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Who does not knows Tom Hanks? Well, no one I guess because this legendary actor has left such a mark in the film industry that anyone who watches a couple of movies, definitely knows him. However, the topic of interest today is not Tom Hanks but his kin.

That is right; today, we will be talking about Elizabeth Hanks, the daughter of Tom Hanks. People may presume that like Tom himself, his daughter is also a famous actress who is heavily involved in the film industry. But that is not so much the case here. For the better part of the Hanks’ kin, she barely has a connection with the film industry. Who is she? What does her personal life look like and what does she do if she is not an actress.

All of these questions shall have their answered shortly.

Elizabeth Hanks Husband

Elizabeth Hanks Personal Life, Husband

People know this surname so well that there is only one name that comes to their mind when they see Hanks. The name is Tom Hanks, a famous Hollywood actor who has created history on the big screens in Hollywood. However, it is not about Tom Hanks we are here today to talk about, but it is his daughter Elizabeth Hanks.

She is a beautiful woman and deserves fame but entirely of her own. Who exactly is Elizabeth Hanks and who is her husband, children, family and everything else that comes in between? Let’s start.

Elizabeth Hanks, as discussed, is the daughter of Tom Hanks who is most famous for his roles in the Forest Gump, Cast Away, The Green Mile, The Terminal, and Big. While papa Hanks is under the limelight almost all the time, the same is not for his daughter.

She usually sets her apart from all the fame and celebrity limelight as much as possible and does not makes frequent appearances in award sessions. Nevertheless, that does not mean nothing is unknowable about her. Keep reading, and you might get all the tea on Elizabeth Hanks.


Elizabeth Hanks is married and quite happily. The daughter of Tom Hanks and late Samantha Lewes married her husband in a very secretive wedding ceremony that did not make it to the media headlines. Clearly, privacy concerns show here. Her wedding is not the only thing that is kept secret. Unfortunately, the identity of her husband is also a matter of secrecy as Elizabeth has not revealed anything about her husband. Who exactly is the husband of Elizabeth Hanks?

Well, she has not talked about it and has not revealed the identity of her husband. As of now, the son-in-law of Tom Hanks is someone his fans do not know anything about.

Elizabeth Hanks Family, Children

Everybody needs a family. Elizabeth already has father Tom Hanks, but we’re talking about a family of her own. Do Elizabeth Hanks and her husband have a family of their own? We’re talking about their children because every couple has children as they bring joy to life and make everything worth the while.

Unfortunately, the information regarding her family and children is not revealed as well. She keeps her personal life deep under the wraps and decides not to reveal anything. There has been no news about her being pregnant and expecting a child. Let’s hope in the near future; she reveals if she gets pregnant.

Elizabeth Hanks

Elizabeth Hanks Separation, Divorce?

There have also been rumors that Elizabeth and her husband are divorced. The main source of these rumors may be because Elizabeth chooses not to reveal anything about her personal life. While the media boasts rumors like these, there is no evidence that Elizabeth and her mystery husband have divorced. It remains so much as speculation that they have separated. After all, it is the daughter and son in law of famous actor Tom Hanks. If something like that had happened, it would have made the headlines.

Moreover, the divorce rumors seem to be nothing but a hoax because as per Elizabeth’s Facebook profile, she is living in Los Angeles. There have also been rumors that Elizabeth is unhappy from her married life in a piece she wrote after turning 30. She said that she believes age 30 is the age when people start to realize that not everything makes them happy, that not all dreams come true and that not every marriage is happy.

“I believe that your 30s is the decade when you realize: not everyone is going to make it.”

She further went on to say that not all challenges are conquered. Does she refer to her personal experience of a happy married life by this piece? It is possible that the couple had a rift in their married life. However, until and unless Elizabeth talks on this matter and reveals what the truth is, every other speculation remains questionable.

Elizabeth Hanks Parents: Father Tom Hanks

Elizabeth Hanks boasts her famous family name, and if anyone else were in her place, they would surely do the same as well. While her father is a famous man, her mother was a famous personality as well. Her mother was the famous actress Samantha Lewes who was famous for her work in Mr. Success and Bosom Buddies. Sadly, her mother is no more with us as she passed away on March 12, 2002. Elizabeth’s mother Samantha Lewes was the first wife of Tom Hanks, and the couple had two children together before the sad demise of Samantha.

Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks married in 1978. The couple stayed married for nearly ten years before getting a divorce in 1987. After Elizabeth’s mother Samantha Lewes died in 2002, her father Tom Hanks married again to Rita Wilson. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson married in 1988. The couple has stayed as husband and wife since the year they got married.

Elizabeth who also has an interest in writing has a step-daughter relationship with Rita Wilson. From Tom Hanks’ married life with Rita Wilson, the couple had two more children. Even after two decades of married life, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have remained strong as there have been no rumors, whatsoever about the couple getting divorced or splitting in general.

Elizabeth Hanks Siblings

As we already know, Elizabeth Hanks has a lot of siblings, thanks to her father’s two marriages. From Tom Hanks first marriage with Samantha Lewes, he welcomed Elizabeth Hanks and son Colin Hanks. Colin Hanks is the eldest here who was born on November 24, 1977, in Sacramento, California, United States. He is married to Samantha Bryant and has two children Olivia Jane Hanks, and Charlotte Bryant Hanks, both daughters.

From Tom Hanks second marriage with Rita Wilson, he welcomed two more children. Chet Hanks and Truman Theodore Hanks, both sons. The actor’s son Chet Hanks was born on August 4, 1990, in Los Angeles, California and his younger brother Truman Theodore Hanks was born on December 26, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. Both Chet and Truman Theodore are not married yet. In summary, Elizabeth Hanks has four brothers in total. The first and eldest being Colin Hanks, Chet Hanks and Truman Theodore Hank are her younger brothers.

Elizabeth Hanks

Elizabeth Hanks Professional Career

While everybody guesses that Elizabeth Hanks whose father is the legendary actor Tom Hanks is also in films and acting. However, people who presume that cannot be any more wrong. For all the Hanks fans out there. Elizabeth Hanks is not into acting and is far away from its boundaries. Elizabeth Hank has worked as an associate news editor at the Huffington Post for years. After that, Elizabeth Hanks moved on to become Children’s Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Apart from her writing career, she has also appeared in films. She made her appearance on movies at a young age. Her role includes the rude girl on the bus who did not allow Forrest Gump to sit next to her in the movie “Forrest Gump.” She has also made an appearance which is more like a cameo in the musical comedy-drama called That Thing You Do that premiered in 1996. On her Twitter account, Elizabeth describes herself as a “Book Slinger.”

Elizabeth Hanks Bio, Age, Net Worth

Writer Elizabeth Hanks, Tom Hank’s daughter was born on 17 May 1982, in Los Angeles, California, United States Of America. Elizabeth went to the Arcer School for Girls and got her diploma in 2001. She later enrolled at the Vassar College from where she graduated with a bachelors degree in arts in English language and literature/letter in 2004. She joined the University of St. Andrews and graduated from there with a degree in literature.

Apart from being fluent in English, Elizabeth also has a firm knowledge of Spanish. Given the fact that her professional life is also as well hidden as her personal life is, her earnings are not quite clear. However, her father Tom Hanks has the money part all covered. Tom Hanks currently has a net worth of over $300 million and can look after his daughter should she require any financial help.


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