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The beautiful Mindhunter actress is the person we are here to talk about today because honestly, we cannot seem to get enough of her. Of course, the person we are talking about today is Hannah Gross, the misty-eyed actress who undoubtedly reigns all hearts, especially the Mindhunter viewers. These poor souls are the victim of her undeniable beauty and acting skills that hit all the right spots.

But why do not we hear about her more and more? After all, fans seem to love her and well, she is a very talented actress as well. As it so happens, people sometimes tend to choose the quieter side of life and do not go with the trouble of having to deal with the attention. In short, they do not fancy all the drama that goes into this industry. But does that mean we should give up on Hannah?

Hannah Gross

Absolutely not. Hannah’s fans always yearn for more details on her, and we cannot see them deprived of information that everybody should have access to. Followers do see Hannah on the screen and get mesmerized seeing the talent and beauty complementing each aspect of the show perfectly. But, have you ever, as a viewer, thought about who she is behind all the acting and cameras?

Hannah Gross already married? What is her birthday? All these little things are what fans should have knowledge about, and honestly, we are shocked they do not already know. But we understand you tried to find out but did not get all the information. That will change now. Everything about Hannah you ever wished to know is right here. Just read on for all details.

Early Life

Canadian actress and beauty icon Hannah Gross was born in the year 1992, in Toronto, Canada. While her birthdate is not so much clear for Hannah decides to keep it a secret, what we do know is, Gross is at the moment 25 years old. Hannah grew up with her parents in Canada. Her parents are also Canadian. Therefore, Hannah shares a white ethnicity in general.

Her parents, very humble people as they say Canadians are always, raised Hannah to become a very charming young lady who always believed good in everything. For the teaching of her parents, she never thought of intentionally harming others just for the sake of creating a route for her or satisfying herself.

Unfortunately, what her parents also seemed to have taught her that revealing personal details are not a very good idea because Hannah does not talk about her early family and seems to keep a tight lip whenever there comes a situation similar. As of now, we do not know who her parents are, and if she has any siblings or not.

Because of that, we are forced to assume that Hannah Gross is the only child of her parents and that she does not have any siblings at the moment. Also, the names of her parents also remain a big mystery. Gross does not reveal the identity of her parents and keeps it safe to like a sworn secret.

Hannah Gross

Hannah Gross Education

Since her parents raised Hanna with very distinct characteristics and morals, she always knew the importance of education in her life. Gross acknowledged how helpful education can be when it comes to achieving her goals and living the dream that she always saw. From a very ripe age, acting fascinated Gross, and she decided to put some work into it.

She joined the local high school where she studied all the necessary subjects from lower class to a higher grade and performed very well in exams as well. During her time in high school, Gross took part in other extra-curricular activities such as acting lessons, school drama. After graduating from high school, Gross knew that she needed to get some focused lessons on acting.

Hannah Gross

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After high school graduation, Gross enrolled at the Tisch School of Arts of New York University. She studied Fine Arts there and graduated with very good grades. After successfully completing her bachelor’s degree, Gross knew it was the time that she started pursuing her professional acting career.

Name Hannah Gross
Date of birth 1992
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality Canadian
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1 million


Personal Life

Hannah Gross is one of that person who has a long line of men who forever wish to date her someday and even, well, marry her if they get lucky. However, it is not her fault that she makes men think that way. When you possess such charm and beauty, anybody can swoon over you, and that is the case with Hannah.

But does that mean people have any chance with Hannah because last time we checked, all beautiful women had boyfriends or were already married and settled with a husband? When it comes to Hannah, she also has a very high chance of having a boyfriend and shattering the dreams of these men.

But, to everyone’s delight, Hannah seems single at the moment and only focusing on her career. However, this is because Gross keeps her personal affairs very secret and does not allows outside people to have glimpses of it. As of now, we believe that Gross is single, but there is a high chance that she is just keeping her affairs secret.

Hannah Gross


Hannah made her first TV appearance in 2002 in a movie called Men with Brooms for a fairly insignificant role. She appeared as a random girl at a Game. However, no matter how insignificant the role may seem, for someone starting out in acting, it serves as huge opportunities. But the movie did not credit her for the appearance.

In 2004, Hannah made her second uncredited appearance in a movie called Wilby Wonderful as a Girl at Motel. This also served as an experience for Hannah in one way or the other. In 2005, Gross again appeared in another movie called Drei Madchen. She appeared in the movie as a daughter.

After appearing in Drei Madchen, Hannah took a break from acting which lasted several years. The exact reason for the sudden break remains a secret, but we believe that she needed some time off to find out her purpose in live and stray back to acting because she enjoyed the feeling it gave her.

Hannah Gross Back to Acting

Although Hanna took her to leave, she came back to acting very strong and determined. Gross appeared in I Used to be Darker as Abby in 2013 and the same year, appeared in two other movies called Lydia Hoffman Lydia Hoffman and The Sixth Year in which she appeared as Gabby.

In 2014, Hannah appeared in Uncertain Terms as Cammy and the same year, appeared in Christmas, Again as Lydia. 2014 served as quite the good year because she appeared in another short movie called Haze in which she portrayed the role of Natalie. From 2015 to 2016, Gross appeared in other major projects.

Gross appeared in Stinking Heaven as Anna, Valedictorian as Emily, Take What You Can Carry as Lilly, Beach Week as Laure, Little Cabbage, as Ana, The Zeno Question as Kirsten, Dramatic Relationship, Psychic Ills: Baby as a random girl at the bar and gain in its spin-off called Psychic Ills: Another Change. Furthermore, Hannah appeared on Unless Norah Winters.

In 2017, however, Hannah received her big break. After successfully portraying the role of Young Marjorie in the movie called Marjorie Prime, Hannah bagged a role in the famous TV series called Mind Hunter. She started portraying the role of Debbie Mitford and appeared in the show for 10 episodes.

Since then, she appeared on other TV series like The Sinner as Marin Calhoun and Deadwax as Etta Pryce. At the moment, Hannah appeared in NightShade as Rose Waltz, The Education of Fredrick Fitzell as Karen, Falling and Clifton Hill as Laure.

Hannah Gross

Net Worth

Because of a career that is only booming and racing its way forward, Hannah Gross has a pretty nice scenario going on for her. As you can clearly see, Gross has a very booming career at the moment that does not seem to stop; not that we want it to. As of now, tabloids claim that Hannah has a hefty net worth of $1 million.

Hannah Gross Social Reach

Twitter: @hannah__gross

Instagram: @hannahgross__ (fan page)

Facebook: Hannah Gross


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