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When life gives you a lemon, people usually have one tip for everyone. Make a lemonade. However, what if life gives you sorrow, pain, and an unlimited supply of neglect? What would you do in a situation like that? Well, one thing that we suggest that you could do is stay strong and stay on your own ground. Now, this is not just a metaphorical suggestion but an example that we saw from a person in fact. Her name is Geneva Ayala.

Geneva is a name that you may not have heard that quite often, but she is someone you might have a lot of interest in. Also, this name is one of those that you don’t also recognize at first, but when provided a hint or two, everything comes back right at you. Now, if you are scratching your head, thinking who this person is, let us first tell you. Geneva is not a famous personality herself as she is not involved in any industry at all.

On the contrary, the little popularity that she has comes from one of the most famous rappers who was on the rise from a couple of years. His name was XXXTentacion. And, Geneva happens to be his girlfriend. We all know the tragic death of XXXTentacion and the loos that everyone in the music industry bore from his demise. But on a personal level, it affected his girlfriend much more. However, there are some other factors lurking behind this as well.

People started bashing Geneva because of her history with XXXTentacion, and they poured all kind of hatred and bashing over her. What is the reason behind that? What did her personal life look like with XXXTentacion? To clear it all out, you, as a follower, have to first know about it all as well.

Geneva Ayala

Geneva Ayala Early Life

Girlfriend of the late rapper XXXTentacion, Geneva Ayala was born on August 13, 1996, in Florida, United States of America. At the moment, Geneva is just 22 years old, which makes her very young and considering that a lot young to be dealing with all the adversities that she did.

According to her birth detail, Geneva’s astronomical zodiac sign is Leo. According to beliefs, Leo is a fire sign, and people who share this zodiac are very stubborn and want to have the thing done their way. Not sure about you, but this is exactly how Geneva is. We’ll talk about the traits later on as well.

As a child, Geneva had a pretty troubling childhood and did a lot of moving as well. As a child, it is always hard for them to move around from one place to the other. They have to deal with making new friends and also with having a lot of anxiety as well if they fail to do so. However, such cases remain oblivious as Geneva did not talk about her childhood experience.

From the age of four, Geneva Ayala lived with her grandmother at her house since her family situation was not pretty good. Her grandmother took care of her and made sure that she gets shielded from all harm that comes her way. Geneva, unfortunately, does not provides names of her parents which makes a continuous mystery.

After living with her grandmother for most of her childhood, Geneva than again moved with her mother at the age of twelve. Reportedly, Geneva’s mother and father split and her mother were living alone, only for some time that is. At the age of 16, Geneva had to leave her mother’s home forcibly. Her mother got pregnant and wanted her boyfriend to move in with her as well.

Geneva Ayala Education

Mostly, parents want their children to do good in their lives, and as per most parents, a sure way to become successful is by first, getting a proper education. As this is not necessarily a wrong concept, there are also people who manage to pass by with normal educational degree. But Geneva’s case is a little different.

While children need a stable family environment in which they can focus on getting on with their studies. For Geneva, this was hardly possible as she did not have what we all refer to as a very nice family environment. As mentioned earlier, Geneva lived with her grandmother for the most part of her childhood.

As a result, her educational journey remains a little questionable. According to sources, Geneva did go to high school as a child. While concrete evidence on that matter remains unavailable, but for now, let us assume that Geneva did get to primary school, and later on, her grandmother admitted her into high school as well.

Now here comes the part where we strongly believe that Geneva did not complete her high school if she went to one. The reason is that children who are studying, as we mentioned earlier, require a steady household and a nice environment. At the age of sixteen, her mother kicked her out of the house.

This remains enough to suggest that she did not complete her high school if she went to one. However, this claim remains vulnerable to change if Geneva decides to say otherwise.

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Personal Life

As we already mentioned, Geneva Ayala is the girlfriend of late American rapper XXXTentacion. However, according to sources, the couple had broken up before the rapper’s death. Geneva and Tentacion met for the first time in November of 2014 and only stayed together for a couple of days before splitting again.

After getting back together in 2016 again, their relationship took an intense turn. A lot of physical abuse started to happen, and Geneva allegedly suffered a lot of injuries from Tentacion as well. Geneva reportedly started a Go Fund Me campaign where she raised around $25,000 for her medical expenses as well.

According to reports, at the time of XXXTentacion’s death, she was also pregnant with his baby. However, the fact if she welcomed the baby at the moment or not remains a mystery. In the future, we shall know more about Geneva’s personal life. At the moment, she still mourns the death of her boyfriend.

Despite all the claims that she might be happy since XXXTentacion died, in a statement, Geneva expressed how heartbroken she was with the death of her boyfriend. Will Ayala start to date someone else? Only time will tell us that.

Geneva Ayala Career

Most people have some kind of work that they are involved in. However, Ayala’s personal life shows that she did not have any time to indulge herself in any type of work whatsoever. She allegedly incurred multiple injuries from her late boyfriend and for dealing with those injuries medically, she had to initiate a Go Fund Me campaign.

Also, for the most part, Geneva Ayala remains popular in public as the girlfriend of late rapper XXXTentacion, and there remains hardly anything regarding her professional career. As 22 years old, there remains nothing about her professional career that we can talk about.

Her boyfriend, the rapper, on the other, had possessed a career that was just starting to reach new heights of success. His songs started to get to fans and people related to his music as well. While his singing style inclined more towards the crooner side of singing, people love the things that he talked about in his songs.

The rapper was also starting to hit the curb and maintain many on his habits as a young man. Before his death, he had just started out doing good, doing some philanthropic work as well although people believe that his death is the result of gangster feud with someone, the cause of death claims it happed as a result of attempted robbery.

Net Worth

When it comes to net worth, there really remains nothing to talk about Geneva here. Since she did not have a visible professional life, we also believe that she did not have a source of steady income as well. However, her late boyfriend does, and he was also a very wealthy man before he died.

As a rapper, XXXTentacion amassed a massive net worth of $5 million in total and enjoyed his net worth by indulging in many luxury pleasures. XXXTentacion possessed a lot of high-end cars as well. At the time of his death, he was driving a very very expensive BMW car.


Name Geneva Ayala
Date of birth August 13, 1996
Birthplace Florida, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @hisl0nelystar

Instagram: @yungnevaa

Facebook: Geneva Ayala


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