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Some people find success and fame in later years of their lives. Some of the prime examples are Jeff Bezos, Colonel Sander, the founder of KFC and others as well. However, there are also those who get to taste the flavor of success early in their life, as early as their childhood. The life of a successful actor that most dream of living Huck Milner is already living it as a very successful child actor. And the most astonishing part is his age.

As a young guy, Huck Milner has already reached heights of success that many struggles to even get a tiny glimpse of and all this is possible of the talent he possesses as a diversely skilled young lad. Not only does Huck excels in acting, but he also has expertise in other different fields of acting. One of the most famous jobs that always manages to renown Huck is his contribution to the making of The Incredibles 2. Yes.

Huck Milner

Do you remember the super-speed power possessing child called Dash in the animated movie? Well, Huck is the one who helped bring the character to bring to life, and we have to say, he did a marvelous job in doing so. And here we were all thinking that the voice acting was most probably the work of some older and experienced person. Don’t deny it that you thought it too. But Huck proved us all wrong, and we’re glad he did.

Here, today, we talk about Huck and Huck only because he deserves this for all the hard work he’s put into his career. Everything about Huck and his personal life. While on the way, we shall also talk about his professional career and what got him started into acting in the first place.

Huck Milner Early Life

The young actor who did the voice-over job for Dash in The Incredibles 2, Huck Milner was born in 2008, in New York City, New York, United States of America. Remember when we said Huck’s age is the most astonishing part here? It is because Huck is just 11 years old. 11. While children of that age barely put a couple of smart sentences together, he’s out here excelling in movies.

Huck was born as Huckleberry Milner; however, for professional causes, Huck shortened and changed his name to only Huck. This allows people to understand and remember his name readily. But we admit that Huckleberry would also be a very cute name for him as an actor.

Milner likes to keep things simple and concise and hardly ever asks for any unwanted attention. Whether it is for him or anyone associated with Huck, he makes sure that no one experiences any annoyance because of. This is also the prime example of why Huck keeps his personal details a secret.

As of now, Huck, the child actor does not reveal much about his personal life and his childhood in general. Huck grew up in New York and expressed his love for the city in a great many ways. One of the most prominent ones is his ambition to eradicate homelessness from the city when he grows up.

Milner has two sisters with whom he gets along very much. Unfortunately, Huck fails to reveal any information regarding his parents and does not talk about them in an interview. But we know for sure that they have a huge part in the success of his career.

Huck Milner Education

This young actor is still very young, which means that he has a lot to accomplish further in his days. As his parents are like any other parents, they insist that Huck should get proper education despite having a career that has the potential to come up as a problem in their concerns.

However, that does not stop Huck from going to school and learning new kinds of stuff every day. As of now, Huck goes to a public school in New York City and currently studies in the sixth grade. As a student, Huck in not particularly extraordinary as he says he struggles with a lot of things in general.

Huck also talks about how he is a little slow for someone who gave a voice for one of the fastest cartoon characters. But despite everything, Huck never lets anything get his feelings down. In school, while doing average in studies, Huck manages to participate in other school activities as well.

This allows Huck the advantage of building confidence and gathering extra knowledge, or should we say, lets him get out of the box. All the extra activities also help Huck to remain confident in his work and build a social character as well.


Now comes the best part for of Huck Milner, his career. As we already mentioned that Huck is just barely 11, not even a teenager at the moment he took on the responsibility of the job that a person nearly in his 20s was carrying out. That is right, the voice of for the character that Huck did, previously Spencer Fox who is in his 20s.

While Huck was not even born when the first Incredible movie came out, he managed to become a part of the second one years later. Huck developed an interest in acting as early as age four when his sisters took him along to a theatre as both of his sisters are into the theatre from a young age as well.

After witnessing his sister’s works and all the other excitement entangled with the world of theatre, Huck fell in love with acting and started to outpour his soul into acting. Huck began acting in small roles in theatres in New York where he sharpened his skills as an actor.

Huck got the role of voicing Dash when he went in for an audition and later received a call for meeting with the director of the movie Brad Bird. But, humorously, Huck thought it was a prank when his mother told him he got the part. Huck said how his mother told him the news near April Fool’s day, and he did not believe it.

This role managed to make Huck very popular because not everyone lands a first professional job with Disney.

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Other Facts About Huck

Huck has two sisters who are both teenagers and older than him. Even though Huck portrayed the character of a super-fast kid, he says that he is actually slower in his real-life but would love have the power of super speed.

Huck currently has pet fishes and likes to spend his free time watching movies and reading books for a change. Surprisingly, Huck’s favorite superpower to acquire is that of speed, and he also loves Flash and QuickSilver. Talking about his bucket list, Huck says he has a dream of working with Robert Downey Jr. The actor who portrayed the character of Iron man.

As of now, Huck spends time with his family, which consists of his parents, sisters and also likes to hang out with friends as well.


Name Huck Milner
Date of birth 2008
Birthplace New York City, New York, United States of America
Ethnicity American
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Profession Actor
Married Now
Nationality American
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Instagram: @huckmilner

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