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Becoming first in something is a very wonderful feeling. Remember when you stood first in a competition or an exam while you were young. Or the time when you came first in answering a question as well. Coming out first always looks like something that is very enjoyable and well, rewarding as well. But have you ever thought about becoming the president of a country, the first-ever president? In this came, let’s look at the life of the man who lived the life itself. His name is George Washington.

Well, if you are an American and a very serious one who loves learning facts about their country, this name is really familiar as well. For all the time we know, the American education system has included this name without fail. They want this name on their citizen’s consciousness and conscious mind as well. But if you are not an American and reading this without any idea about who George is, let us enlighten you on the matter.

George Washington

George here is a politician who also managed to become the first president of the United States of America back in the 17th century. As of now, George stands as one of the most patriotic figures for all the citizens of the United States of America. During his time as president, Washington tried to do only good for his citizens and always looked after their happiness as well. For someone who is the first, there wasn’t anyone to guide him as well.

Here, let’s learn more about what makes George so distinct from other presidents other than the fact that he is the first one who rose as president in his league. Are you all ready and pumped up to learn more about this man here?

George Washington Early Life

The first and foremost president of the United States of America, George Washington, one of the greatest men ever, was born on February 22, 1732. Washington, one of the greatest men, was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States of America. At the time of his death, Washington was just 67 years old.

Through the portrait paintings that remain museums around the world, we clearly see Washington was a man of valor and someone with utter pride as well. The sullen yet sophisticated looking face hid one of the most complex political minds of that time, and there’s no denying that as well.

As a child, Washington belonged to a very wealthy family in Virginia who owned a business that looked after land speculations for earning. A fortune made out of the business, Washington was born to father, Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. His parents, Augustine and Mary Ball, welcomed six children.

Eldest of all the six children, from a very young age, Washington honed the skill of taking responsibility for his younger siblings. While Washington’s parents are American natives, his grandfather, whose name is John Washington, came as an immigrant from Sulgrave in the 16th century.

While his mother worked as a housewife, Washington’s father worked as a very reputed man. Professional career-wise, Washington’s father Augustine Washington worked as a Justice of the Peace, and most people also considered him as a very strong and prominent figure in public as well.

Born in Virginia, Washington and his family later moved to Little Hunting Creek in the mid 17th century. After the tragic death of his father, Washington legally went to the land and started working there as well.

George Washington

George Washington Education

Parents from the early days believed that education paved a straight road for anyone who wanted to achieve success in the future. While there are not completely wrong to think it that way, it is also an undeniable fact that education is something of a factor that leverages success greatly.

As a child of Justice of the Peace, Augustine Washington, George had this obligation to perform really well in school. Belonging to a very wealthy family from the very beginning, Augustine made sure that his son Washington did not miss out on a single thing as a child.

As a result, Augustine hired private teachers from the best institutions possible and began educating Washington at home. A number of teachers made their way into the Washington home to teach Washington. Private tutors also mean that he did not have to attend a typical school that often as well.

However, after needing to go to school as a young child later, he enrolled at a local but very prestigious school. According to the family tradition, Washington had to go to England and enroll at the Appleby Grammar School as his brothers did. Death of Augustine ripped off Washington of the chance.

At the age of 15, Washington finished off with his high school education, and as an ambitious young boy, Washington wanted to get started right away. At the age of 16, George joined a professional Survey team and began going off to places where his work took him to.

After high school, the only institution that Washington went is the Colleg of William & Mary.

Personal Life

As a man of utter perseverance, Washington stood as a very firm man. Washington also stood with a clear vision of his goals as well. As he grew up, Washington realized that he needed a woman to help him reach the height of greatness that he aspired to reach. How did that go for Washington?

In the 1750s, Washington fell in love with a young woman named Martha Dandridge Custis. Martha was a widow of a very famous and also, a very wealthy plantation owner just like Washington himself. After talking here and there and also after meeting a couple of fo times, Washington and Martha fell in love with each other.

In January of 1759, Washington married the woman of his dreams and reality, Martha Dandridge Custis. Washington was a 26 years old young man, and Martha was 28, two years older than Washington. However, the age gap did not serve as a barrier between the two love birds.

Living with a planter before as her late husband owned a planting business, Martha quickly took over the work at the plantation facility after the marriage. Owner of large estate statewide, Washington and Martha commenced their wedding at one of Martha’s real estate properties.

After marrying each other, Washington and Martha did not welcome any children of their own. Instead, Washington was in love with Martha’s two children more than anything and spent much time with Martha’s children from her earlier marriage as well. Unfortunately, their marriage came to a halt after Washington died.

In 1799, Washington died of bloodletting, which resulted in a sore throat that got worse over time.

George Washington

George Washington Carver

After finishing off with formal education, as mentioned, Washington joined a team of professional surveyors and began going to new places. As a result, Washington went to so many places during his tenure at the professional survey team as well. With much enthusiasm towards his work, George did a fantastic job.

After doing a great job as a surveyor, George began professionally working as a surveyor in Fredrick, Augusta, and Culpeper. In the mid 17th century, George received an offer that wanted to make him a rank of major in the Virginia Militia. After again doing a great job at the military, George’s path to success broadened.

In 1758, Washington started developing some interest in politics, and because of that growing interest, Washington resigned from his post at the military. After expanding his real estate to a whopping 2000 to 8000 acres, Washington began building and establishing different projects.

Starting planting tobacco, Washington slowly began growing wheat and selling to people outside of the colony as well. After growing wheat, Washington moved towards horse breeding and weaving as well. Washington also made a move towards entering the political scenario and became a representative for Virginia County.

A couple of years later, Washington became the first continental congress member and slowly. Washington rose to become the president of the United States of America. In the 1789 presidential campaign and election, Washington won the competition by almost all votes on his side.

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Net Worth

Being born to a very wealthy family is a treat in itself. When it comes to Washington, his work ethics only made sure that all of his possessions increase. After getting through his educational journey, Washington started working. Not that he needed to work because of all the family possessions, which counts in millions.

However, Washington worked very hard in his career and established himself as a planter. Before long, Washington also found himself a little more than enjoying politics as well. After understanding the concept, Washington began playing the game and eventually became the first president of the United States of America.

During the time of this death, George possessed a massive net worth of $525 million. All that after converting to this date’s inflation as well


Name George Washington
Date of birth February 22, 1832
Birthplace Watermoreland County, Virginia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Politician
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Pisces
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $525 million


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