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Consider yourselves lucky because today you are about to learn the tiniest detail about your favorite American singer and songwriter. Does The Thunder Rolls ring a bell? Yes, we are talking about Garth Brooks, the singer who rings the heartstrings of millions of people worldwide. He usually is on the roads and currently has multiple tour dates. But the real question is, what his personal life looks like?

Is Garth Brooks married with a family? Who is a wife? If you do not already know all of his life details, this post will be a roadmap to Garth’s private life for you.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Wife

Garth Brooks is simply the singer and songwriter we got but never deserved. In all honesty, he is the kind of man that can make the most boring and lazy person groove or at least mumble for words, and that says something there already.

That classic cowboy hat that makes women of all ages go crazy and that smile. That damn smile that is just as flawless as his skills as an established singer and a remarkable songwriter. Looking at his make us wonder what they did in past lives to attain such qualities.

If we only knew the secret. Anyways, enough talk about his professional attributes and charm. But we can not talk about it you know; it is that hard. But let’s try our best here. Today, we take a glance at the personality who women all over the world adore.

That does not mean he does not possesses a male fan base. Come to think of it, there men and women equally love his music and his work in general. Is the dream man of so many out there married with someone or is he in search of that special lady?


To all ladies out there who have or had a dream of getting married to Garth Brooks, it isn’t going to happen. Don’t get sad now because your favorite singer has found himself the one woman he can love forever and ever, endlessly.

Not many people get this fate so easily on their cards, especially in American society where marriage and relationship break like a thin slice of glass. Garth Brooks is married, and his wife is Trisha Yearwood.

The couple married back in 2005 and have remained so for more than 12 years now. Now that is one romantic story. However, it has not even started yet. You see, it takes a lot of effort to make marriages work. It takes time, attention, commitment, trust and whatnot, however, in the case of Garth and wife Trisha, all that seems just very effortless.

Trisha Yearwood, who is also a singer herself says that the couple is very much compatible and have a mutual understanding of their demanding job. Their career line requires them to be on the road for weeks on end and do multiple shows away from family all over states and worldwide. But all that has not affected Garth and Trisha.

Brook’s wife says that every day is Valentine’s day for the couple and they have no complaints about being busy. Recently on February 14, 2019, Yearwood had a show, and it also happened to be Valentine’s Day.

When asked later in an interview on how the schedule of her show affected the couple’s special time, she replied that it did not affect at all. Garth was a viewer, and she gushed over his romantic gestures instead.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Family with Trisha Yearwood

Who wouldn’t want a family? When you have all the fame and fortune in the world and a lovely wife, there is only another thing that is left to do. That has a family live a content life. But with Garth, it seems to be the other way around.

Even though he married Trisha in 2005 and has remained so for more than 12 years, the couple does not have any children.

That is right people. Despite being so in love, the couple has decided that they will not have any children. The reason behind this is a secret, but the possible reason is the fact that Garth already has three children from his past relationship.

Didn’t you know he married someone else before Trisha? Well, if that is the case, then you do not know Garth, not much as you thought you did.

Garth Brooks Previous Married Life

Garth Brooks as discussed was married before he met Trisha Yearwood. Since college days, Garth was in love with someone from his college. That someone is Sandy Mahl. Garth and Trisha met in college and dated for many years. The spent lots of time together and were inseparable.

With immense love budding every day, the couple finally decided that it was time they tied the knot and got married. After much consultation, they decided that their wedding day would take place on May 24, 1986. Garth and college sweetheart married on the deemed day in front of close friends and family members.


The then newly married couple lived together in perfect harmony. In a couple of years, the couple excitingly welcomed their first child, a baby girl born in 1992. The couple named their first born daughter Taylor Mayne Pearl.

While the family of three was living a happy life, they welcomed another baby. The couple welcomed their second daughter in 1994 and named her August Anna Brooks.

Later after about two years, the couple again welcomed a baby girl. As the third time is a charm, the couple again welcomed a baby girl in 1996. They named their third daughter Allie Collen Brooks.

Now a family of five, the couple went through some strain that took a toll on their relationship. Brooks and Mahl started getting salty, and their feeling for each other grew sour over time. In 1999, the couple announced that they were contemplating divorce.

However, for the sake of old love, they gave their relationship another chance. However, things did not seem to get any better. On November 6, the year 2000, just a couple of years after welcoming their third child together, Brooks and Mahl filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

After almost a year, the divorce finalized and the marriage between Brooks and Mahl officially ended.

Garth Brooks

Divorce with Trisha Yearwood?

What happened in the past can repeat itself sometimes and make people relive the horrors. However, does that mean that there is a chance of Brooks and Yearwood might get a divorce? There is a chance that marriage could fail given that there is an experience of a broken marriage lingering somewhere in the past.

Life is uncertain, and anything can happen. But it is Garth and Trisha we’re talking about here. The couple claims to celebrate every day as Valentine’s Day. Just mention a few people who have their daily ritual set like this?

Trisha loves the fact that beyond being a musician, Brooks is a man who has got handy skills at his disposal and if he doesn’t, he’ll learn it all. Trisha said in an interview with Fox Network,

She also says that Brooks also helps Trisha with her clothing needs. While tight on schedule and wanting a new dress, Brooks comes to his wife’s aid and goes shopping all alone. And the interesting part is that he makes it all perfect.

But the love for helping each other is a two-way street. Brooks also mentioned that Trisha helps him up with fencing and household works.

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Garth Brooks Bio, Age

Garth Brooks, originally Troyal Garth Brooks was born on February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. He is currently 57 years old. Garth was born to parents Troyal Raymond Brooks, Jr. who was a draftsman for an oil company and mother Colleen McElroy Carroll who was a country singer for Irish.

He has an elder sister Kelly and four older half-siblings from both his parent’s previous marriages. His older half-siblings are Jim, Jerry, Mike, and Betsy.

Gareth who is now a world-renowned singer and songwriter previously focused in Athletics and played football and baseball. Brooks who received a scholarship in Oklahoma State University graduated from there in 1984 in advertising.

Garth Brooks

Net Worth

Brooks initially sang in family environments and did not start his musical career until 1985. Garth who has the second highest certified music artist in the United States with 148 million album certificates. He currently has a net worth of $330 million.

Garth has a tour date set most recently for April 20, May 3, and May 4 in Gainesville, and two in Minneapolis respectively


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