Haviland Morris; Career, Early Life, Family, Net Worth


Haviland Morris, who is a real estate agent, was born on the 14th of September 1959 in Loch Arbour, New Jersey, the United States of America. His birth sign is. She is a multitalented lady who is an actress in American Television, American movies, and Broadway actress. Her dominant performances are in popular Television series and films like; ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent,’ ‘As World Turns,’ ‘Elementary’ and ‘Quarry.’

She is proficient in her field, and she has earned many fans because of her movies and her films. Earning more than 45 credits as an actress in the industry of Hollywood, she has gained considerable fame.

Haviland Morris

Nationality and Ethnicity

She is from the United States, and she is from the American nationality. Her ethnicity is white.

Family Life of Haviland Morris

Although she was born in Loch Arbour, New Jersy, the United States of America she was brought up in Hongkong. She spent almost all of her childhood in Hongkong. Her father and mother are still not in the eyes of people, and no one knows about their existence. Also, there is no information about any of her siblings or her close relatives. So, it is not possible to define her family to live in the right way or bad. People believed that she had the right family as she went to a good school and received a good education.


During her childhood, she had a high interest in acting. So, she was interested in the world of acting, and she went to the world of acting at an early age. Hence, with the support of everyone in her life, she got into the world of acting since a very young age.

Education History

Entering towards the education history of this famous American celebrity, she attended Purchase College. Stanley Tucci was her classmate in her college. There is no information related to her school and her University available on the internet or any social media.


She started her acting career with the right mindset. Her first acting debut was in the movie called Reckless, which got released in the year 1984. Also, in the same her she appeared in the film named Sixteen Candles which is in the top list among her popular hits. She became a pro in the movie industry, and the film gave her significant recognition in the eyes of the media and the audience. When she came in Who’s that Girl of Maddona she was able to get into the hearts of many. After her casting, she also got an entry in the movies like; ‘The Home Alone,’ ‘Burning Blue’ and ‘Rick, Jack, and Diane.’ With her participation in these popular movies, she was able to increase her credentials as an actress.

Moreover, she also played in a small play called the Royal Match in the year 1985. In Royal Match, she appeared and made a significant entry in the industry of movies. She was then able to get into different Television shoes like; Law and Order, As the World Turns, Sex and The City, Tales from the Darkside, Blue Bloods and Family Ties. Then, she also appeared on One Life to Live, and she portrayed the role of Claire Baxter.

Additionally, she worked in other movies, and she worked retired from the movie and film industry. Then, after she retired from the movie industry in 25 years, she joined the real estate industry. Working as a real estate broker and she got the license. As she reached the grant, she worked as a salesperson. Then, she won the title ‘Rookie of the Year’ for her outstanding service for her costumers. Hence, she had a good career.

Net Worth

Haviland Morris is pretty and beautiful. As she acted in various Television series and also in movies, has gained a lot of fans who love her. Because of her excellent performance in her series and her films, she got different opportunities. She earned quite a significant amount of money as she went through of acting career. Her salary was also substantial because she acted in many TV series and movies too. With this, she had collected a considerable amount of money.

Moreover, she did not get involved in movies only. She got engaged in real estate business and is making a handsome amount of money through that profession. Working as a real estate agent, she earns quite a significant amount, which is approximately 45,735 dollars as her salary. On calculating her total net worth, her net worth is about 2 million dollars, which is a significant amount to live a lavish life. Right now, she lives a pleasant experience with her family, which includes her husband and her kids.

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Rumors and Controversies

Haviland Morris is private in person. Talking about her relationship status and the rumors related to her relationships, she has not faced any suggestions. Her relationship history is evident in the eyes of the audience, and she has not done anything terrible to anyone involved in a relationship with anyone. But, her professional life has faced some gossips. After she acted in ‘Sixteen Candles,’ she gained the title of a racist and also a sexist. This talk was only a rumor regarding her professional life, and she has not faced anything except this.

Haviland Morris; Awards and Achievements

There is no award in the name of Haviland Morris until date. Although she is a famous American celebrity and has performed in different movies and TV series, she is not able to gain an award. She might have got various nominations in her life, but she did not get any prize in her history of the film industry. But, she got a title award for working as an excellent real estate agent and pleasing her costumer in the real estate business.

Social Media Reach

Going towards her social media life, she is not active on social media. She is a private person who never reveals about her relationship or her any history, so she does not like being on social media. No account confirms that she is the official holder of any social media site. Hence, she is totally out of the world of social media with not a single account of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Body Measurements of Haviland Morris

As she was engaged in the movie and the Hollywood industry for an extended period, it is sure that the beauty of this woman is beyond what words could ever describe. She stands about 5 feet and 7 inches, which is approximately 1.70 meters and proper height for any lady. With the brown hair and the blue eyes, she has gained a big fan in the movies she acted. Hence, she is a pretty lady with attractive features.

Haviland Morris; Relationship Status

Haviland Morris is a married woman now. She is married to the love of her life called Robert Score and lives a pleasant experience as husband and wife. Never revealing about her exact place of the wedding, she is very confidential. She is a married woman at the age of 50 years, and she shares two children whith her husband. Her marital relationship is good, and she lives a good life.

When it comes to her children, she has two children. She gave birth to her first child in the year 1991, which is a daughter, and she named it Faith Score. In the year 2000, she gave birth to her second child and called her Herny Score, which is a son. She and her children share a good relationship with her husband, but they have kept their family life private.

However, even if they do not reveal about their marital status and journey to anyone, they make a great couple. Haviland is not very active on social media, and then she keeps her profile private. Until today, they share a perfect relationship, and they have no plans of getting divorced or separated. Also, there is no history of her past relationships. In history, Robert is the only man, and she has no affairs with anyone.


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