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When talking about crime and everything related to it, there are times when thinking about certain things makes us shiver from the very core. However, among all the crimes that take place in the world, there are two types of categories out there, and both have significance. There is that kind of crime that takes place when someone is deranged and does not have the ability to control their criminal intentions. However, there is also that kind of crime where people commit them after sheer pressure of doing so. Not sure what we mean? Have a look at the life of Gypsy Rose.

Gypsy Rose

Here, many of you may already have some idea regarding the life of Gypsy and what she remains known in society as well. But there are aspects of Rose’s life that holds a whole lot more meaning. During the time when Gypsy’s story came out in front of the world, the whole world thought that she was a young criminal who killed because of her mental instability. However, her story hides a whole lot of information. Caution note is that we’re not trying to prove that she is not guilty or anything like that.

America found out about the news of Gypsy, and then slowly, this became global news as well. As per extensive reports, Gypsy persuaded a man to kill her mother and make her free. As brutal as a thing that may seem, that is exactly what happened. However, there’s also a reason why Gypsy asked a man to kill her mother in the first place. As reports suggest, Gypsy’s mother always showcased her daughter as a severely ill child.

In this post, we talk about all the things that occurred, and on that road, also discuss her personal life as well.

Gypsy Rose Early Life

The highlight of one of the most interesting criminal stories do the United States has ever seen, Gypsy Rose was born on July 1, 1991. Rolls was born in Louisiana, United States of America, and at the moment, Rose is already 28 years old. At the moment, Rose is behind bars facing prison time.

According to Rose’s birth details, she was born on July 1, which means that she shares the zodiac sign of cancer. A lot of things about human beings remain possible for people to decipher by the zodiac to sign they share. However, not all the time’s things zodiac signs reflect proper information.

According to popular belief, the people who share the zodiac sign of cancer are aspiring, kind; I have a tendency of going along with other people as well. But unfortunately, when we talk about a gypsy, many of the things remain relatable because of the things that she has done or committed.

For the most part of your childhood, Gypsy did not experience a pleasant growing up experience. Because of all the things that happened in her childhood, gypsy considers her childhood as one of the most brutal and also one that has a lot of bad memories. Unfortunately, Gypsy credits all of these things to her mother.

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Gypsy Rose Family, Mother

Gypsy, who is going to mother Dee Dee Blanchard on June 1, 1991, as Gypsy Rose Blanchard. There is a very extensive story about gypsy and her mother that goes beyond anything that anyone has ever seen or heard about. However, before talking more about the relationship, we must first know more about Gypsy’s mother.

Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, was born on May 3, 1967, in Louisiana, United States of America. At the time of her death, miss Blanchard was 48 years old. Because of the fact that she was born on May 3, Miss Blanchard shared the zodiac sign of Taurus. Now that we know certain things about Miss Blanchard, let’s move towards knowing more about the relationship.

For the most part of her life, gypsy remained in what seems like a domestic exile. Her mother, Miss Blanchard, did not let gypsy go anywhere and always claimed that she had many illnesses and disabilities as a child. This intern made gypsy one of the most vulnerable children while growing up.

Miss Blanchard started collecting huge amounts of money by advertising about her child’s disabilities and all the illness and also began collecting donations. While later, after the crime was committed, everyone knew that it was a fraud act conducted by Miss Blanchard.

In short, people believe that Miss Blanchard used her daughter to gain money and free access to most of the places that ordinary people do not have. However, this did not last forever.

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose Education

One most of the Americans at the moment believe that education is one of the single most important aspects of any child’s early life, there are some exceptions. Miss Blanchard advertised her child disabilities, illness, and multiple other things never really considered sending gypsy to school.

That is correct. Many parents at the moment believe that sending children to school can be one of the most beneficial things anyone can do. However, in the greed of money and all the other free services that Miss Blanchard was gaining, she never considered education a part of gypsy’s life.

After the crime took place, the official story is about the mother and daughter’s life came out, and from that, some of that some aspects became clear. It turns out that gypsy has never gotten any formal education, and most of her life, she spent in a wheelchair, obeying her mother.

Gypsy Rose’s Mother’s Crimes

For anyone who looked at all the things that Miss Blanchard was doing, they all thought that she was one of the most loving mothers and also a caring one. However, there always was a person who possessed greed and also likes getting free things from other people around the world.

Miss Blanchard, in the early days, claimed that Rolls had sleep apnea and later also claimed that her daughter, gypsy suffered from Leukemia me as well. Later on, when gypsy turned eight years old, Miss Blanchard also claimed that her daughter suffered from muscular dystrophy and suggested that she needed a wheelchair.

Behind all the claims about illnesses and disabilities, the fact was that gypsy did not require any feeding tube or a wheelchair. In fact, if she was very much able to walk on her own and also eat on her own. Miss Blanchard’s claim about leukemia we are based upon gypsies ball head, which apparently Miss Blanchard shaved.

Because of all the pitiful claims about gypsies disabilities and illnesses, many people around the world started pouring donations for her and Miss Blanchard. This became a thing, and many other people started supporting the family-like famous organization called make a wish.

Gypsy Rose’s Crime

While claiming about illnesses and disability was one thing, there were times when Miss Blanchard would abuse her daughter, gypsy. When gypsy was 19 years old, into a thousand 11, she started using online communication systems. Gypsy fell in love with a man she met at the science convention.

After falling in love with a man, gypsy manages to get away from her mother and disappears for good. However, Miss Blanchard tracked gypsy and the man by talking to mutual friends and other peoples. Gypsy claimed that after she found them out, Miss Blanchard denied her food. She also reportedly destroyed her computer and restrained gypsy to a bed.

Sometimes later, gypsy again met a man while surfing the Internet on a Christian dating site. It was to this particular man named Nicholas Godejohn that gypsy confessed everything about. Gypsy told Nicholas how her mother was faking her illness and everything that was out in the media.

After confessing about everything, gypsy also convinced the man to kill her mother. Gypsy did this to get rid of her so that they could be together. After some time, gypsy finally convinced the man, and he was ready to kill Miss Blanchard. In 2015, Nicholas came inside the house and stabbed Miss Blanchard to death.


After the death of Miss Blanchard, gypsy went on her Facebook and posted that bitch is dead, and that is how people knew about the time. In 2016, gypsy student center authorities and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. In the courtroom, Gypsy’s lawyer managed to convince people how she was a subject of cruelty and was a victim.

The 2016 hearing condemned gypsy to 10 years in prison and apparel at the beginning of 2024. However, on the other hand, Nicolas did not come out as lucky as a gypsy. The man who stabbed Miss Blanchard to death found guilty of first-degree murder, and it’s a decision.

Gypsy Rose

In 2018,

Court condemned Nicholas’s life in prison. At the moment, when people talk about the crime, we agreed that what happened with gypsy is completely wrong. However, for gypsy to go to the extent of arranging the murder of Miss Blanchard, that was actually really not necessary.

But according to gypsy, her mother always gave threats, and she also did not know what Miss Blanchard would do if she tried to tell the truth.

Name Gypsy Rose
Date of birth July 27, 1991
Birthplace Louisiana, United States of America
Ethnicity White
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Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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