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As far as Hollywood goes, there are a lot of actors who come from different parts of the world. Just look at Jackie Chan. He is not from America, but as it happens, he ruled the Hollywood industry, especially in the action pack movie genre. Given a chance, Jackie still does rule them. Similarly, there is another actor who does it all, and he is also not from the states. The man we are talking about here her Hugh Jackman.

That is right ladies and gentlemen, Hugh Jackman is the one that we are talking about today and that too for all the reason we can muster. Hugh Jackman is, as you know, one of the most sought after actors of all time and he has all the rights to claim any title that Hollywood has to offer. As of now, the man who portrayed the character of a famous comic-book character named Wolverine has retired from the X-men saga.

Hugh Jackman

That came as sad news for everyone as many even cried with the thought of it in the theatres. Now, if that isn’t what a legendary actor does, then we do not know what does. With a charm that lets out effortlessly, Hugh makes everyone sway wherever he wishes to. With a career that unfolds for decades, Hugh has managed to keep his stardom up to a level that hardly any other actors have reached so far.

However, as we guess, you already know most about Jackman’s career, and here, you stumble for something else. We know what most celebrity fans crave for; some tea on their favorite celebrity. If that is your goal, sit back because we serve you all the Jackman tea, that too, in a pot. Everything about Jackman’s personal that you can possibly know.

Hugh Jackman Early Life

The astonishingly talented actor Hugh Jackman was born on October 12, 1968, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. As of now, Hugh is 50 years old. However, unlike any other 50 years old men, Hugh has managed to maintain his appearance and still looks like someone who is in their 30s.

Despite growing white hairs, Hugh ranks himself among the few actors who have the notorious tendency to look forever young. Some of that kind of actors are Leonardo Di Caprio, Paul Rudd, Johnny Depp. Yes, he falls under that list of men, the elite men of the Hollywood movie industry.

Jackman was born to father Christopher John Jackman and mother Grace McNeil who before marriage, went by the name of  Grace Greenwood. Jackman’s father worked as an accountant and was a highly educated man as well. While Jackman was born in Australia, his parents are originally from England. The family moved to Australia in 1976.

This conflicting nationality gave Jackman the opportunity to possess two nationalities and have two citizenships as well. One from the Australian government and one from the British government. Hugh has five siblings in total. Jackman has four siblings who are older than him, and he also has a half-sister who he got after remarriage of their parents after divorce.

Yes, Jackman’s parents divorced when he was just an eight years old boy. Hugh, two of his siblings remained in the place he was born while his mother took two of his siblings with her to England. As a child, despite the family rift that caused his parents to split and live in different countries, it never discouraged Hugh.

On the contrary, Hugh always aspired to do great things and become a very successful man.

Hugh Jackman Height, Measurements

Now, this is something that most men and women all want to know. For men, it is a matter of pride to learn if they are the height of this massive Hollywood star or not, and if they have the biceps this guy has. For women, they also look at his physic and his height as well.

When it comes to his height, Jackman has a spectacular height of 6 feet and 2 inches. As for his biceps, Jackman maintains a diameter of 16 inches. That is like a dream for many men to achieve. On top of everything, Jackman also possesses six-pack abs.

Hugh Jackman Education

As a wee child, Jackman’s parent enrolled him in a primary school. Having educated parents gave Hugh the opportunity to work on his educational journey from a very young age, and that became a habit later on. After Primary school finished at the Pymble Public School, Hugh went on to study a high school.

After passing out of Pymble Public School, Jackman started going to the Knox Grammar School which located in Upper North Shore of Sydney. While studying in high school, Jackman’s activities gained him the position of school captain, which always comes as pleasant reminiscing memory to Jackman.

After years of hard work and studying relentlessly, Jackman managed to graduate with very good grades. Unlike traditional customs, Jackman decided to take a year off and gather real-life experience. For that Jackman moved to England and started working as a Physical Education teacher at the Uppingham School.

After working for a year a the Uppingham School, Jackman returned to his home country and decided to continue his studies and join a university. Intrigued by the evolution of the world, Jackman decided to join the University of Technology and primarily focused on Communications.

In 1991, Jackman graduated with Bachelor’s in Arts in Communications. After graduating from the University of Technology, Jackman went on to join the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts located in Perth, Western Australia and started to study acting in general.

Personal Life

Jackman me the love of his life while doing his first official start of a career in Correlli. Jackman met his wife Deborra-Lee Furness back in the early 90s and married her a few years later in 1996. Hugh and Furness married in a very beautiful wedding ceremony in 1996.

Furthermore, Jackman also considers meeting wife Deborah-Lee Furness back in the 90s, on his first-ever official acting escapade as one of the most fortunate things that ever happened to him. A result of an undying understanding between the couple and love for each other, Jackman says that he and wife only fall in love more deeper.

When it comes to family, Jackman and wife Deborah do not have any biological children. As per reports, Jackman believes that giving other children a better home is what people should do. Jackman has two adopted children with wife Deborra. Jackman and wife have one son named Oscar Maximillian and one daughter named Ava Eliot.

The whole family lives in Melbourne, Australia, and have a very luxurious life going on for them. According to sources, Jackman’s son often uses the pickup line “My dad is Wolverine” while talking to girls. Moreover, he also says that his dad is nothing like Wolverine. On the contrary, little Oscar thinks that his dad is quite boring.

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Hugh Jackman Career

Jackman’s career started pretty early although unofficially. As a young lad in school, Jackman took participation in the production of My Fair Lady and starred in it. The participation granted Jackman with the opportunity of becoming a school captain. As a child, Jackman always liked the concept of acting and participating in theatre.

However, the society, as cliché as it was back then, engraved the thought that one could not make a living out of an acting career. After graduating from the University of Technology, Jackman portrayed the lead character, a play called The Memorandum. Jackman later received a very lucrative offer of appearing in a popular Soap Opera show called Neighbours.

While just starting out and thinking that he wasn’t good enough, Jackman did not consider the offer and instead joined an institute to enhance his acting skills. Instantly after graduating from the institute, Jackman started his professional career. In 1995, Jackman appeared on Correlli.

After the show finished after 1 season, Jackman went to play Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and from there his career started. For half-decade, Jackman worked in the theatres, and after that, his breakthrough career approached him. In 2000, Jackman bagged the role of Wolverine, one of the main character of X-Men, a marvel cinematic universe comic.

Jackman even received an offer to appear as James Bond however, he turned the offer down. His career as Wolverine ended in 2017 with a final movie called Logan. The movie marked as the final appearance of Wolverine by Hugh Jackman as he will not return to the screens as Wolverine.

His other famous appearance include Van Helsing, Scoop, The Prestige and many more.

Net Worth

Jackman’s career has made him one of the most famous actors of all time. Thanks to his portrayal of Wolverine for so many movies, people now believe that no other actor can ever portray Wolverine-like Jackman did. His popularity and success also gathered a massive fortune for Jackman.

As of now, Jackman has a massive net worth of $100 million, and since his career is still on the rise, the number will surely rise. Jackman likes to take time off and go on vacations frequently with his family.


Name Hugh Jackman
Date of birth October 12, 1968
Birthplace Sydney, South Whales, Australia
Ethnicity White
Height 6.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality Australian
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $100 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @ReahHughJackman

Instagram: @thehughjackman

Facebook: Hugh Jackman


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