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Today we talk about someone who is famous because someone they link to. It is not something new that some people get famous because of their career line: actors, magicians, comedians, politicians and mostly those who are in the entertainment field.

And there are also people who are famous because of their link to these famous people. We have another person who shares a similar case. As mentioned earlier, today we will be talking about someone who is famous not on their own but because they link to someone famous. Her name is Galina Becker.

Galina Becker

Surely, many of you do not know who Galina Becker is, and that is very natural. She is not an actress or someone involved in politics so there is a big chance many might now know her. But, all that is about to change today.

Who Is Galina Becker?

In short, Galina Becker is a former athlete, but that does not sound like the real deal here. She is famous because of a link to a famous person. That is correct. Galina Becker is actually famous for her marriage.

You and most probably, millions others know the man she is married to and has enjoyed her husband fight, other men. We’ll give you a hint. Her husband is a professional wrestler and has appeared on WWE. Long hair, bearded guy?

Well, alright, Galina Becker is the wife of world-famous wrestler Roman Reigns. Yes, that is right, she is wife to this amazing man who is strong as anything and not to mention, handsome as well. However, the couple does have their ups and downs.

Let’s look a little deeper in the couple’s married life together and get to know more about Galina Becker. This is because you probably know a lot about Roman but not enough about Galina. Keep reading so that you know the woman who pinned down Roman Reigns (no pun intended.)

Galina Becker Personal Life

Now that we know that Galina is the wife of Roman Reigns and he is the reason behind her fame. Let’s further discuss the couple to know more about them. As it happens, Galina and Roman are old love and met years ago.

Both of them went to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Galina who was a management student at the Institute of Technology met Roman who was studying the same course there. Roman is an avid football player and while his time in the institute, he made it to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football.

Coincidently, Galina also followed sports and was into fitness and sports. She involved and found herself enjoying different types of sports and the fact that Roman was a college football player and a very good one attracted her attention.

Both studying the same course also helped a lot as it is much easier to spark a conversation.

Galina Becker


While both knew one attracted the other, nothing massive happened when they first started out. Galina and Roman first had a conversation then the second, then the third one and things went on like that until both realized they were practically dating.

The classmates were now a couple, and both of them enjoyed each other’s company. Years after the relationship started, Roman decided that it was time he takes things up a notch, and in February of 2012, he proposed to Galina.

Surely, Galina said yes to marry the love of her life. After about two years, the day finally came, and the couple got married in 2014. Galina and Roman tied the knot in a close and intimate wedding that only friends and family attended.

The venue couldn’t have been more perfect as well as they married in the Bahamas, at Disney’s Castaway Cay.

Galina Becker

Who Is Husband Roman Reigns?

You most probably know who Roman Reigns is but just how well you know this wrestler because there are a lot of things that may shock you. For example, did you know that Roman Reigns previously played NFL games?

American pro wrestler Roman Reigns was born on May 25, 1985, as Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi. He attended the Pensacola Catholic High School and later transferred to Escambia High School for one year.

Roman started playing football since school days and is also the Defensive Player of the year for Pensacola. He later enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he played football and basically built his career. After leaving college, Roman decided to pursue a career as a football player.

The 2007 NFL Draft after graduation did not turn out as expected for him. Later, Minnesota Vikings signed him in 2007 however he was shortly released because he diagnosed with Leukemia in a physical test.

The same thing happened when Jacksonville Jaguars signed him the same year and released him after a mere three weeks. In 2008, he tried his luck with Edmonton Eskimos, a Canadian Football League team. He played five games with the team.

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Galina Becker Family

Galina and Roman shared a very blissful married life. However, before all of that happened, they were already parents to a baby girl. That is right. Galina Becker and Roman Reigns welcomed a baby girl before they married and named her Joelle Anoa’i.

As a family of three, the couple and their daughter lived a happy life until another bundle of joy hit them, double trouble to be precise. In 2016, Galina gave birth again, and this time, she welcomed twin boys.

Unfortunately, Roman and Galina have not revealed the name of their sons. The reason remains unknown, however, it is most likely the couple take the privacy of their children very seriously.

The couple keeps information regarding their children a sworn secret and do not reveal it. Even the simplest information such as their birth date remains hidden from the media.

The family looked all happy from the outside, but there was something that was troubling Galina and Roman. Remember when we mentioned that Minnesota Vikings let go Roman because of Leukemia?

Husband: Battle with Cancer

In 2018, Roman publically announced that he was battling with cancer for the past 11 years and that he was in remission. Roman did not previously confide to this because his career was on the rise.

But before one of the major events, the Universal title in RAW, his condition deteriorated and Roman unwillingly dropped the match. Fortunately, Roman is all right now, and in February of 2019, he returned to RAW.

He revealed that his Leukemia was one again in remission. Continuing with his career, Roman joined Smackdown in 2019, WWE Superstar Shake-Up.

Galina Becker

Galina Becker Bio

Wife of Roman Reigns Galina Becker was born on March 11, 1987, in Florida, the United States, of America. She is currently 32 years old. Sharing an American nationality, Galina belongs to African and American ethnicity and was born to parents of different ethnicity.

Her father is Kevin Becker, and her mother is Mildred Becker. She has two sisters who are both her elders. One of them is Molisa Cooper, and the other is Undine Becker.

Galina attended Mt. Pleasant High School where she involved herself in sports. Her sisters both were also avid sports people and that influenced Galina. As discussed earlier, Galina went to the Georgia Institute of Technology where she studied Management.

She participated in High Hurdles, 100-meter Dash Run, and other competition has won many awards.

Net Worth

Despite studying management in college, Galina went on to become a fitness model. Thanks to her hardcore training sessions, Galina has a very slim and toned figure that gives her an edge. With an exciting figure and tall height, Galina made the perfect fitness model.

With her career as a model, she has gather fame and most importantly, fortune. Reportedly, Galina currently has a massive net worth of $3 million. On the other hand, her husband Roman Reigns has a massive net worth of $9 million.

This puts the couple’s net worth at 12 million dollars. Now that is one rich family.


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