, Jean has not faced any rumors and gossips. 

Lifetime Awards and Achievements of Jean Currivan Trebek

Because Jean Currivan Trebek got into fame because of her husband, there is no information about she achieving anything significant in her life. All the glory that she has acquired is because of her husband. So, Jean has not won any significant award. 

Net Worth

Being the wife of a popular actor and a host is always a big perk. As Jean Trebek is the wife of the popular host, Alex Trebek, she did not have to face financial crisis in her life. Her life had always been excellent as she is a real estate agent. But, her husband has added a lot to it. Although Jean has not revealed her salary, there is no doubt that she earns a significant amount. Her net worth is also not exposed. But, she shares the net worth of her husband, which is about 50 million dollars. Also, her husband has a salary of about 10 million dollars on an annual basis. They have a house in Hollywood Hills, which is luxurious. Hence, her life is full of luxury. 

Body Measurements and Statistics

Jean Trebek is not a Hollywood actress or a model. Despite not being in the world of show business, she posses a sound body. Her body is well balanced, with curves at the right places. Also, her height has added a lot to her body figure. Talking about Jean’s face, she has got a pretty good face too. Her face looks good with brown hair and perfect blue eyes. With the height of about 5 feet 8 inches and the weight of around 60 kilograms, she can win the hearts of many. As she has perfect curves, her body measurement is about 36 inches breast, 28 inches waist, and 37 inches hip. The size of her bra is about 36B, and her shoe size is eight as per U.S standards. 

Social Media and Fan Followers of Jean Currivan Trebek

Jean is not a social media lady. She does not like to expose herself to her social media platform. As she wants her life being away from the limelight and specific topics that bring her to the audience, she keeps herself completely away from the networking platform. However, she has fans and followers because of her husband, Alex Trebek, who is a popular host. 


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