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Legendary actors and actresses are one thing in this pretentious and over the top fame indulging industry. Not only actors and actresses but other celebrities like singers and creators have a chance of getting famous in this era. Now that technology has made it pretty easy to compete and become good at something, people have equal opportunities. But back in the days, opportunities were limited, and people became famous for their natural gifts. Such a man is Elvis Presley.

But is it actually fair when we consider Elvis as just a singer and a famous personality? The answer is no because Elvis is one of the greatest, if not the greatest ever, in the music scene. In comparison regarding fame, Elvis comes on part with The Beatles. Considering that The Beatles were a group and Elvis was just one single person, it is really impressive. Now, when talking about music, a large number of young people do not know who Elvis is. Let’s change that.

Elvis Presley

Elvis is and was, as mentioned earlier, one of the greatest in the music scene. He lived decades ago, but his music still rings heartstrings all over the world. Another name that Elvis has is King of Rock and Roll or as people like to call him simply King. That is the legacy that Elvis has managed to embroider in the music industry. Some of his most famous songs are Can’t Help Falling in Love that acts as the theme song from thousands of weddings.

What else do you want to know about Elvis? His personal life, we think, remains a little neglected regarding his professional fame. Let’s work on that, shall we? Here today, we discuss Elvis and his personal life briefly. Everything you ever wanted to know right here.

Elvis Presley Early Life

The famous singer, and also an actor, Elvis Presley, the heartthrob of millions of people around the world, was born on January 8, 1935. Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, United States of America, and at the moment of his death, Elvis was just 42 years old. What caused his death at the age of 42?

Well, we’ll reveal that in a bit, but first, let’s talk about his early life. Elvis was born to father Vernon Elvis Presley and mother Gladys Love Presley. While the family was not particularly what you would call rich, but the Presleys went by without struggling too much. That is what an averagely earning American is defined as.

Presley’s father, Vernon Elvis, started preparing a home as he and his wife were pregnant with two boys, twins. As a part of the preparation, Vernon built a small two-room shotgun home. The home isn’t what people call an ideally large house but served as a cozy home for the Presleys.

Elvis has a very diverse background, as both of his parents share different backgrounds. His father, Vernon Elvis, shares Scottish and German origin and has different ethnic background roots. On the other hand, his mother shared Scottish and Irish along with some French Norman.

While Elvis Presley was growing up, his father went to jail for altering checks and served behind bars for eight months. That incident led the Presleys to lose their homes. While Vernon Elvis served in prison, his wife and sons moved in with their relatives because they had no place other to go.

Elvis Presley Education

From a very young age, American parents start denouncing their children with the importance of education and how it helps on their ladder to success as well. Learning all of that from a young age, most children tend to go to school. However, while some excel in studies, some do not.

Elvis Presley fell in the middle category and always turned up as an average student. As a young boy, Elvis joined the East Tupelo Consolidated, where he began studying as a student. Scoring average marks in school tests and other exams, Elvis was very good at other activities.

When Elvis made it to sixth grade, he joined a new high school where he continued his average study grades and other activities. Although starting to gather fame as a kid who could sing well, Elvis struggled with talking to people. Often times, Elvis found himself around bullies.

As Presley grew up, his grades started to degrade on a much severe scale. When in eighth grade, Elvis scored a C and that too in music subject. As a child, his music teacher once told him that he was bad at singing and that he should not continue to do so. After continuously persisting in music, people in his junior high started to follow him.

Unfortunately, no other information regarding if Elvis finished his high school studies or not remains unknown. For all the more reasons, we believe that Elvis did not continue education and instead took the road of music.

Elvis Presley

Personal Life

The famous singer and actor Presley, despite desired by millions of women all around the world, stayed faithful to one particular woman. That is the right people. While often there are rumors that celebrities often cheat on their significant ones while they are famous, Elvis remained faithful.

Presley began dating a young woman named Priscilla Beaulieu back in the 60s, and both became inseparable. After meeting for the first time, sparks flew between them, and Priscilla and Presley became inseparable altogether. Their romance only escalated from there, and Presley proposed to Priscilla, asking her to marry him.

After saying yes to the proposal, Elvis and Beaulieu began planning for their wedding. In 1967, Presley and Beaulieu married each other in a very lavish wedding ceremony at the Aladdin Hotel located in Las Vegas. Both Elvis and Priscilla started living as husband and wife officially, and things went very well for the couple as well.

A year later, after getting married, Elvis and Priscilla welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their world and named her Lisa Marie. Their daughter Lisa Marie is a beautiful woman right now who pursues a career as a singer as well. After less than half a decade of marriage, things between Elvis and Priscilla started to tense.

This led to a divorce in 1973 amid Elvis’ drug addiction issues. The divorce took a massive toll on Elvis’ health, and it steadily deteriorated. At the age of 42, Elvis died of a drug overdose and was found in his bathroom.

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Elvis Presley Career

Before any of you start ranting about celebrities getting famous because they have a lot of training from specialists around the world, Elvis is different. In fact, honestly speaking, Elvis, during his initial career, never received any formal lessons in music whatsoever. On the contrary, whatever he learned ever was always self-initiated.

In the year 1953, after years of singing and trying to learn music by himself, Elvis managed to muster the determination to record his first song. He entered one of the most reputed and expensive recording studios called Sun Records, where he recorded two songs called My Happiness, and That’s When Your Heartaches Begin.

As intended by Elvis Presley, the owner of the studio, Sam Phillips, noticed his unique style of singing and took note of his name. However, nothing substantial came out of his attempts, and Elvis resorted to working as a truck driver. At last, after turned down by many people and hearing that he can’t actually sing, Elvis found light in his career.

Sam Phillips gave Elvis multiple chances, and when none of them worked, Elvis turned to his wilder side, which as per Sam, was exactly the thing he was looking for. Elvis recorded That’s Alright Mama, and it played on radio stations. In a couple of days, the song became a massive hit.

During his career, Elvis released almost two dozens of albums and one dozen or more of soundtrack albums. Alongside singing songs and making heart touching music, Elvis also worked as an actor in more than two dozen movies in total. He was making his movie debut back in 1956 in Love Me Tender.

During his career as an actor, Elvis acted in movies like Blue Hawaii, Follow That Dream, and other as Harum Scarum, and Change of Habit.

Elvis Presley

Net Worth

Most of his initial career, Presley struggled with finding his voice and people turning him down. More often than not, every person he sang for and every show Presley auditioned for, they turned him down, claiming that he wasn’t good at singing. Years later, Elvis became people’s favorite, and they started calling him King.

If that is not what success looks like, then we do not know what is. Well, we’re just kidding because we exactly know what success looks like. Back before inflation and everything, Elvis Presley made a lot of money alongside fame. During that time, Elvis managed to amass a massive net worth of $20 million.

That is a serious amount of fortune during the 60s and 70s because right now, that collects as more than just $20 million because of inflation and everything going on around.

Name Elvis Presley
Date of birth January 8, 1935
Birthplace Tupelo, Mississippi, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Singer
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $20 million


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