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Do you ever wonder where all the weird names for illusion, magic, and everything that seems out of this world come from? One of those words is Houdini, and it’s quite a famous word because most of the people use it. They see something amazing happened right across the street, a person doing that; they call him Houdini. Houdini is someone one of the most useful word when people see magic or illusion. However, do you actually know the origin of this particular word that you use all the time? Well, this is what actually comes from a real man whose name is Harry Houdini.

We see that your mind is blown right now and cannot think or process anything because you really did not notice the fact before. But, as you’re loyal informers, we feel really happy that we are the ones who delivered this fact, do you? Houdini is one of the most revered and also one of the most famous illusionists and stunt performers of all time. It is because of his work that people call anyone who performs such an allusion, Houdini. His last name has become a sort of hats off gesture.

Harry Houdini

There are numerous stands that Houdini has performed in his entire life. Some of them convinced people that magic really exists, and Houdini was the one doing all of the things. However, we all know in fact that there is no such thing as magic in the world, and if there is, only one entity can do that. However, Houdini reached a level that was so close to magic, and he managed to convince everyone as well.

In this post, learn more about the man who made everyone think that magic was real.

Harry Houdini Early Life

The man, the myth, and the legend, and also the man who set a different bar for illusion and stand to perform, Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874. Houdini was born in Budapest, Austria, Hungary, and at the moment of his death, Houdini was 52 years old. During his living life, Houdini did more than just magic.

A good evening was originally born in Budapest, Austria, Hungary, but his parents later moved to the United States of America. Houdini was only a child of four years of age when he travels to the United States of America. His parents began working in the United States, and so did the whole family later on.

According to the bar details, Houdini was born on March 24, which means that he shares the zodiac sign of Aries. A lot about a person can be saved from their zodiac sign, and that is the same thing that we are going to do here. There are several beliefs about the zodiac signs, and each of them holds significant meaning in a person’s life.

According to popular belief, Harry, who shares the zodiac sign of Aries, was a very calm and focused man. Now, these two traits are some of the most relevant ones because, without focus and calmness, a person wouldn’t be able to perform stunts. Do you believe in these traits?

In the journey to learn more about Harry, we shall talk more about his family, his parents, and his siblings. And this way, we get a closer look at his life.

Harry Houdini Family, Siblings, Father, Mother

Harry Houdini, one of the most revered illusionists of all time, was born to father Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weisz and mother, Cecilia Steiner. There is one particular fact that most of the people who followed Houdini’s work did not know that it is not actually his real name.

That is the right people; it is not actually his real name because Houdini’s real name is Erik Weisz or later known as Erik Weiss. However, later for professional reasons and his own personal reason, Erik changed his name to Harry. Will get to how he changed his name story later.

Born in 1874, Houdini and his whole family moved to the United States of America in 1878. In order to fit in the American style, and the whole family change their name in American style and establish their last name as Weiss. After four years of living in the United States of America, the whole family became American citizens.

Talking more about his parents, his father Rabbie begin working for Zion reform Jewish congregation. But unfortunately, Houdini’s father later Lost his job, and the whole family went into extreme poverty. On the other hand, further information about his mother remains a mystery.

Despite living in extreme poverty, Houdini’s family always gave the children love and support. Houdini had six siblings as his parents welcomed seven children in total. The names of his siblings are Herman M., Gottfried, Theodore, Leopold D., Carrie Gladys.

Harry Houdini Education

A lot of the things that Are prevalent today were not the same back a couple of centuries ago. There were no technologies; people do not carry the same perspective as people of modern age do. One of the particular things that did not remain prevalent back in the days of our education.

Well, most of the parents at the moment, in the 21st-century, remain conscious about the importance of education for the children, there were still times when it was not something that was readily available. Something like this was the matter when Houdini was growing up. There was no dedicated education institution.

As a child, who do you know his family started going broke anything began getting tougher for the whole family. After his father lost his job, Houdini and his family began struggling to make ends meet. And this kind of scenario, Houdini’s family was not able to provide education to all of their children.

Who do you need, grew up in a family that consisted of seven children’s. His parents work very hard to provide for all of the family members, but things began getting worse. The educational institutions that were available back in the days were expensive and accessible to only those who could afford it.

Because of this, we strongly believe that Houdini did not go to school as a young boy or later in his life. From a very young age, Houdini began working odd jobs to support his family.

Harry Houdini

Personal Life

Unlike other people, for most of his life, Houdini remained a one-woman man. In the year 1893, Houdini met a woman named Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner or also known as Bess. While Wilhelmina initially courted with Dash Theodore, Houdini’s brother, both later fell in love.

The same here, Houdini met Wilhelmina, the couple married, and began living together. After marriage, Wilhelmina started working as Houdini’s stage assistant, and that went on for his entire lifetime. Despite being married for their whole life, Houdini and Wilhelmina did not welcome any children.

Houdini and Wilhelmina stayed married till Houdini’s death. In 1926, Houdini suffered from a ruptured appendix which took his life.

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Harry Houdini Career

Before Houdini started his official career as a magician or also known as an illusionist, he was working or jobs to support his family and himself. From a very young age, trapeze arts begin attracting Houdini, and that is where his career path changed from our jobs to working as a trapeze artist.

Houdini also started following the works of other famous illusionists and magicians. One, in particular, was jean Eugene Robert Hoodin. Harry took his first name Ehri and derivate it to call himself Harry. He then took the last name of the personality he followed very much and named himself Houdini.

Although starting a magic career, Houdini did not get any success in the beginning. Later a talent manager named Martin Beck saw Houdini and begin managing him. Martin got Houdini a lot of performances around the country and also helped him tour Europe in a very short amount of time.

After peoples saw what Houdini could do, who do you begin earning massive amounts of income? I’m just a small period of time, Houdini begins earning $300 per week. Some of the arts that Houdini perform very well were handcuffed, holding his breath underwater and other arts.

In later years, after Houdini had already established himself as a prominent figure, he began going after those people who claimed that they had supernatural powers. Who do you know himself never said that he was someone who could do supernatural things. Because of that, Houdini began exposing those who claimed so.

Net Worth

As we already mentioned before, Houdini came from a family that had a really poor financial background. After his father lost his job, Houdini began working or jobs to support his family. However, after a talent agent, Martin, back from him, Houdini’s career begin to rise. In the short span of time, Houdini became a very prominent figure.

Who do you earn a lot of money as he started earning $300 a week in his initial days? During those days, Houdini also bought a house worth $25,000. Keeping in mind all the inflation of the current day, the $25,000 investment would now be worth over $700,000.

At the time of death, Harry Houdini had a massive net worth of $500,000.

Name Harry Houdini
Date of birth March 24, 1874
Birthplace Budapest, Austria, Hungary
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Illusionist
Married Yes
Nationality Hungarian
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $500 thousand


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