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Ellen Muth is a very famous American actress. Started her career from 19 years of age, she was able to grab the attention of the public and became the most renowned actress from many series and movies. Among many of the series and T.V. shows Georgia “George” and “Dead Like Me” is the most famous one.

At a very early age, Ellen was interested in acting. She started studying to be an actor at the age of 10. Later after she started acting and also got many awards from the young generation. Then in 2012, she got many awards among them Tokyo International Film Festival and an American Film Institute(AFI) Best Actress Award in the T.V series name “Hannibal.” Also due to her talent and liked role in “Dead Like Me” she was nominated for a Saturn Award and a Satellite Award” however Ellen has been inactive and has not appeared in any series or films after “Hannibal.”

Ellen Muth

Personal Life Of Ellen Muth

Full Name:                   Ellen Muth

Profession:                  Actor

Date Of Birth:              Mar 06, 1981

Age:                           38 years old

Net Worth:                   3 million

Birth Place:                  Milford, Connecticut, United States Of America

Height:                        5 Feet 3 inches (1.60m)

Religion:                      Christianity

Relationship Status:     Single/ not disclosed

Horoscope:                  Pisces

Father’s Name:            Erich Muth

Mother’s Name:           Rachel Muth

Education:                   Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

Nationality:                 American

Weight:                       51 kg

Hair Color:                  Blonde

Eye Color:                   Light Brown

Measurement:             32-24-34


Film                                                                   Year

Dolores Claiborne                                               1995

(won the Tokyo International Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actress)

The Young Girl and the Monsoon                          1999

(won AFI Award for Best actress)

Rain                                                                   2001

A Gentleman’s Game                                           2002

Tofu the Vegan Zombie in Zombie Dearest             2007

Jack N Jil                                                             2008

Dead Like Me: Life After Death                              2009 (series)

Rose and Violet                                                    2011

Margarine Wars                                                    2012

Rudyard Kipling’s Mark of The Beast                       2012

Television                                                          Year

Law & Order                                                        1997

Only Love                                                            1999

The Beat                                                              2000

Law & Order: Special Victim Limit                          2000

The Truth About Jane                                            2000

Normal, Ohio                                                        2000

Cora Unashamed                                                  2000

Superfine                                                             2002

Two Against Time                                                 2002

Dead Like Me                                                   2003-2004

(nominated for Saturn Award And Satellite Award for best actress)

Are We There Yet?                                                2012

Hannibal                                                              2013

Early Life

Rachel and Erich are the mother and father of Ellen Muth. She was born in Milford, Connecticut, USA on March 06 1981 making her current age of 38. She was from a great family background, where she was let to do everything and follow her passion. However, information about her childhood is still a secret, but she was interested in the acting from the minimum age due to where she went attend Skip Barber Racing School. Following her passion she later she joined Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. However, Ellen got a good life and childhood and seem that she was still happy. Hence, until now, nobody knows about her childhood and early life as of now.

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Ellen Muth is a very talented girl. She has also got many academic certificates. Today’s work and achievements show her how good Muth was in everything. As she was interested in acting from the beginning, they took many filming classes. As Muth was a member of Intertel and Mema, Ellen attained Skip Barber Racing School which is also already mentioned above. Also, she joined the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to make her talent sharp and boost herself. Thus Ellen graduated from the institution in 1994.

Early Career Of Ellen Muth

Ellen’s first film was ‘Dolores Claiborne’ where this was the first ever film she played in the role of ‘young Selena St. George.’ In the same movie, she got the first award, where she got the opportunity to make her career great. As she got many achievements, it was good for her future due to which got more chance in films and television show where she got the opportunity to compete with other rival actors. She got the prospect to play in many movies and television shows.

Played almost 10 of the American films where “law and order” was the first T.V. show. Making her role more attractive she got chance on different shows too like “only love,” “the beat,” “superfine,” and one of the most famous “Dead Like Me” and many more. Though some of the movie and T.V. series did not do well, she was able to raise her performance and raise her career.

Marriage and Relationship

About the relationship status, Ellen has not exposed. She wants to keep everything secret about her personal life and keep out of the media. As Ellen is a famous artist and is surrounded by media every time, but as Muth does not like to express her personal life, Muwas able to keep the personal and professional life separate. Therefore, there is no information regarding her relationship status, including her love affairs and dating life though she is not married till now.

But according to some of the online media, it is included that in the past 2004, Ellen was reportedly in a relationship with Jeffrey Donovan for a short period. However, later on, both of them were separated, and there is no any news till today’s date about Muth being in a relationship. Talking about Jeffrey, he is also a famous American actor, and both of them were from a similar field.

Social Media For Ellen Muth

As Ellen Muth is a famous artist, she has lots of other followers as other big outstanding starts have. She has also able to keep her place in social media. Ellen is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well. Though some of the media and according to the online news article, she only had and twitter account to reach her fans. Muth has over 7000 followers on Twitter. As refer to her social media posts as most of the time, she posts about the animals; this shows that she is an animals lover, especially cats.

Though she has a many social platform and followers to she does not post online randomly, but according to some source she was selling cats from 2017 up to early 2018 she mainly posts the picture of cats. Mostly Ellen is active in twitter account named as @EllenAMuth.

Awards and Nominations

Muth is a versatile actor. As mention already above, she has made an arduous effort on making her position. Starting her career in small age probably from the age of 10, she has done an extraordinary on achieving her status. Muth is one of the actresses who got the award from the first two movies regular. She got Tokyo International Film Festival in 1995 from the film named Dolores Claiborne also later in 1999 American Film Institute (AFI) awarded Ellen for the Best Actress from the movie titled The Young Girl and the Monsoon.

After getting the award, she focused on her career more, and in later 2004, Muth was again nominated twice for “Dead Like Me” which included a Saturn Award nomination in the Best Actress in a Television Series category. Also, she was again nominated for the Satellite Award in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series.

Net Worth Of Ellen Muth

Ellen Muth has been in the television industry for many years. Since she started her career from the very beginning in the age of 10, she is one of the leading actor Hollywood till today as playing a role in movie and series. People always want their credit as according to their effort, so due to this reason also, her worth in the industry demands a tremendous amount of income. Thus she has the net worth of $3 million till now.

Body Measurement

As we all know that Ellen Muth is a famous artist due to which she always has to maintain her body and herself to look good on the screen. We actually can expect her body in proper shape and size. Talking about her height, Muth has a height of 5 feet 3 inches, which an adequate height similar to 1.6m. Similarly, talking about her body structure, she has an incredible body structure that is 32-24-34. It means that her breast size is 32inches, whereas, her hip is 34 maintaining her wrist of 24 inches which shows that her figure is perfect and not nonetheless, most of the guys are attracted towards her too.

Not only her body structure lets have a look towards her weight too. Some of the online media says that she weighs 51 kg, which proves that she has perfect weight according to the height, which is also really important in maintaining body structure for such a tremendous artist.

Rumors And Controversy Regarding Ellen Muth

As already mentioned somewhere above, Ellen always likes to keep her personal life out of the media. She never gives the chance to make a press highlighted news and make a viral about it. Hence, she always kept herself off the media’s politics. Thus, there are no rumors regarding her personal and professional life through which her ability to keep her all the things away from being public; this kept herself away from controversies and criticisms.


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