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It is a very hard thing to leave a mark so distinct and also, so pristine that everyone remembers you forever and all the time as well. For that, a lot of hard work goes into it and also a lot of souls as well. But as they say in life, every sweat proves right and bears fruit as sweet as anything can get. Some of them leave a mark as politicians, history makers like Neil Armstrong, or like actors, singers or artists as well. Similarly, we have someone with us here who has achieved that same level of history-making. His name is James Garner.

If you always remain very particular about movies and entertainment stuff, you probably remain familiar with this name. Because of the fact that James Garner remained as one of the most famous personalities ever in the Hollywood scene, it always remains a statement for everyone. With handsome looks and an insanely charming smile, James Garner is the man that everyone wanted in their lives and especially girls on top of that as well.

James Garner

However, still as a woman or also as a man who admires and loves entertainment and all the actors who make it all possible, you do not know about James. While we are not pointing our fingers out to anyone, there is a high chance that there are many many people out there who do not remain familiar with this legendary actor. But regardless of all that oblivious nature of everyone, let’s focus more on getting to know about James more.

In this post, we talk about the actor who has helped revolutionize the Hollywood scenario and become an example towards everyone as well. Learn everything about his professional as well as his personal life.

James Garner Early Life

One of the most amazing actors of all time, and also a man over whom there always remained millions of crushes, James Garner, was born on April 7, 1928. Garner was born in Norman, Oklahoma, United States of America, and at the moment of his death, Garner was 86 years old.

As a young child, most of his life, James usually found it hard in his family. While growing up, James had two brothers, and everyone remained very close to each other as well. Because of that, James did not have a bad childhood as he would have had if he was alone without any siblings.

As James was born on April 7, his astronomical zodiac sign is Aries, and this says something about his personality as well. As per popular beliefs, those people who have the zodiac sign Aries are very competent in nature and also remain very charming as well. Because of this, people usually find Aries people more lovable as well.

Now, this is something that differs from people to people, but if you ask us, James is certainly the man who everyone finds lovable and charming as well. Because of the charm that James possesses, he often received lots of compliments from everyone around and received love from fans as well.

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James Garner Family, Parents

As a young child, James was born to father Weldon Warren Bumgarner and mother Midred Scott who previously, before marriage was Meek. After marrying, his mother took in the last name of Weldon Warren Bumgarner and began living a very happy life as a couple as well.

Weldon and Mildred welcomed three children together, and among the three, James is the youngest of them. Garner’s older brother’s names are Jack Garner, who was born in 1926, and Charles Bumgarner, who was born in 1924. Unfortunately, five years after giving birth to James, his mother died.

After the death of Mildred, James’ father remarried several times, and this became torture for all three boys. During one of Weldon’s marriage, his wife Wilma came off as very bad towards the kids and would often beat and punish them. At one time, James retaliated and choked Wilma as a part of self-defense when Wilma tried to kill him.

Although growing up between a lot of family tension, James and his brother managed to keep their composure and did not stray in bad directions. As a young man, James did became quite mischevious but did not turn into a bad man at all. On the contrary, James went on to serve in the military later.

James Garner Education

Garner, as a very young man, began going to school at a very tender age. His parents enrolled him at a local elementary school and began educating him. During his elementary schooling days, James began cultivating habits of going to school. However, during elementary school, James did not show any interest in schooling.

Then, his mother passed away, and that affected James in some ways, and things began getting worse when his father remarried several times. During the time when world war II ended, James moved to Los Angeles and joined Hollywood High School. Because of his very attractive looks, James became a very popular person in high school.

As mentioned earlier, James did not really show interest in school, and all the subject matters discussed in schools as well. While with most kids, this goes away when they grow up, with James, this did not change as he began going to high school. On the contrary to getting better, James’ interest in studying gradually declined.

In an interview, James revealed how he always remained not a good student and did not like studying as well. James also went on and said that he did not even graduate from high school. For anyone who previously did not know, this is right, James did not even graduate from high school as a young man.

However, that does not mean James was not a smart man because academics aren’t the only thing that says people are smart.

James Garner

Personal Life

As seeing marriage stay longer is as rare as it gets these days, James is someone who stood proud as an exception and on so many terms as well. In 1956, James met a woman named Lois Josephine Fleischman at a party that both attended. That is how everything in James’ life started out.

After meeting for the first time, James and Lois began dating and went on 14 consecutive dinner dates from the date they met each other. As revealed by James, he was absolutely mesmerized by Lois and couldn’t get enough of her as well. After fourteen days of consistent dating, James and Lois married each other.

While James did not have any children from his previous marriage, Lois had a daughter from her previous relationship named Kim. Talking more about his wife, her background is Jewish, and she had a very lovely smile. Both of them loved each other, and the fact that Lois had a baby from part relationship did not affect James’ love.

After marrying, James and Lois welcomed another daughter and named her Greta Gigi Garner. During his marriage, James went away from his wife on purpose and began doing so intentionally. Later, James revealed that he only wanted some alone time to mount off the stress he accumulated from acting.

James and Lois remained married to each other all their lives and did not have any major problems as a couple.


Before becoming an actor, James began his career somewhere else, and there too, he flourished. During his high school days, James received an opportunity to work as a model. His gym teacher offered an opportunity to work as a bathing suits model and promised good payment as well.

However, because of his dislike, James did not continue modeling and left it after some time. After that, at the age of 16, James joined the United States Merchant Marine and began working in the ships. James talked in an interview on how he loved his work in the ships and the environment as well.

But, unfortunately, James began suffering from chronic seasickness and left the marine. After leaving the marine, James began working in the California Amry National Guard and later went to Korea as a rifleman. During his time in the US military, James went to the Korean War.

After getting through with his career in the Marine, James went on to join the entertainment industry. With the suggestion and persuasion of a high school friend called Paul Gregory, James took a nonspeaking role in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, a Broadway show.

After his appearance in the Broadway show, James began marching towards television and made his first appearance during the mid-50s. In 1957, James received his big break when he began appearing in the show called Maverick as the main character. During his career, James appeared in dozens and dozens of movies and TV shows altogether.

Net Worth

We mentioned earlier that James received an opportunity to start as a bathing suit model, which paid him $25 per hour. While that remained as good money for most, James left it and joined the Marine. While government ranks do not pay that much, James did not make lots of money.

Until the time he began working in the entertainment industry. Thanks to his high school friend Paul, James quickly rose to fame and became one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood. James reportedly earned more than $100 thousand from his TV shows back in the days and subsequently earned from other projects as well.

At the time of James’ death, James possessed a massive net worth of $20 million.

Name James Garner
Date of birth April 7, 1928
Birthplace Norman Oklahoma, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.7 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $20 million


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