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Among the famous sportscaster of the United States of American is Heidi Watney. She was a reporter and host for MLB Network. Also, she is the host of a called Quick Pitch, which is a famous weeknight baseball highlights show. Along with this, she has worked in various other news channel broadcasting sports like; Time Warner Cable SportsNet, KMPH-TV and NESN. She also worked as a hosted for ESPN at the beginning. All her life, she has dedicated herself to sport and has set up herself as a famous sportscaster.

Heidi was born on the 19th of May, 1981 in the United States of America. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego. In the field of sportscasting, she is present from the year 2002 and is still present. Also, she was a runner up in a pageant called Miss California USA, which proves that she was a beauty with brain. From her childhood days, she was highly interested in sports and was active in diving, cheerleading gymnastics and hurdles.

Heidi Watney

Family Life; Heidi Watney

She was born to a perfect family. Her father and mother both got established, and they had earned quite a big fame. So, she progressed from her childhood as she got influenced by her family. The name of her father is Dean Mitchell Watney, and she was in the U.S. Army. Her mother was a reporter. She does not have any siblings and is the only child of her parents. When she was small, she never stayed in the same place because of her father’s job, and her family had to move from one place to another.  At her little age, she lived with her parents but later her parents separated and divorced. While she and her family stayed in Vietnam for two years, her parents divorced.

The divorce of her parents was disappointing and devastating to her. She took in a calm way and stayed with her mother. Although her father got married to another lady after he divorced her mother, she has a very pleasing relation with her father.

Professional Career

Looking at the career history of Heidi Watney, she was not only involved in the field of sportscasting but in modeling too. In the year 2002, she was able to set herself as the first runner-up of a pageant called Miss California. Also, she was highly interested in sports, and she dreamed of being a sports journalist.

As her professional career, she took reporting and broadcasting. At first, she started from a local radio station which was in Fresno. After she participated in a local radio program, she got different opportunities knocking her door. She was the host and an anchor KMPH-TV and ESPN Radio 1430 KFIG. But, sadly she did not go well in her job because she used curse words as the opponent of her boss.

However, she later joined New England Sports Network which is in Boston in the year 2008. Also, she was able to come as the host of ‘The Ultimate Red Sox Show’ and ‘The Red Sox Report.’ Her job continued till the year 2011, and by then she was already a well-known reporter. She also worked with ‘Time Warner Cable SportsNet’ for a short time. In the year 2012, she started her job at MLB Network. She is also the host of a popular show called ‘Quick Pitch.’ Her appearance in a music video called ‘Going out in Style’ by Dropkick Murphy is also a big hit.

Moreover, she is also an entrepreneur as she has a small business related to baseball accessories in which she sells custom printed baseball bats. Her husband supports her well in this business. She is involved in charity works as she holds events in Boston to raise funds for pediatric care for the David Ortiz Children.

Education and Academic Qualification

Being a child with a good knowledge of the outer environment, she was able to gain proper education too. Her education history is quite pleasing as she is a graduate of the University of San Diego. When it comes to her high school study, she went to Clovis West High school, which is in Fresno, Califonia. When she was at her high school, she was a very creative student and was interested in music and sports as well. She got involved in cheer-leading, gymnastic, hurdles, and diving when she was at her high school. Being one of the most preferred students in her high school, she applied for the University of San Diego in a National Merit Scholarship program. Successfully, she achieved the scholarship and began college at the University of San Diego.

Moreover, she was able to graduate in the year 2003, with a B.A. degree in journalism. Hence, her education proved to be very important to her as she graduated with good grades and could set herself as a famous journalist in her country.

Husband and Son of Heidi Watney

Heidi Watney is a happily married woman. She is married to Mike Wickham. On 31st of December 2014, the marriage ceremony of Mike and Heidi grandly took place. They were the organizers for their wedding, and it took place in Edgewater, New Jersey, the United States of America. After their marriage they went to Bora Bora, the Maldives to make their honeymoon memorable. They had an expensive and exotic honeymoon. She has a son named Jax, who was born in 2018. Her Instagram account got blessed with pictures with her baby son and her husband. In the present context, they live a happy married life with their child.

The dating life of Heidi was quite interesting. She dated Jacob Edward Peavy, who is a professional American baseball pitcher. They dated for a few years. Also, she was in love with a former Red Sox baseball catcher named, Jason Varitek. She was also involved with Nick green too. Hence, she had fun in her young days dating different men.

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Net Worth

Established as one of the famous figures in the world of journalism, Heidi Watney has earned a significant amount of money. Being involved in a single profession as a journalist, she has made a tremendous amount of money. As per now, she works as a reporter and a host for the MLB network. This widespread network offers her a handsome amount of salary. According to the sources, the reporters in MLB have an average salary of 88K dollars per year. So, it is quite clear that she makes that amount of money per year.

To be exact on the net worth of this popular lady figure, she has the assets over 2 million dollars.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Being on the world of the media is all about gaining fans and followers. So, Heidi Watney has won many fans and followers in her lifetime. She is one of the most preferred sportscasters in the history of America. Her amazing personality and devotion to her work as brought her to the fame that other reporters could not get. Also, her enthusiasm as a journalist is overwhelming, and she has got a different charm. Hence, people love to follow her on social media as well as her real life.

To be exact on the number of followers she has acquired, she has an impressive amount of 55.K followers. On her official Facebook account, she has about 8K followers. Hence, her followers are high in number, and she has many fans.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals of Heidi Watney

There are no pleasing gossips and rumors about the personal life of this famous reporter. However, as she cursed her boss in one of her sportscasting programs, she had to face stories. Also, she got fired from the job for her nature.

Body Measurement and Appearance

Heidi Watney is one of the most beautiful reporters of the United States of America. Her beauty is pleasing, and people admire her for her beautiful face and charming personality. Also, she has got the vote for being one of the sexiest women in the sportscasting job. The main reason that people voted her for being sexy is her beautiful body which measures of 32 inches in the chest, 24 inches in the waist and 35 inches in the hip. With her gorgeous body, she has an attractive pair of blue eyes. Her hair is blonde, which matches perfectly to her personality.

Additionally, the measure of her height is approximately 5 feet and 10 inches. She is currently 37 years old and looks as gorgeous as ever.


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