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Erin Payne

Birth Date: 8th of September 1971
Birth Place: San Diego,
Weight: N/A
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: N/A
Ethnicity: American
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Married date: N/A
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: https: N/A
Instagram: N/A


Erin Payne

Let’s see where should we start. Oh yes, a nobleman once said We become what we repeatedly do, so who is Erin Payne actually. First of all, she is a talented painter and then she is the beloved wife of Jake Johnson. You know Jake Johnson right? If you don’t then don’t worry we will talk about him later. Anyways let’s dig deep into Erin Payne’s mysterious life for now. Many of you out there might have already noticed it but Erin Payne has been successful in masking her personal life. From whom you might ask so it’s mostly from the eyes of media networks and paparazzi photographers. Now keep scrolling to find out more about Erin Payne.

Early Life

If you must know Erin Payne was conceived on the 8th of September 1971. Rumored to be originally from San Diego, Erin is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. As a matter of fact, not much is disclosed of Erin’s early life and her family members. But rest assured she enjoyed most of her childhood days without any difficulties whatsoever. Moving on to her parents and family members it’s not clear where they live let alone their names for crying out loud. Anyway, she did her schooling from a local high school in her town. Upon completing her high school graduation from the institution Erin headed for The School of the Art Institute, Chicago. There is 2002, Erin enrolled for a Bachelor of Fine Arts to pursue the knowledge of drawing and painting in general. Furthermore, Erin also completed her Master of Fine Arts in studio art from Claremont Graduate University.


The two years course lasted from 2009 to 2012. She really seems to have honed her craftsmanship to the fullest. By the way, she also got her tutoring from Alma Mata. Being the winner of the New American Painting Reading Choice Award is no simpleton task. Erin, however, proved herself worthy of the title back in 2012. No wonder her paintings are placed for exhibition in most renowned art galleries like OBJCT Gallery, Groundspace Project, Los Angeles Contemporary, Ray and much more. Erin also has done some art collaboration with artists like Cole James and John O’Brien. Most importantly she has already proven that her talent holds no boundary in today’s world. Truly she is a master craftswoman.

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Family members

Let’s take a quick recap for now. As pointed out earlier there’s not a single bit of information on Erin’s family member or their whereabouts. Though it might sound ridiculed but the fact that Erin is mostly famed for her relationship with Jake Johnson must not be forgotten by any means. What kind of relationship you might ask, well both are married that makes them husband and wife. The couple’s marriage took place in July of 2011. Prior to their marriage however, the couple actually knew each other from a time before Jake even stepped into the acting career. In all the best and worst periods of Jake’s career, Erin stood by his side no matter the odds. Now that’s some love and dedication right there. Anyways Jake revamped up his career in no time all thanks to Erin by his side. The couple also gave birth to a set of twins Johnson and Rachel. It was 2014 when the couple was blessed with two beautiful children and ever since the family is really living a lavishing lifestyle together.

About Jake

It’s only fair at this point to write a short paragraph about Jake himself. Firstly he is an American actor and comedian. His birthday is on the 28th of May 1987. His parents are Eve Johnson and Ken Weinberger who were once the residents of Evanston Illinois. As for their profession, both devoted their life to craftsmanship. It’s quite obvious Jake fell in love with Erin. Jake is also of mixed ethnicity with part English, Polish, Ashkenazi, Catholic,  Jewish and Irish ancestry. After completing his formal education, however, Jake eventually joined acting classes. With few struggles and failed auditioned, Jake later made his appearance in the number of movies. Most popular being the Paper Heart, Jurassic World, Redbelt, No strings attached, Burrowing for Flame and countless other. He also appeared in popular television shows and sitcoms like The Unit, We Bare Bears, Curb Your Enthusiasm and No activity.

Erin Payne

Personal Life

Even before their marriage both Jake and Erin were living together since early 2005. Many might argue the fact that their marriage happened in 2006 but. An issue of the New York post confirms it printing the wedding to be somewhat secretive in nature with a select few family and friends. If I’m not mistaken the daughters are about five and a half yrs old now. At age 47 Erin is still young-looking and charming than most women of her age. Maybe its beauty treatment or even yoga who knows. As for their living, the couples have their own mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Awards and Net worth

We’ve already talked about Payne’s 2012’s New American Painting Reader’s Choice Award. That’s quite a big deal for artists and most painters in America. Specializing mostly in landscape paintings Erin has already bagged a hefty sum of money through her paintings. Unfortunately, there are no exact numbers on her net worth to date. All we know for now is that she shares some of Jack’s net worth which is $20 million as of 2019. If we were to take into consideration the data posted by Payscale, then a painter makes an average of $41,439 each year in America. Now we all know Erin is exceptional at what she does so the number might add up more than Payscale’s evaluation chart. Besides the couple has founded the ‘Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation’. It’s a charitable organization that has been supporting the community in the field of art, music, and the environment. Quite a noble thing to do indeed.

Social Media

In these desperate times, social media has become a vital reserve of information and knowledge. From a high school kid to mere celebrity everybody is now bound to this circle of information exchange. For celebrities, it has its own perks and cons. We’ve seen individuals gaining widespread popularity all thanks to their performance in these so-called media platforms. These days posting a ten-minute long video on YouTube can earn you millions of loyal fans and followers. That’s the power of social media but it also creates controversy and hates speech from time to time. To fend off internet stalkers and nosy media networks, Erin doesn’t post much on her social media. Although she has her own Twitter and Instagram account, Erin tends to use it wisely nonetheless. Wouldn’t it be wiser if Erin started a YouTube channel of her own? Her live painting sessions would be a real treat to fans and followers all over the world. Let’s hope these words reach Erin someday.

Erin Payne


Most of the celebrities out in the world are philanthropist these days. Is it a coincidence or a new trend growing among young and talented celebrities. The answer is Yes and No also. You see most celebrities engage in donations and charity work out of goodwill and pure intentions. But some seek their own fame and popularity in these works. Entertainers and celebrities like Ellen De’ genres and Oprah Winfrey have established themselves to be some of the greatest philanthropists of Hollywood. If we look into their works most of them have their own charity foundations or donation groups which provides help to millions of helpless people. For Erin Payne however, it’s not clear whether she is engaged in charity works and donations. She might be if her husband Jake was ever involved in philanthropy works but were not clear on that topic either.


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