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There’s hardly anyone in this world who comes from a modest environment from the beginning and later has a very successful life. All of the successful people usually have something in common, and that is, they have struggled and faced their part of atrocities as well. Whether we talk about the richest man on the planet right now, Jeff Bezos or an artist who managed to introduce and establish a new sub-genre in music. One of those kinds of people in Gucci Mane, the rapper.

Depending upon your taste of music, you might have heard about this rapper or may not have heard about his as well. Gucci is one of those rappers who you once start listening to; you just can’t stop. If you just do not believe us, then we dare you to go; try his music for yourself as well. However, there just one thing that we are afraid of, and that is, you may not return and get lost in finding more of his music to listen to.

Gucci Mane

But for those who even do not know or never became familiar with his name, here is some quick info that gets you started. First of all, Gucci never actually started out professionally as a musician but later, after a couple of incidents later, turned in. Once he started making music, he quickly introduced a new sub-genre in the hip-hop scene around the world. As reports suggest, Mane introduced the sub-genre of trap music along with some of his folks as well.

In this post, what we aspire to do is learn more about Mane from a closer and personal perspective. Here, we talk about Mane’s early life, his struggles in the early days, and also about his relationship. Everything Mane has to offer stands right here.

Gucci Mane Early life

One of the finest rappers of the age, the artist who helped introduce Trap music in the hip-hop scene, Gucci Mane, was born in February 1980. Mane was born in Bessemer, Alabama, United, the States of America. At the moment, Mane is already 39 years old and still has the energy of 20 years old added with a lot of experience and creativity.

When looking at Gucci Mane at first glance, it is clear that he does not look even the slightest like someone who is approaching their 40s. Mane still has a charisma of a young and aspiring artist who is really, very hungry for fame and success. That is something that helps artists remain young in persona.

Mane was born as Radric Delantic Davis, a really unique name even from a western fashion standard. Mane was born to Ralph Everett Dudley and mother Vicky Jean Davis. As you clearly see, Gucci has his real last name from his mother’s side, and the reason for that choice remains mysterious at the moment. But sources claim the reason is that Mane’s father wasn’t available to sign the birth certificate.

As a young man with lots of curiosity, Mane learned a lot from his grandparents. While his parents were available for Mane, most of his childhood passed away with his grandparents from the paternal side. This happened because Vicky Jane Davis continued her studies and aspired to get out of college with a degree.

Gucci Mane Parents and Family

Mane’s parents are very aspiring people, as well. As mentioned, Gucci was born to father Ralph Everett Dudley and mother Vicky Jean Davis. Mane’s father worked as a social worker for the most part of his life. Since Ralph’s parents always remained very loyal to the country, Ralph felt social work was the way to go in life.

On the other hand, Vicky Jean Davis worked as a teacher after she graduated from college with a degree. Mane’s parents met each other for the first time in 1978. When Ralph and Vicky met for the first time, she already had a son from her past relationship that did not work out as well.

Later in life, both of his parents started having trouble with each other, and that began to deteriorate the relationship. Reportedly, Mane’s father moved and fled to Detriot while chased by police. Reportedly Mane’s father indulged in substance supplies, and police found out about him.

At the age of nine, Mane, along with his mother and brother, moved to Atlanta, but there again, Mane and the whole family struggled with a stable living environment. Because of that, most of his childhood, Mane spent in neighborhoods that involved in high crime rates as well.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Education

With a mother who worked as a teacher for the most part of her life, and that means that she also put extra emphasis on Mane’s education as well. Even regular parents make sure that their children get the right education, and we’re here talking about the son of a teacher. What would you expect from her?

At a very young age, Vicky enrolled Mane in the Cedar Grove Elementary School located on the East side of Atlanta called East Atlanta. While in elementary school, Mane started to enjoy school and all the subjects that it offered as well. Self-proclaimed, Mane always remained very good at studies.

