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Eric Villency was born on the 10th of June in the city of New York, the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He is known for his expertise in the field of Interior designing. Able to come up in the American society as a successful American Interior Designer, he is also a CEO of an interior and product design firm, called the Villency Design Group.

Eric Villency

Nationality and Ethnicity

Eric Villency is a citizen of the United States of America. He holds the citizenship of the United States of America, and his nationality is American. Talking about his ethnicity, he is from white American ethnicity. His ancestors are from North America, and his ancestry is North American.

Family Life

Eric Villency had a proper family life. He stayed with his parents for an extended period. His mother was Rowann Villency who was a mixed media artist while his father was Robert Villency who was the chairman of the Maurice Villency. Maurice Villency is an interior design company located in New Yock City, New York, the United States of America. He was brought up with his grandparents, along with his parents. His grandfather loved him a lot and helped him to be a designer at the “Villency Designer Group.” Eric was very attached to his family and also his work. He believes that it is because of his father’s and grandfather’s contribution that he can do right these days.

Early Life

From his early Childhood, Eric Villency was into his family business. His grandfather was successful in establishing a furniture company. At a small age, he joined the furniture company and moved in the field of interior designing. “Villency Design Group” is the name of the company from which he started to pursue his career, and the owner of this company was his grandfather. With this constant dedication and hard work, he could be one of the top most designers in the world. Also, his determination helped him to be the most demanded interior designer of the century.

Education History

He was a determined and passionate kid from his childhood. He had an enormous interest in studies and was creative too. Because of his constant urge to study and to know better, he was set up in a company by his grandfather. Besides academics, he was good at everything. Talking about his academics, he has not mentioned where he completed his primary and middle schooling. Also, his high school is not exposed yet. But he completed his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

Rumors and Controversies

Although Eric Villency lives a very luxurious and a good life, he has not faced any scandals and controversies. He is a very great personality of America as his designs and productions impress everyone. Also, he is the CEO of his grandfather’s interior design company. As he is the designer of the era, many girls chase him. But, he can manage a very peaceful and decent life without getting involved with anyone. So, his love and personal life are not into any gossip. When it comes to the career of the great guy, that too remains free of the rumors and the controversies. Hence, to date, he lives a rich and luxurious life but free of any suggestions and controversies.

Social Media Reach
Talking about the social media reach of this great guy, he is a guy with massive social media followers. His fans know him because of his designing skills. He is popular in the designing platform, and designers from all over the world praise him. This designer guy has an official Instagram account where he posts about his daily life. On his official Instagram account, he has more than four thousand followers. He has a Facebook profile where he puts his designer works. Also, he shares his designer stuff on Twitter too. His second wife and he has collaborated and made a single collaborative facebook account. There is also a Facebook account on the name of his company, and he uses it as he is the CEO of his company.

Eric Villency; Body Measurements

Eric Villency is on his 40s now. He is the CEO of his company and has an excellent reputation. Also, being a CEO has added to his personality, and he has the nature of a successful man. He has a pair of dark blue eyes that perfectly suits his white face. His eyes are the primary source of attraction in his face. Moving to his hair, he has dark brown hair that gives him a finished look. While it comes to his appearances, his height measures 5 feet and 10 inches, which is approximately 1.78 meters. There is no information about his weight.

Awards and Achievements

Eric Villency is the CEO of his company, and he has contributed a lot to the field of design and renovation. With the constant support of his grandfather, he can rule the world of the models. Although he is the king of the designs in the United States of America, he has not gained any outstanding awards to date.

Net Worth

Being the CEO of his company ‘Villency Designs,” Eric Villency earns a lot. He does not have an estimated monthly or annual salary, but he makes a lot of money from his company. Also, he has a widened his business, and that is helping him a lot. The girl he married was also vibrant, which enabled him to increase his money. She had a total net worth of about 5 million dollars. The total net worth of him is not revealed, but he is supposed to have a property in millions.

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Relationship Status

Eric is a good looking man, and many girls chase him. He has a history of marrying twice, but both of his marriage failed. His ex-wife is Kimberly Guilfoyle who is the co-host of the Fox News and is a former Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco. They married on the Island of Barbados on 27th of May, 2006. They had their first baby boy child named Ronan Anthony on 4th of October 2006. But, they separated in 2009 after three years of their marriage.

Then, he got married to Caroline Fare, who was a Swedish designer in December 2013. They did not bear any children. Although their love and marriage life was good, in December 2017, they separated because of the internal disputes. Since then, he is single.


While it comes to the occupation, Eric has worked a lot for it. His grandfather, Maurice Villency had started a furniture company n 1932 in the York city and named it Villency Design Group in 1998 and made him the CEO. He was named “The Wizard of Wellness” by a popular magazine called Well + Good and Inc. Coming out as a most influential designer with the best designer skills, he was a leading person in the fashion and design world. With the advancement in his industry, he successfully opened “Villency Atelier: in 2996, which was a workshop on custom design and fabrication especially designed for the professional designers. He also expanded Villency into creating a classic and environmentally responsible layout. Also, his products were the best ones in the United States.

Giving his best on the design field, he also became a lecturer at the Savanah College of Arts and Design. In 2008, he got the opportunity to promote his design, and he launched a business-to 0business service in various significant organizations of the United States of America. He also worked in boutique fitness as he designed Indoor bike, indoor fitness cycles, fitness equipment, and also the soul cycle.


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