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Harry Edward Styles, popularly known as Harry Styles, was born on 1st February 1994 in Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. He belongs to the Aquarius Zodiac sign. His mother was Anne Cox; his father was Desmond (Des) Styles. Harry style is a famous artist of a well-known boys band called One Direction. He is a British musician and is remarkably known for his talent of singing. Also, he is an English songwriter too.

Harry Styles



Harry Styles had a tough family life since his childhood. His parents Anne and Desmond separated when he was seven years old. Harry’s mother Anne then married to Robin Twist. Robert Twist died in 2017. His mother raised him and his sister, Gemma, on Holmes Chapel. Harry had a passion different from both of his parents as he was into singing from an early age. His parents worked in corporate bodies.


He has two siblings. Gemma Styles is Harry Styles’s sister. He has a brother named Mike, who is his step-sibling.


Harry was fascinated by the world of singing from an early age. While in school, he used to participate in singing competitions. He, along with his friends, formed a band in school days. This band was White Eskimo. Harry was the lead singer of the White Eskimo. He is the lead singer of the band, the group was able to gain popularity and could be the lead from the schoolboy’s singing team as they won the band competition at their school.

Harry Styles was not only into singing, but Styles worked in a Bakery too on weekends and after school. Also, in his free time, he covered the songs by Elvis Presley. While he was alone at home, he engaged most of his time in singing.

Education History

Harry was an intelligent kid since his childhood. He stayed in Homles Chapel after his mother divorced her. And then, he did his schooling from Holmes Chapel School and was interested in music and sings since his school days.

Harry Styles


Harry Styles began his career in music after he got auditioned for “The X-Factor,” which is a popular British reality show in 2010. Although he could not get to the finals, he made tremendous progress by leaving a strong footprint in the judge’s heart. He, along with four other boys, formed a group and named it “One Direction.” These boys first started with an acoustic song that received popularity in the United Kingdom. This band brought their first book in the market called “One Direction; Forever Young,” which included their story of X-Factor, and then it was the best among the Sunday Times Best Seller.

They then started to record in different cities like; London, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. After the recordings, they came up with “Up All Night,” which was their debut album in 2011. This album made enormous progress and sold almost 2 million copies.

Also, their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” was recorded as the best. Their success was outstanding, and then in 2012, they came with “Take Me Home,” which topped in more than 30 countries. Also, it took first place in the United States Billboard chart, which made them the first band to win the Billboard 200 chart.

Moreover, their singles and duet a lot of progress and the documentary, Morgan Spurlock made about the team “One direction” made 30 million worldwide. In 2013 and 2014, they released their third and fourth album, respectively, which could make up to the top ten hits. They were setting records until Zayn Malik, one of their team members, left the group in 2015. But then, they made efforts and released the fifth album, which was again able to set records.

Nowadays, he does single and also works in collaboration with Ariana Grande, Micheal Buble, and the team One Republic too.

Social Media

This favorite superstar, Harry Styles, is a social media freak. His Instagram account has about 24.2 million followers, and his Facebook account has 14 million followers. He is active on twitter too. Harrys hot posts on Instagram have made him able to gain a lot of fan followings.

Harry Styles

Rumors and Controversies

People suspected Harry Styles of being gay as he supported LGBT. Also, he is fond of stripping his dress, so he was blamed for being a stripper too. This popular guy was able to spread a big rumor about himself after Harry tweeted a porn tweet on twitter. That pornographic tweet brought a lot of controversies, and he then deleted it later.

Awards and Achievements

Harry made a massive breakthrough by the band, One Direction. After releasing a few albums, this band was able to gain immense popularity and was the most popular boy band. He was the youngest member of this boy band. His debut songs made massive progress. “One Direction” was able to win different awards like; MTV Video Music Awards and Brit Awards for the fifth time.

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Net Worth

Harry Styles leads a luxurious and lavish life. After he sang solo on the Colombia Records of 2016, he was able to collect a vast amount of money. He raised approximately 75 million dollars from a single show. After this, his debut album was also a huge success. Being a 24-year-old guy, Harry was able to gain significant popularity. His debut album won over 2 million equivalent records and then topped the first week itself as reported by the billboard.

Nevertheless, his album was able to make the biggest of al sales as most of his songs were in the traditional album sales. About 1.9 million were in those sales. He has earned a lot of money after the success of his album since 1991. This celebrity does not only grooms himself but also donates some to the charity.

According to the source, he has given to the small community and helped them. He is one of the musicians with the best earning. His 90-show world tour raised nearly 1.2 million dollars of charity donation.

Additionally, he has a net worth of about 50 million dollars. He had a lavish house in 2016, and then after his success, he brought a new mansion. This new celebrity is wealthy and has a good life.

Body Measurements

Harry has a cute and adorable face. He has hazel-green eyes with dark brown hair, which suits him perfectly. His height is 5 feet and 10 inches ( 178 cm), which is adorably cute. He weighs about 74 kilograms, which is 163 lbs approximately. His shoe size is 11.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles; Relationship Status

From an early age, Harry Styles was into girls. He first dated Emilie at the age of twelve in his school. This celebrity has been into a lot of relationships to date. Caroline Flack was his official girlfriend, whom he dated for months. Although they had a huge age difference, that is, Caroline was elder than Harry by 14 years. They had a smooth going relationship. Unfortunately, they separated at the end of 2011 as there was a severe problem in their relationship. This couple was criticized a lot for their relationship.

Moreover, Harry was also suspected to be gay and bisexual. He is a genuine supporter of the LGBT community and has helped a fan in July 2018. Since then, people believe him to be gay.

Additionally, he dated Taylor swift too in 2012. Taylor Swift is a famous singer and stalking at her singing list we can see that she had a lot of songs dedicated to Harry Styles. They had a healthy relationship. He also dated Kendall Jenner from 3013 to 2014. This handsome boy has dated a lot of superstars lately. He is attracted to celebrities. His dates include Emma Ostilly, Emily Atack, and Lily Halpern.


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