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Gaining stardom is a very tough task to do. Some people gain fame by birth, and some have to work very hard to into the limelight. Among those people who worked very hard to get into the spotlight is Jared Keeso. Jared is a well-known figure in Canada. He is well known for being a Candian actor. His acting in comedy series is very pleasing. He has performed to his best on a comedy series named Letterkenny. Also, the series won the Canadian Screen for the Best Comedy Series in the year 2017. Also, he has played lead roles in a few movies. He played as Ben Chartier in a TV series named 19-2 in the year 2014. Hence, Jared is one of the most known actors in Canada. Also, his place is Hollywood is incomparable too.

He was born on the 1st of July, 1984, in Listowel, Ontario, Canada. From his profession, Jared is a well-known actor and a writer. He came to the Canadian movie industry and Hollywood from the year 2004 and still has a secured place. Jared is best known for his Television series like 19-2 and Letterkenny.

Jared Keeso

Family Life of Jared Keeso

The name of the father of Jared is Richard Keeso. Richard is a trendy man in the acting industry. He founded a company named Keeso Sawmill in Northern Listowel. It was the place in which Richard worked for years before getting into the career of acting. The information about Jared’s mother and his siblings is hidden.

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Childhood and Early Days

Talking about the youth of Jared, he grew up at Listowel. From his young age, he started to work for his dad in his sawmill. The company got started in 1972. In the first 40 years, it moved to different places. Then, in the year 1921, it got its home in Listowel again. The facility of their sawmill is extended along Highway 23 and also the north of the town. Jared claims that the work and the knowledge he gained from his father’s workplace was the most valuable work experience in his life. This is because he thinks that if a person can work as labor, then he will be suitable for any work shortly.

Professional Career

As a youth, Jared Keeso had a deep interest in Hockey. He was a great hockey player. Also, in two of his movies, he has portrayed the role of a former hockey player. He has played as Don Cherry. The first movie of Jared is Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story, which got aired on CBC Television in early 2010. Then, he acted in The Warth of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II in the year 2012. He also launched Play Fun Games Pictures with Mike Borden. His channel was an immediate success. His project, Letterkenny Problems, has got about 11 million vires and has made him of the most popular actors.

Moreover, in the acting career, Jared has performed different minor roles in movies and Television series. But, his primary and the most recognizable part is as a leading character called Ben Chartier in a series named 19-2. The series got very famous and was able to make a significant amount of money. Also, he has played in two Canadian biographic movies. He has played the bio movie of a legendary hockey commentator called Don Cherry. For his admirable role, he got blessed with Leo Award. Also, his performance was so valuable that he received a Gemini Award too.

Furthermore, he has also performed in certain other movies like Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball as Nicholas and Seven Deadly Sins as Adam, Charlie ad Simon. Hence, he has become a very successful actor in Canada.

Education and Academic Qualification of Jared Keeso

When it comes to knowledge of this famous Canadian actor, Jared has not yet revealed it. However, he has told his hockey career as he had a keen interest in Hockey.

Nationality and Ethnicity

By his nationality, Jared is a Canadian citizen. Talking about Jared’s ethnicity, he belongs to the white ethnicity.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

To get rewarded by an award is the very prideful moment for an actor. Jared has worked a lot in the Canadian and American movie industry to be set up as an actor. He has struggled very much to get into the limelight. His works in the Canadian movie industry have been very valuable, and it has been marked with different awards too. He got selected for Canadian Screen Awards in the year 2015. He won the award for the title Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. This award was given to him to mark his appearance in a popular crime drama series named 19-2 as Ben Chartier. He worked for the string from the year 2014 to 2017. Hence, his contributions got marked in a significant way in Hollywood. Also, he has achieved a lot in his career.

Relationship Status

Jared is not a married man. He lives a very low-key and private life with primary information about his life, like family and relationships hidden. But, it is sure that he has not got married yet. When it comes to his relationship status, he holds a substantial nature not to disclose it with anyone. Jared has not confirmed his relationship with any of his girlfriends. Also, the media has never reported him with any girl too. He is very successful in keeping his love life and relationship away from social media. Let’s hope that this popular Canadian actor reveals his relationship soon.

Net Worth of Jared Keeso

Jared Keeso has earned a significant sum of money as an actor. He has collected a considerable net worth. According to the data given by the celebrity net worth, Jared has an estimated amount of wealth of about 4 million dollars as per 2019. Also, he has a handsome amount of salary too. From his career in acting, Jared has been a part of different successful TV Shows and movies too. Because of his valuable contributions to the field of acting, he has become wealthy. As per various sources, it got found that any Canadian actor has a salary of about 38K dollars annually. So, Jared might be enjoying his salary at the same rate too.

Moreover, Jared is part of successful and hit movies. His famous film named Godzilla, in which he played the role of a monster grossed about 530 million worldwide. As he is a part of such a big movie, he might have gained a salary in the same way. Also, he owns a house in Canada. But, the details about his home is not into the disclosure.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Although Jared is a low-key and a private person, he is active on social media. He has been using social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Jared has a vast number of followers who are at the rate of thousands. Although he posts pictures of him on social media, he does not bother about sharing his private life. His Twitter followers have grossed over 70K.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals of Jared Keeso

When it comes to the gossips faced by Jared Keeso, he has lived a life out of controversies. Not revealing about his relationship and personal experience on social media has helped him a lot to be away from the scandals. Also, in his professional career, he has not got involved in anything that brings him shame.

Body Measurement and Appearance

Jared Keeso has a manly appearance, and he has a great height and body. Also, his tattoo has given him a masculine appearance. He has a beautiful tattoo on his right arm. His weight is about 1.60 lbs, which are 73 kilograms, and his height is about 1.77 meter, which is approximately 5 feet and 10 inches. He was currently 34 years old in 2018.


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