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Who says blonde women are not as smart? Well, there are all kinds of people and judging a whole lot of people by one person is something that one should never do. Why are we saying this? Because, for one, this is something that represents social and racial discrimination. On the other hand, we have several blonde women out there, making a difference in the world, and turning it into a better place. Can you think of anyone like that in your life who is also blonde? Well, we are talking about Jane Seymour here.

So, as fans and a regular follower of all the entertainment stuff going on around, you should really be familiar with who Seymour here is. As said, Jane here is one of those celebrities who has made sure that her evolution in her career never rests, and it always flourishes as well. Because of that, we consider her one of the most talented actresses as well. Also, because of that, we want everyone to know her talent.

Jane Seymour

Why everyone? Well, that is because some of you out there haven’t heard about this absolutely talented and beautiful actress by some bizarre fate. We, as your loyal and humble informer, are here to change that. If you already do not know, Jane is two times Golden Globe Award winner and also remains as one time Emmy award winner. In the world of acting, Golden Globe and Emmy award stand as a success measuring factor.

Kick back and relax while we muster all there is about Jane and place it all in front of you, so you know it all about her. From Seymour’s professional career to her personal life. Everything sorted and placed in order for your ease.

Jane Seymour Early Life

One of the most beautiful actresses of all time and also a very talented personality as well, Jane Seymour, was born on February 15, 1951. Seymour was born in Uxbridge, London, England, and at the moment, her age is 68 years old. Now, this is what fascinates everyone.

Even at the age of 68, Jane Seymour manages to astonish everyone with her beauty and appearance, which just catches everyone off-guard. Seymour’s routine is simple as it gets, proper food, and proper exercise that leads and makes up a very healthy lifestyle.

As a young child, Seymour experienced quite a pleasant childhood as her childhood came after the end of wars that wrecked many nations. Seymour’s family also always remained very supportive of her every decision, which helped her boost in confidence and later become successful as well.

As per Jane’s birth details, she was born on February 15, and that means her astronomical zodiac sign is Aquarius. Now, as per popular beliefs, the people who are born with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, they are very firm at what they believe in. Moreover, also, people with this zodiac sign are one of those who always remain very calm as well.

Jane Seymour Family, Siblings

A young and beautiful woman Jane, she was born to father Benjamin John Frankenberg and mother, Mieke Van Trigt. Jane was born as Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg, and her name, as you see, is quite large, and she had to cut it off as well and shorten it.

Talking more about her father, Benjamin John was a very highly learned man who established himself as a very skilled gynecologist. On top of that, Benjamin also became an obstetrician, and things began to go well for him during his living days. Benjamin was a Jewish and a man born British.

On the other hand, Jane’s mother, Mieke Van Trigt, famously established herself as a Dutch Protestant and also a World War II prisoner. Jane’s mother lived in the Dutch East Indies. Both her parents loved each other very much and also acknowledged both their differences as well.

With her parents, Jane lived a very happy and fulfilled life. As her father became one of the best in his fields, his earnings were also substantially larger as well. This made sure that the whole family gets a wholesome environment without any financial crisis going on in their lives as well.

While her parents made sure that her name is quite long, Jane later made it short and took her inspiration from an entirely unexpected source. As a young girl, Jane changed her name to the one that remains familiar to the world right now from a queen named Jane Seymour.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour Education

Born to parents who remain highly educated and always concerned education as something that remains invaluable all the time, Jane’s childhood was set. As a young girl, she had to go to school and study hard to make her career later as she grew up in life. This was the plan.

When at a very young age, Jane Seymour went to a very reputed elementary school and started her educational journey from there, and it all began. During her elementary school days, Jane began establishing the habit of going to school and attending classes. On top of everything, Jane began learning many great new things.

After getting through her elementary school education, Jane then began looking forward to her high school education. As a young child, her parents enrolled Jane into a very reputed high school. The name of her school in Arts Educational School that locates in Hertfordshire.

At Arts Educational School, Jane, aside from studying and all the other things, enrolled in a ballet dance class as well. During that time, Jane improved her intellectual and other physical aspects like posture and endurance as well. While doing her ballet classes, Jane began getting motivated to perform.

Graduating from high school, Jane became very interested in continuing her educational journey in arts and admitted at the Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. There, Jane learned all the basics and advanced things about arts and drama as well.

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Personal Life

When it comes down to the personal life of Jane Seymour, there are a lot of things that people do not know already about her. And when we say there are a lot of things, we literally mean that there are a lot of things. That is because marriage is something that Seymour is very experienced but still has not learned her lesson.

As it happens, Seymour has married four times in total, and all of them have resulted in divorce. Firstly, Seymour married a man named Michael Attenborough. Michael Attenborough is a firm personality in the entertainment industry as his father is director Richard Attenborough.

Seymour and Attenborough married each other in 1971, in a very intimate wedding ceremony. However, their marriage did not last that long as both separated in 1973. Followed by the demise of her first marriage, Seymour married another man named Geoffrey Planer in 1977. Geoffrey is a friend of Michael. Seymour married Geoffrey in 1977.

Unfortunately, her second marriage to Michael’s friend Geoffrey also failed and ended in less than a year of marriage. A couple of years later, Seymour married another man named David Flynn, and they got married in 1981. A year later, after the marriage, Seymour welcomed a daughter, followed by a son.

A decade after marriage, because of a failed business, Seymour and David divorced from each other, and then Seymour married an actor named James Keach. From her marriage with James Keach, Seymour welcomed twin sons. Unfortunately, her marriage did not last again, and she divorced James in 2015.

At the moment, Seymour is not dating anyone and remains single.

Jane Seymour


Since joining art school, Seymour’s love for art and everything related to it became emphasized, and she saw a career in acting. With that said, Seymour began taking steps towards having a career in acting. In 1969, Seymour started her career with a movie called Oh! What a Lovely War.

However, her appearance in the movie did not get any credit for her. Despite not getting any credit, Seymour did not lose hope, and other entertainment business people saw that in her. A year later, Seymour portrayed the character of Lillian Stein in a movie called The Only Way.

From then on, Seymour portrayed other characters of Bond Girl Solitaire in the movie called Live and Let Die, and that garnered her much fame as well. From then onwards, Seymour appeared in many movies until her big break. In 1988, Seymour appeared as Natalie Henry in multi-part TV series called War and Remembrance.

When Jane’s acting career thrived, she began dabbling here and there as well. During the 80s, Jane began writing books and not of any kind. Jane began writing self-help and inspiring books during the 80s. Some of her books are Janey Seymour’s Guide to Romantic Living.

For a brief point, Jane also began doing fashion shows and doing other kinds of fashion events as well. This created a new stage for Jane to showcase her talent and skill in front of other people. Most recently, Jane appeared in Mistrust, Little Italy, The War with Grandpa, and Friendsgiving.

Net Worth

From a very young age, people always complimented Jane about her absolutely amazing looks and her personality as well. Because of that, her career in the industry became a no brainer, and things began to go smoothly for her in the industry. At the moment, Seymour has a pretty established career.

Now, there are a lot of things that people earn during their careers. Along with a lot of fans and followers, Jane Seymour also has earned a lot of fortune. As of now, Jane has a massive net worth of $90 million. Because Jane is still working, her net worth is set to rise consistently.

Name Jane Seymour
Date of birth February 15, 1951
Birthplace Hayes, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Height 5.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality British
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $90 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @janeseymour51

Instagram: @janeseymour

Facebook: Jane Seymour


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