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Most of the famous people we see these days are self-made. Even the ones from back, most of the famous personality that we see or have seen from the past, they all became famous on their own. Look at Shakira; she became famous for her sensual dance moves as well as her singing. On the other hand, there is someone like Beyonce, who is one of the most celebrated musical artists of all time. But there are also people who get massively famous because of someone else like Georges Lebar.

However, as cruel and sabotaging as this may sound, we intend to say this in the most polite manner as possible. Now, most people do not know this name Georges, and for every reason. The thing is, Georges is a very common person like you and us but with extremely crafted skill as a painter and an author as well. But you must be wondering why are we even talking about someone who is not as famous and just like you and us.

Georges Lebar

Well, the reason is not because of Georges solely but because of his partner, who is quite famous for putting in a subtle way. Well, you may ask who that person is. Georges is the husband of RuPaul Andre Charles, one of the most famous American TV personality in a particular segment. In other words, RuPaul Andre Charles is a famous Drag Queen, actor, and model, as well. He is someone that most of the world knows about. At least who follows drag queens.

However, we shall talk about Andre in a bit as the main topic of discussion here today is Georges himself. Who is this man, and what lies in his personal life? Find out everything right here about Lebar’s relationship and other facts.

Georges Lebar Early Life, Age, Bio

The husband of famous drag queen RuPaul Andre Charles, Georges Lebar was born on January 24, 1973, in Perth, Australia. At the given moment, Georges is 46 years old and has a very stern looking face. The kind of face that says a lot and has that warning sign always lingering over.

Lebar bores a very immaculate personality, which tells a lot about him. He grows a full beard that had little white whisker patches here and there on the lower side of the beard. With a sleek back hair and a superman like a curl on the front, Lebra comes off as a man of composure and very high standards.

Lebar was born in Perth, Australia, which suggests that he is an Australian by nationality and has a very strong connection to Australia as his motherland as well. According to his birth details, Lebar’s astronomical zodiac sign is an Aquarius. According to popular belief, people who share this zodiac are very independent, strong, eccentric, and attractive.

Astonishingly, Lebar composes all of these traits and more as well. For us, Lebar is a perfect Aquarius from all perspectives. Unfortunately, Lebar fails to reveal any further information regarding his childhood and family details, as well. As of now, there is no information available about Lebar’s parents.

Moreover, we also do not have any idea if Georges has any siblings of his own as well. For now, until Georges says otherwise, we believe that he is the only child of his anonymous parents.

Georges Lebar

Georges Lebar Education

Parents everywhere have one particular thing in common, and this is always the same thing. They have a knack towards having their children drive towards the right path and gather knowledge. For that, they require their children to attend school and colleges. Lebar’s parents are no exception here.

As a young boy, Georges went to a local elementary school in Perth. As the area that Georges grew up near the sea, he often went to the beach as well. Upon enrolling in elementary school, Georges began to realize the importance of education in his life because his degree would matter upon it.

From elementary school, Georges went to middle school and then finally, joined high school. While it remains relatively common for high school kids to have fun around, Lebar always made sure that his actions while having fun did not massively affect his education. After some years, Lebar graduated from high school.

Unfortunately, any further information regarding his educational journey ends here. This is because of Georges’ determination to stay quiet on that subject and not let anyone know about his personal affairs. Along with the information regarding his family and early childhood, Lebar conceals his degrees as well.

However, we believe that Lebar went to college and received a higher education degree and began his career. This is because of his professional tag as an author. For someone to establish himself as an author, Lebar must have a higher degree, although not necessarily.

According to different sources, Lebar studied Fashion and design in different places like Paris, New York, and Miami.

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Personal Life

We repeatedly mentioned that Georges is mostly famous because he is the husband of famous Drag queen RuPaul Andre Charles. However, the couple has a love story that many people find fascinating. Georges and Andre met for the first time in a night club back in 1994.

Georges was partying at the club on the occasion of his birthday, and Andre was there partying as well. They met and talked for a while and upon talking both developed the urge to stay in contact. As Georges and Andre began to meet each other more frequently, they started dating eventually.

After dating and staying as partners for more than two decades, Andre and Georges finally married each other in January of 2017. However, initially, both believed and thought strongly that it was not necessary for them to get married. But, the merits of marrying each other as it helped them with tax breaks and financials as well.

So, as a win-win scenario lay in front of them, Lebar and Andre decided to get married.  Georges and Andre do not have any children of their own at the moment.

Georges Lebar

Georges Lebar Career

Lebar reportedly studies fashion and design in Paris, Miami, and New York; however, he still does not carry a professional tag as a fashion designer. Instead, Georges introduces himself as a painter and also an author. This is pretty confusing, especially to RuPaul’s fans, who expected George to share the same profession as his partner.

However, because of his excessively secretive personality, Georges keeps his career a secret and does not wishes to talk about it as well. However, upon searching, we came to know a little about his career. In 2007, Lebar published his first book called Pillowtalk. To talk more about his book Pillowtalk, it is a combination of paintings and poetry.

Lebar incorporates the art of bringing out different characters in the form of drama and put out a story in the form of paintings and poems alike. The same year, Lebar released another book called Six Inches away, which is another similar kind of book holding paintings and subtle messages.

Apart from these, Lebar has not written any other books so far. According to sources, Lebar also runs a 50 acre Ranch, but that remains unconfirmed. Lebar tries to keep a very silent lifestyle, unlike his partner RuPaul Andre Charles who is all about attention. Talking about Andre, let’s learn more about him.

RuPaul Andre Charles

As mentioned earlier, RuPaul Andre Charles is an American Drag queen, actor, model, and also singer and songwriter. Andre was born on November 17, 1960, in San Diego, California, United States of America. Andre moved to Atlanta with his sister with the goal of studying performing arts and pursue a career in the music and film industry.

During his initial career, Charles works at Celebrity Clubs, and also as a backup singer because his career as a musician was going nowhere. However, when Andre released his album called Supermodel of the World in 1993, his career took a turn. During that time, people loved his dance album.

Till now, Andre has released a dozen on albums. Some of the most famous albums of Andre are Red Hot, Glamazon, Realness, Butch Queen and Christmas Party.

Apart from that, Andre also introduces himself as a TV personality as he appeared in multiple TV shows over the years. One of his most famous appearances is in The RuPaul Show from 1996 to 1998. Andre also appeared in other TV shows such as Son of the Beach, Hercules, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Mystery Girls and more.

Net Worth

Georges Lebar talks very limitedly about his career as a painter and an author. Because of that, many aspects of his professional life remains in the shadows. People want to know more about Andre Charles’ partner; however, he does not seem to care what people want to know.

As of now, Georges’ net worth remains a matter of discussion as he does not talks about it in any manner.

Name Georges Lebar
Date of birth January 24, 1973
Birthplace Perth, Australia
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Author, Painter
Married Yes
Nationality Australian
Birth sign Aquarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Georges Lebar


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