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There is a famous saying that dictates history tends to repeat itself but not in a literal sense. Because this generation cannot go back to the ages where there were no technology advancements that made human life easier. But in a sense that people start to grow more curious and start developing interest in such history. While history is the subject here, there are a lot of people who become curious about the former kings and queens. As a treat for all those people, today, we talk about King Henry VIII.

King Henry is one of the most noted royalties in the history book and has played a very substantial role in the reign of his country in his days. Lots of reigns belonged to different people, and they all had their own way of dealing with things. Because of that, everyone has particular qualities that people want to know about. In King Henry’s case, that is the same because he established himself in the history book as a very distinct character who differed from others.

Henry VIII

If you already do not know, who Henry is, he is one of the kings who ruled over England back in the days and made changes in the country as well. As of now, his reign remains over five centuries old or more as well because he reigned in the 15th century of England’s days. Because this is such an old history, there are a lot of things about this king that people still do not know but should have knowledge about as well. Here, you learn it all.

In this post, we talk about Henry and his reign over England. Also, along the way of discussing the facts about his life, we will also talk about his personal life and escapades as well.

Henry VIII Early Life

One of the oldest rulers in the history of England and also, who happens to be a very nice looking man, Henry VIII, was born on June 28, 1491. Henry was born in the Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, Kent, and a the moment of his death; he was just 55 years old. During his reign, Henry brought lots of change in the history of England.

Born with the name Henry Tudor, Henry belonged to House Tudor. Back in the days, there were reigning houses that were named after their last name. In Henry’s case, his house was called House Tudor because his last name is Tudor that came down for different generations and passed on to him.

At a very young age, his father, Henry VII, made sure that his son starts the preparation of his reign over the country. With that sole mindset, Henry VII made his Constable and later on, made him Lord Warden as well. Followed by such high ranking positions, Henry became Lord Lieutenant of Ireland at the age of three.

As the son of a king, Henry possessed each and everything imaginable during his childhood. There was not a single thing that ever became out of reach of Henry as a child as his parents gave him all the happiness. However, one thing his parents pressed upon him is the act and manner of royalties and how they behave.

Henry VIII Family

King Henry was born to father Henry VII and mother Elizabeth of York. His father, Henry VII, was the former king of England who passed on the reign to him. Henry VII was a skinny, long-faced, handsome man who was born to father Edmund Tudor and mother Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond.

VIII’s grandfather is the 1st Earl of Richmond, and sadly, he died just three months before Henry VII was born. King Henry’s ancestry goes back to the Tudors of Penmynydd, Isle of Anglesey, located in Wales. Henry’s mother, Elizabeth of York, on the other hand, stood as the first queen consort of England.

She was born to father King Edward IV and mother, Elizabeth Woodville. Most of the childhood, Henry spent with his family. King Henry was the third child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry VII and Elizabeth of York welcomed three children during their marriage in total.

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York became parents to two sons and one daughter. The names of their children are Arthur, Prince of Wales, Margaret, and another half-sibling named Mary. While King Henry VII and Elizabeth welcomed six children, only three of them managed to survive and get through the infant stage.

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Henry VIII Education

Parents often want their children to succeed in like, and the only way this happens, according to them, is by proper education. Now, most of the parents are not entirely wrong about this, but there are some exceptions here and there about these kind of claims. Why do we say that?

For one reason, we do not think that back in the days, people had any kind of formal educations. We also strongly believe that Henry VIII did not receive any kind of formal education even though he is a king and of the highest rank in the country possible. There are different reasons behind this as well.

Back in the days, and we are talking about the15th century days, there was no formal education providing institutes available, and no one built it as well. In the days of Henry’s reign, formal education was for people who aspired a particular role in society, such as philosophers.

Since Henry VIII did not aspire to become a philosopher or even a literature person when he grew up, formal education never became a subject of interest for him. However, that does not mean that he did not receive any kind of knowledge as a young man. While growing up, there were many things Henry learned.

For starters, Henry VII taught Henry at a very young age about ruling a country and also about a different kind of political gestures as well. All of this helped Henry rule the country better.

Personal Life

Apart from all the ruling that King Henry did, another thing he particularly remains famous for is marrying six women during his lifetime. Henry first married Catherine, who remained with the Tudors as the widow of the Author. The author is the brother of Henry, and after his death, Henry married her.

Henry and Catherine remained married for several years, and they welcomed a daughter into their lives as well. However, after Catherine was unable to deliver a baby boy to Henry, he decided to divorce Catherine and marry someone other. At the time of the divorce, Henry had a mistress named Anne Boleyn.

Henry married Anne Boleyn, and she too gave Henry a baby girl. While Anne and Henry were married, Anne became pregnant again but later miscarried. On inspection, Anne was carrying a baby boy. Frustrated, Henry charged Anne with adultery and incest and executed her.

After that, Henry married Jame Seymour, and the couple welcomed a baby boy; however, the delivery process resulted in an infection and caused Jane’s death just days later. Three years later, Henry married another young woman named Anne of Cleves. Henry annulled the marriage just after six months because he did not find her attractive.

King Henry married another woman named Catherine Howard but later executed her as well on charges of adultery. Henry then married Catherine Parr, who looked after all the children from his previous marriage. At the age of 55, Henry died of diseases caused by obesity and other factors on January 28, 1947.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII Ruling England

At a very young age of two, Henry VII appointed his youngest son as the Constable of Dover Castle and also Lord Warden of Cinque Ports as well. While the little boy did not know the meaning of any of the titles bestowed upon him, it did create an environment that prepared him for the reign.

At the age of three, Henry became the Earl Marshal of England and also the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Followed by two new titles, Henry also became the Knight of the Bath and subsequently, became the Duke of York as well. After the untimely death of his eldest brother Arthur, Henry became the Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales as well.

In 1509, Henry VII died, and as the only son to the king, Henry took the reign when he was 17 years old. As soon as the death of his father commenced with burial, Henry married his brother’s widow and his sister-in-law Catherine. The first and foremost thing that Henry did as a king was to execute his father’s two ministers under treason.

In 1513, Henry raged a war and tried to invade France and also won a battle called the Battle of the Spurs. One time when Henry was out for war, Scotland King tried to invade England, but the attempt was failed. During the reign, Henry also destroyed a lot of shrines and also a lot of monasteries as well.

While in the mid-1500s, Henry went on a war to France, the same year, he made peace with the country and returned. As money was involved in peacekeeping, England and France signed what people then called the Treaty of Camp, and this gave England some money.

Net Worth

As king and member of the royal family, they quite literally have the whole country to themselves and can do whatever they like to do at any time. While Henry did not do many great things during his reign as a king, what makes him famous among people is his spending, which some also categorize as splurging.

During his reign as a king, Henry almost depleted the money of the country for his extravagant indulgences and other expenses. Henry often spent much of the country’s money in wars and also for his personal indulgence as well. Historians believe that at the moment of his death, Henry had a net worth of $7 million.

Name Henry VIII
Date of birth June 28, 1491
Birthplace Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, Kent
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession King
Married Yes
Nationality British
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $7 million


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