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If you grew up watching the 19th-century sitcoms, there is a very high chance that you know who Jamie Farr is. Otherwise, what is even the point of watching these sitcoms? Don’t take it seriously; this is just for some light humor. So, if you did watch the 19th-century sitcoms, you probably have watched M*A*S*H as well.

In that case, you also know Jamie Farr, the highly amusing and humorous actor and comedian that American has ever witnessed so far. As the most sought after veteran actor of the late 19th century, Jamie is still going very strong with her career in the entertainment business. And, there are hardly few people who can reach his level.

Calling him a legend is even an understatement. With over six decades-long careers in movies and TV shows, Jamie Farr establishes himself as one of the few personalities that people can ever come across. Some of his other famous works include The Flying Nun, Scrooged, The Cannonball Run, and many others. Talking about his career can seriously take forever because it is that much extensive.

But, we are primarily here to learn about his personal life. That does not mean, however, that we will completely neglect his professional life and career. That would come off as an insult to his life work. But our main goal here is to learn more about Jamie Farr on a personal level. Who is his wife? Does Jamie Farr have any children?

These are the kind of questions that always bother his fans and followers but no more. Today, they get to know Jamie Farr closer than ever.

Early Life

American actor and comedian Jamie Farr were born as Jameel Joseph Farah on July 1, 1934, in Toledo, Ohio, United States of America. Jamie is at the moment 84 years old; however, because of a very healthy lifestyle, Farr is able to keep all the energy intact and still give people a run for their money.

Jamie was born to parents, father Samuel N. Farah who professionally was a grocer and mother Jamelia M. Farah (previously Abodeely). His parents were part Lebanese and part American, which makes them share mixed ethnicity. As far as Jamie goes, he also shares mixed ethnicity because of his parents, and since Far was born in America, he has American nationality.

Farr grew up as a very good Christian boy and went to the Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church located nearby in Toledo. Farr believes very religiously in God and tries to walk the path he sets for everyone. Jamie believes that to win in life, one must always be humble and kind to others. This creates a ripple effect and helps in making the world a better place.

Regarding his family, further information about his family remains under the radar at the moment. Farr does not talk about his early life with his parents, and also, he does not reveal about how many family members he had in his family. We, at the moment, do not know if Farr has any siblings of his own.

This has led everyone to believe that he is the only child of his parents and grew up getting undivided love and attention of his father Samuel and mother, Jamelia. This is also one of the long-standing questions about Jamie’s early life that he does not seem to open up about. Until Jamie decides to pull strings and reveal the info, it remains hidden.


Farr grew up as a sincere boy who believed that in order to become intellectual, smart, and wise, one must always learn and what place is better for young kids to learn than schools. Jamie went to the local Woodward High School, where he absolutely astonished expectations of most of the teachers with his brilliance.

While studying, Farr also received a kick start for his acting career. At the age of 11, Farr won two dollars in a locally held acting competition. This further encouraged Farr to pursue acting and continue his brilliance. While studying in High School, Farr participated in the drama performances and showcased his acting talents to people.

His parents also started to encourage Farr to continue with his acting and all the while, helped him maintain his education. Needless to say, Farr managed both his education and dream of becoming an actor perfectly. He graduated from high school and also developed a more natural acting persona.

However, information regarding his education ends there as Farr does not talk about his education after high school. Tabloids do not know if Farr continued his studies and went to college or not. As a result, everybody is oblivious about his educational degree. But that does not really matter because where Farr went from there is all that counts.

Name Jamie Farr
Date of birth July 1, 1934
Birthplace Toledo, Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $6 million


Personal Life, Married

As many of the veteran celebrities we know, they have married a couple of times in their lives because for obvious reasons, incompatibility. Why that happens is not clear, but what we know is Jamie Farr does not believe in that. He is a one-woman man and sticks by his beautiful wife.

This may have shocked you, but Jamie has only married once in his life and that that marriage has lasted him a lifetime. In 1963, Jamie married a woman named Joy Ann Richards. The Farr and Ann dated for several years before getting hitched as they met back in the mid-19th century.

Jamie Farr and Joy Ann Richards also welcomed two beautiful children from their marriage. First, they welcomed their son named Jonas and secondly; they welcomed their daughter Yvonne. From his children, Farr has a grandson named Dorian and both Farr and his wife as grandparents are very fond of their grandson.

During their marriage of over five decades, there have been no rumors about divorce or split. Farr and Ann have always loved each other eternally and continue to do so because, with age, their love also grew. The couple lives together at the moment and lives very happily.

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Farr made his first professional debut in 1955 in a movie called Blackboard Jungle back in 1995, and the same year, he appeared as a vendor of Oranges in another movie called Kismet. He started attracting the attention of the people involved in Hollywood and also, his auditions went quite well all the time.

Until 1958, Jamie appeared in small roles such as in Diane as Count Rilolfi’s Squire, Three Violent People as Pedro Ortega, The 20th Century-Fox Hour as Pablo, and No Time For Sergeants as Lt. Gardelli. Farr’s most noted works during his early career are in The Rebel as Pooch and The Red Skelton Hour as Snorkel.

Farr’s career did seem a little stagnant for quite the while as he only received minor to averagely important roles, but all those opportunities kept him engaged, and Farr was only doing what he loved. Other shows he most famous appeared in his early career are The Dick Van Dyke Show, Hazel, Burke’s Law, I Dream of Jeannie, Hondo, Former Pyle: USMC, Inch High, Private Eye, Lucas Tanner and Finally M*A*S*H.

In 1972, Farr received his much awaited and deserved breakthrough role. That year, Farr bagged a character of Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger in the famous TV series called M*A*S*H, and he exploded in the show. He appeared in M*A*S*H for 216 episodes from 1972 to 1983, and people absolutely loved his character.

He also appeared in M*A*S*H spinoff called AfterMASH in which he portrayed the similar character of Maxwell Klinger for 30 episodes from 1983-1985. At the moment, Farr appears in The Cool Kids as Dudley and appears on Adventures of Old Man.

Net Worth

As far as his net worth goes, Jamie Farr is very wealthy. He has worked for more than six decades and over multiple dozen of shows and movies. His contribution to the entertainment industry is unparalleled and has gained him lots of fans. Along with fans, Farr also has a very hefty fortune.

At the moment, Jamie Farr has a net worth of  $6 million and counting as he is still playing roles in movies.

Social Reach

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