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For a woman, there is nothing like the love of her children. Every woman has her child very dearly to herself in the world. A woman raises her children even if the absence of their father and Janet Smollett is one of the most excellent examples. She has been the mother of celebrity kids of the 21st century. As we know, Janet is the mother of six celebrities of the United States. Her children were in popularity from the beginning, but she came to fame after they publish a book named ‘The Family Table Cook Book’ in which they had written about her recipes. She is a friendly mother who feeds her children with her own hands until today. Her children are the fund of the delicious delights that she serves to the table. 

The mother of popular kids was born on the 27th of November, 1952, in New Orleans, United States of America. Janet is in her late 60s as her age is 66 years now. She has also been active in social service and different campaigns. Her husband is Joel Smollett. Altogether, they had six three. Janet is a great cook who is well known for her cooking techniques and recipes. She has published books on methods that are now available on Amazon, as well. 

Janet Smollett

Family Life of Janet Smollett

Janet is the mother of actors and actresses of the Hollywood industry. Although there is no information about the parents of Janet, we have information about her children. She has six children in total altogether. In an interview, Janet mentioned that her parents are no more. 

Childhood and Early Days

While Janet was young, she had a great interest in serving human society. So, she was a member of different active organizations like the Us Civil Rights Movement. She has also worked for the protection of human rights and has campaigned for civil rights. Janet supported her family of six children working alone as their father was absent. She had a tough time but stayed strong and worked for their betterment. 

Educational Life and Qualification 

There is no information about the qualification and education life of Janet. 

Professional Career  of Janet Smollett

Janet has a good career. Smollett has been active as a social activist from an early age. As she was interested in the civil rights form her early days, she went to the civil rights campaigning in the Bay area. She also worked as a political activist along with Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. Her children made her famous by publishing her book. Her book is available online. The name of her book is The Family Table, which includes the cooking recipes for a family. She is also known for her popular movie called Black Panther, which is a superhero movie. 

Hence, the career of Janet is not active in the Hollywood industry, J like her husband and children. But, she has established herself because of her excellent cooking skills. 

Relationship Status

Janet got married to the man of Russian Polish ethnicity named Joel Smollett. While they met, Joel was busy in pursuing his career in the modeling field. Janet has six children in total. The names of the six children that she has are Jojo Smollett, Jussie Smollett, Jacqui Smollett, Jazz Smollett, Jurnee Smollett, and Jake Smollett. 

Moreover, the members of the Smollett family got an opportunity to present themselves in a TV series named as On Our Own. Talking about the first child, Janet’s first child is Jojo Smollett. Then comes Jake Smollett. Jake is a famous actor. Like his mother, he is interested in foods too. She also has a daughter named Jazz Smollett. Jazz is a successful actress and a producer who got married to Troy Warell. She has a daughter. 

Additionally, Jurnee Smollett has got a son as she is married to Josian bell. Josian is an actor, a technologist, and a DJ. All the members of the Smollett family are pretty good in their field and are living a very successful life. They have also helped their mother to come to the limelight by publishing her book. Their family is happy. 

However, the death of Joel came as an unfortunate to the happiness of the family. The family lost its charm. But, Janet was strong enough to keep the family on the right track. Joel died in the year 2015 because of cancer. 

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Rumors and Controversies

Talking about the controversies of Janet, she has been a perfect lady with no stories at all. From her initial days, she has been raising her children being a single mother of six children. She has kept her profile very neat and clean because of her passion and work. The media and people have not found any topic that could be a significant talk based on this popular lady. Also, her children have kept her name as they are doing well in their fields. Sometimes, she appears in interviews because of her children. Her cooking recipes have brought her numerous fame, and she is ruling the world of cookery because of her delightful and delicious dishes. Hence, she is a lady with a straight profile. 

Lifetime Awards and Achievements of Janet Smollett

As Janet has not achieved much in life, she does not have any award. The book that her children published based on her recipe is getting to fame in the present context and is doing well. So, she might get awarded in the future for the book. 

Net Worth

From the beginning, Janet Smollett has been a lady with great determination in her career. However, she was not able to make her career shine in the initials because she had to look after her children being a single mother. But, she collected money from different sources and was able to give them a pleasant environment. As she spent most of her wealth to fulfill the demands of her children, she is not so costly. Right now, she is the owner of about 250 thousand dollars. She has collected all this money from different works in her lifetime. 

Moreover, she also gains money from her books in which she has written about her recipes. As she learned fame because of the book that her children published named The Family Table, she came to the limelight. The cost of the book is about 21 dollars on Amazon. She gains profit from that. Everyone admires her cookery. Hence, she might collect more money in the future using her skills. 

Body Measurements and Statistics

Janet Smollett is already in her 60s. She has not been active in the media from her young age. But, she looks maintained based on her body statistics. She has not said anything about the appearance of her body, and it’s measurements. But, we can notice her black curly hair and beautiful and shiny black eyes. The color of her skin is brown. However, there is no information on her body shape, size, and statistics. 

Social Media and Fan Followers of Janet Smollett

The social media platform has most of the teens. People of older ages are not much interested in the platform. However, some older adults get entertained through social media, as well. But, Janet Smollett is not among older people who enjoy social networking sites. She never engaged herself in social media. While she was at her young age and had a chance of getting into the social platform, she got occupied with her work. Her life was not so free as she had to raise six children on her own. So, she dedicated most of the time of her life to look after her children and could not be active in the social field. However, these days, she has got noticed by the media because of her cooking techniques, her books on social sites, and the achievements of her children. 

Therefore, Janet Smollett lives a happy life without social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 


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