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Something that never changes in this world is their interest in other people’s lives and how much attention they pay towards things that other people do. While this may sound like something that inclines more towards something very wrong, it remains a very important aspect of human nature. You and we are not different, and we get drawn to people who are charming and equally talented, as well. A prime example of such a person is Elise Jordan.

Elise, as many of you already know, is a reporter who is quite famous in the Journalism field because of the work that she does and how she presents the essential to people all around the world. Jordan’s passion for reporting and delivering news to the public has gained her much success over the years and has helped others in various aspects as well. Now, this is an introduction that most of her fans already remain familiar with. Let us give you one for people who do not know her.

Elise Jordan

Jordan, as we mentioned earlier, is a reporter and a gem in for the world on journalism. Professionally, Jordan remains and works under the employment of MSNBC network, one of the largest in the whole world, and Elise has a pretty sleek hand in its success from the past couple of years as well. As you know by now, Elise is a very competent and very successful journalist as far as her career is in question. But what about her personal life?

How well do you know about Elise Jordan’s personal life? Are there things of interest lurking behind her smiling face in front of the camera? Find out all about it right here. All about Elise and her personal facts right here.

Elise Jordan Early Life

One of the most prominent figures in the journalism field right now, Elise Jordan, the MSNBC journalistwas born on June 22, 1990, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States of America. At the moment, Jordan is 29 years old and living in the prime of her life as well. It is presumably because of her age; it reflects the passion for her work as well.

Now, at the age of 29, while most people struggle to maintain a steady life with doing good and looking good as well, Elise is doing all that pretty effortlessly. Jordan does all this by making sure that both her mind and body are in check, and that happens as Jordan is very careful about her dealings.

Elise was born to father Kelly Jordan and mother Susan Boone Jordan, and both her parents are American natives who worked very hard their whole life. All this to make sure that Elise gets what she wants and deserves as a child. Unfortunately, further information about her parents, like their jobs, remains hidden.

However, an unfortunate event happened in her family not long ago. Reportedly, her father Kelly Jordan passed away back in 2016. While there remains no definite reason for the death but sources claim that Kelly Jordan died of heart failure. It happened in August of 2016.

As of now, any further information about her early life remains missing. Because of all the family and early life secrecy, fans and followers do not know if Elise has any siblings or not. Well, if she does, we reckon she is as beautiful or good looking as Elise herself.

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Elise Jordan Education

Some of the most important aspects of a person’s life is learning and constantly being on the chase for more knowledge. As a child, a person’s mind is very moldable, and fortunately, Elise’s parents realized that early on and took every positive chance with Elise’s life as a child.

At a very young age, Elise’s parents enrolled Elise in a very reputed primary school, which vowed to take care of all the students and make them a better person. As claimed, the primary school turned Elise more curious for knowledge and also made her fascinated about many things it exposed her to.

Young Elise, after joining high school, would often participate in school shows where she would dance as it remains to exist, to this day, one of her favorite things in life. As Elise grew up, she got exposed to another thing that redefined her career thoughts and plans. Elise’s uncle was a journalist, and that made all the difference in the world.

After realizing what her uncle’s career line was as a professional, Jordan became infatuated with the thought of journalism and wanted to get into it for good. However, for that to happen, she first had to go to college and get a proper education. When done with graduating from high school, Jordan attended university.

After much contemplation, Jordan chose to go with Yale University, one of the most popular and famous universities of them all. After about four years, Jordan graduated from Yale University in 2004.

Elise Jordan

Personal Life

When it comes to personal life, each and every fan and follower of Elise are excited as they will get to know the things that do not surface the media much. So, what do you think Elise’s relationship status is right now? Is Elise married to someone or just casually dating while ferociously working on her career.

Well, as it happens, at the moment, Elise is happy as a married woman and an extremely happy one we may add. But this marriage is not the only one that Jordan has had. That is right, Jordan has been married twice till now as her first marriage did not last forever.

However, her marriage is not because she got fed up from her first relationship. Jordan got married to Michael Hasting, a very talented journalist himself. After getting married, the couple started living very happily until a tragedy fell upon their lives. In 2013, Michael Hastings died in a fatal car crash.

It left her devastated, but Elise pulled herself together. After a couple of years, Jordan married Mike Hogan in 2017. At the moment, Jordan and Hogan live a very happy life together, and there remain no rumors about the possibility of split or divorce from the couple’s relationship.

Both of them do not have any children together as well and seem to be waiting for the right time to start a family.

Elise Jordan Career

As we mentioned earlier, Jordan is a very talented and charming reporter, and it is MSNBC’s very good fortune that they have someone like Elise on their employment. You also know how Elise began her career in journalism initially, as we mentioned about it earlier as well.

After learning about the journalism industry from her uncle when she was very young, Jordan became very determined to become a journalist herself and get to learn everything about journalism before stepping into the industry. Before graduating from Yale University, Jordan worked on her skills while working with the university’s independent student newspaper.

With all the knowledge and skill that Elise acquired over the years, she managed to get her first job at the White House itself. Right after graduating, Elise joined the White House under administration, and in 2006, she made her way to work under Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State.

After experimenting with her career at several points in her life, Elise slowly began moving towards pursuing a career as a reporter. In 2011, Elise began to work as a columnist at National Review Online, a semi-monthly web magazine. People got word of her excellent work, and she began appearing in other networks as well.

The same year Elise appeared in Fox News show called Red Eye with Tom Shilue as a panelist and other shows as well. After much work, Elise currently works with MSNBC and has a steady career.

Net Worth

While there are multiple ways to gather knowledge and learn more about people and how successful they are, only a few things give away as a precise representation of success as net worth. Now, you already know that Elise has a very successful career, but her net worth shows just how successful.

At the moment, Elise has a massive net worth of $1.2 million in her bank account, and that number is forever growing because of the uphill slope that her career climbs every time. When we look at her lifestyle through social media, we see how luxuriously Elise lives and how comfortable her life is.

That indicates her success.


Name Elise Jordan
Date of birth June 22, 1990
Birthplace Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States of America
Ethnicity American
Height 6.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Journalist
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1.2 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @Elise_Jordan

Instagram: @celisejordan

Facebook: Elise Jordan


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