Another thing that Mane said by himself is that he also received good grades while in school, as well. Because of this, Mane always managed to get away with any mischief as well. After getting through with his elementary school where he performed very well and also make his teacher’s mother proud, high school dawned upon him.

After elementary school, Mane went on and enrolled at the Ronald E. McNair High School, and there began and continued his very fruitful student life. As a student at the Ronald E. McNair High School, Mane established himself as a very young and bright fellow among everyone.

During school, Gucci Mane scored very great marks and later graduated from high school with a spectacular GPA of 3.0. This gave him a chance to apply for a scholarship. After graduating with a 3.0 GPA, Mane applied at Georgia Perimeter College. At Perimeter College, Mane got a Hope Scholarship as well.

At Georgia Perimeter College, Mane took computer programming as his major and began studying with the same effort. However, his education journey at Georgia Perimeter College did not last long as the college dropped him in 2001 for possession of drugs at hand.

Personal Life

During his life, Mane has entangled himself in a lot of relationships. One of those relationships also has a baby born. The interesting thing here is that Mane did not know that he had a son until the baby boy was nine years old. In 2007, one of his flings welcomed a baby boy.

In 2016, Mane came to know that he has a baby and acknowledged it as well. Mane fell in love with a famous fellow personality. Her name is Keyshia Ka’oir. Keyshia is the founder, as well as the CEO of Ka’oir Fitness and Cosmetics. After dating for quite a while, Mane and Keyshia married each other.

Both Mane and Keyshia married in a lavish wedding ceremony but did not have to pay a penny for it all. All of Mane’s wedding expenses came upon BET, which produced a TV series out of their wedding. The wedding came after Mane casually proposed to Keyshia during a game of Atlanta Hawks.

As of now, Mane and Keyshia remain together with no hint of divorce.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Career

Mane remains pretty famous right now as a rapper who helped revolutionize the music industry to some degree, but there’s one thing that many people do not know. Gucci actually started his career not in music but by doing illegal activities during his early days. While enrolled in high school, Mane began a career as a drug dealer.

That is right. From a very young age, Mane started his career as a drug dealer who went around and sold drugs to other people. During the initial days, Mane and his brother started off as a dealer for cannabis. Later, Mane escalated to selling cocaine and other forms of drugs. In 2001, as a college student, an undercover officer caught Mane redhanded and arrested him.

Upon hearing on the court, the judge sentenced Mane to 90 days in prison, followed by a probation sentence as well. Following this incident, Mane began contemplating his life decisions and began leaning towards music production. Along with attaining good grades, Mane also wrote beautiful poems from a very young age.

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Career in Music

After getting out of prison, Made began looking forward to making music his profession and began hustling hard in the industry as well. After thinking it through, Mane started his career in music. Working on a couple of songs initially, Mane managed to collaborate with Str8 Records and put out La Flare.

Followed by that, Gucci Mane also aspired to open a music label of his own. Managing a couple of artists initially, after many connection and merging, Mane established LaFlare Entertainment. Followed by establishing his own record label, Mane also began working on a new album.

In 2005, Mane introduced his debut album to the public called Trap House. The album went in the Top 20 Billboard R&B list. Since then, Mane released a lot of albums, and some of them are Trap-A-Thon, Back to the Trap House, Everybody Looking, Evil Genius, and more.

Also, along with a prolific music career, Mane also worked as an actor. Mane appeared in movies like Birds of a Feather and Spring Breakers as well.

Net Worth

With a very successful career at hand, Mane has managed to amass a massive fortune for himself. At the moment, Mane owns a big house, an array of expensive cars, and also lavish vacation homes as well. Mane manages to do all of this by earning a large amount from his artist career.

As of now, Mane has a massive net worth of $12 million at hand.

Name Gucci Mane
Date of birth February 12, 1980
Birthplace Bessemer, Alabama, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 6.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Rapper
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $12 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @gucci1017

Instagram: @lafrare1017

Facebook: Gucci Mane


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